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Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review

About Movie

Released Date 14 January 2023
Director Anil Kumar Aalla
Writer Anil Kumar Aalla
Producer UV Concepts
Distributor Yash Raj movies
Starring Santosh Shoban as Shiva,
Priya Bhavani Shankar as Shruti,
Satyam Rajesh as Bhushan, Shruti's Manager,
Sapthagiri as Giri
Cinematography Karthik Gattamneni
Editor Satya G.
Music By Shravan Bharadwaj
Production Company UV Concepts
Country India
Primary Language Telugu
Budget 5 Crores
Box office Est. 7.21 Crores INR
IMDb 6/10


Anil Kumar Aalla, a debutant, is the writer and director of the romantic comedy family drama Kalyanam Kamaneeyam, which was released in January 2023, in the Indian language of Telugu. UV Concepts, a UV Creations subsidiary, produced this movie. The main characters are Santosh Sobhan (as Shiva) and Priya Bhavani Shankar (as Shruti).

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review

On February 10, 2023, the movie Kalyanam Kamaneeyam was made available for streaming on the OTT platform Aha, almost exactly a month after its theatrical release on January 14, 2023.


Shiva, a young man, starts the movie by telling his story.

Shiva is unemployed despite having a degree in engineering. Shruti, a well-known software developer, is his love interest. He declares his desire to marry her to his father. He initially dismissed it as a prank, but when he realizes his son is serious about it, the family heads out to form an alliance. Shiva's father, however, opposes his attempt of getting married to Shruti since he is jobless. However, Shruti's father tells him in a private discussion that her mother has pancreatic cancer & won't last more than a year. Due to this, he wants her to see Shruti get married. As a result, Shiva's father agrees. They eventually wed and begin a new life together.

Shiva and Shruti are incredibly loving and caring in the early days of their union. Shruti asks Shiva to apply for a job that she sees advertised that her company has openings. He does it, and Shruti contacts him to schedule an interview. Shiva gets approved for onboarding when he gives a strong performance and piques Chari's interest. When Chari is about to submit the new recruitment papers, assistant manager Bhushan appears and destroys Shiva's paperwork as he has lust for Shruti. He asks Chari not to hire Shiva and offers Chari an on-site job in the United States. In front of Shruti, the CEO intentionally insults Shiva when he inquires about the new hires. She gets upset and furious when she gets home, berating Shiva for acting irresponsibly and for not obtaining the job. He gets hurt, drinks with a friend, and the police arrest him for driving while intoxicated. Shruti helps him out at the police station the following day. Shruti, with the assistance of a friend, discovers that Bhushan is the source of the vulgar texts she receives from an unidentified number. She warns him not to repeat the action. In spite of this, Bhushan remains unchanged.

On the suggestion given by Shruti's acquaintance, Shruti asks Shiva to join a consultancy that can get him a good position in a company after a few days. Shiva agrees when Shruti urges him to, but the consulting company asks 10,00,000. Shruti takes out a loan from a bank after hearing this, and she asks Shiva to come to get the money and pay for the consulting. He is robbed when he withdraws money from the bank. He unsuccessfully pursues the burglar. He is terrified to tell this to Shruti and thus chooses to work as a taxi driver whom his companion recommends to take care of the loan. He obtains a fake ID card and offer letter from the same employer as his friend to conceal the truth from Shruti. Shruti is pleased for Shiva and impressed. Shiva often drops her at work and then pretends to go to his office, even though he is only going to work as a taxi driver.

Giri, a man, hails his taxi one day and informs him that he has a phone interview. He gets the call while in the cab and asks Shiva to answer it because he doesn't feel confident. Shiva answers the interview by identifying himself as Giri and tries his best to pass the interview, and thus Giri succeeds in the interview. Shruti calls him to inform him that she is at his office while Shiva and Giri were celebrating. He rushes to the office of a friend and asks him to take care of Shruti until he arrives. They share a tender moment when he arrives just in time. Shiva manages to keep his secret hidden.

Bhushan asks Shruti to work overtime through Chari the following day. She does it without any other options. She is drained and upset when she gets home. Shiva examines her phone and discovers Bhushan's inappropriate messages. He thrashes him as soon as he locates him. He also warns him not to disturb Shruti. Bhushan hires gangsters to beat Shiva up and follow him in order to exact his vengeance. Bhushan is informed by his men that Shiva is employed as a taxi driver. Bhushan decides to tell Shruti about this. He presents Shiva and his cab driver at a team meeting, humiliating and angering Shruti. Due to this, she confronts Shiva and tells him that she couldn't even live with him for a year and ends her relationship with him.

Shiva tells Shruti that her mother died a few days later. They go to the funeral, and later, her father starts drinking again. He admits to her that throughout his life, even when he was penniless and suffering from a failing business, her mother was the sole individual who stood by him. He also tells her that he talked to Shiva about getting married before calling his family to make the alliance. Shiva initially refused to wed her because he was unemployed and believed that getting married requires him to be responsible. When Shruti's father informs him that her mother only has a short time left to live, he immediately concurs and empathizes with her father's pain, which makes her father realize his value as a person.

Shruti then departs to go to Shiva as she is sorry now as she misunderstood him. Meanwhile, a random girl is given an on-site job which was promised to Chari by Bhushan. Bhushan slaps Chari during their argument when Chari confronts him about this.

Informing Shruti of all that happened regarding Shiva's hiring at their workplace and the thrashing that Shiva gave Bhushan, Chari confronts everything with Shruti while she is on her way to see Shiva. She apologizes to Shiva, and they agree to come together again. The next day, when Bhushan returns to his office, Shruti slaps him twice for his acts. She quits her job and tells Shiva that they will both start looking for work.

Shiva takes an interview a few days later. The CEO calls him to his cabin. He finds Giri working as the company's CEO there. When Shiva asks Giri how he got there, Giri tells him that his father-in-law asked him to get a job as a software developer so he could show his talent and get his company, which he could get with Shiva's help the other day. Due to this, Giri offers Shiva a good position in his company. Shiva and Shruti's life is happy now and the movie ends on a happy note this way.

Character Analysis

Santosh plays the role of Shiva in a restrained manner, emphasizing Shiva's happiness and gratitude for having a life partner who understands and appreciates him for who he is. When she is at work he wanders around the house to such an extent that even the maid of the house does not like him. This is characteristic of the man-child type of character often depicted in fiction.

Kalyanam Kamaneeyam Movie Review

Priya Bhavani Shankar also does a good job as Shruti. Shruti got married to Shiva. While she works as a software engineer, he claims to be an intelligent college student with strong skill sets looking for work. Shruti gladly takes on the financial responsibilities. Shiva, who refers to his father as a "home guard without uniform", tolerates all his father's insults as he is well aware of his plight now after suffering from a job crisis himself.


On the whole, Kalyanam Kamaneeyam is a low-budget family drama, which is not as impressive as displayed. Except for a few comedic moments and Santosh Soban's understated performance, the movie is almost forgettable. If you don't mind the predictable plot, you can watch it.


Anil Kumar Aalla wrote the screenplay and directed the brand-new Telugu romantic comedy family drama Kalyanam Kamaneeyam. A department of UV Creations called UV Concepts is in charge of making it. The primary actors are Santosh Sobhan and Priya Bhavani Shankar, who made her Telugu film debut. Kalyanam Kamaneeyam was released on January 14, 2023, and it became available to stream on Aha on February 10, 2023. Overall, it is worth watching once.

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