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Kanabadutaledu Movie Review

Kanabadutaledu Movie Review
Movie Name Kanabadutaledu
Director Balaraju M.
Writer Balaraju M.
Star Cast Shyam Boddeti, Kishan Aanapu, Nag Akhil, Yugram, Sukranth Veeralla, Vaishaliraj, Himraja
Producers SS Films, Shade Studio, and Sree Padha Creations
Music Director Madhu Ponnas
Editor Raviteja Kurmana
Release date 19 August 2021
Cinematography Sandeep baddula
Producer Deviprasad Balivada, Prasad Machanuru, Srinivas Krishan Anapu, Satish Raju, Dileep Kurapati
Genre Crime Thriller
Language Telugu


Konabadutaledu is a Telugu movie released on 19 August 2021. It is a Balaraju M. thriller love story with a different storyline. The story revolves around three main characters Surya (Sukhanth Veerella), Sashidha (Vaishali Raj), and Aditya (Yug Ram). In the movie, Surya and Sashidha are love birds, but Sashidha's family opposes their love. So they decided to elope, and Surya stood her up at the train station, but due to family pressure, Shashida had to get married to Aditya. Even after marriage, Shashidha can't make herself accept the marriage and move forward in life. She tries to contact Surya but can't receive any answer. Aditya decided to kill Surya, and for that, both husband and wife landed in Vishakhapatnam, where he was put up. Further, Surya was missing and presumed dead. To solve the death mystery of Surya, she approaches Detective Rama Krishna (Sunil).

The film starts with an investigation made by CI Victor Raju (Kishore Polimera) of a half-burnt dead body found at the Vishakhapatnam dump yard. He played a short-tempered policeman who's a womanizer. He tries to solve the case, but Detective Rama Krishna already has all the answers.


Kanabadutaledu Movie Review
  1. Vaishali Raj: She has a limited role to play, but on that part, she justifies herself by playing decent and cute in the love portions. She has nothing much to her character beyond.
  2. Sunil: He played the role of an ordinary detective with extraordinary luck in his favor. He just keeps an eye on suspects and stumbles on essential clues. The best part is that he stays on the top.
  3. Himaja: Her role was good on paper, but she needed to give its correct potential.
  4. Yugram: His character is one-dimensional and has low impact.
  5. Sukranth Veerella: He is the right choice for the role but lacks the rugged charm to connect.
  6. Ravi Verma: He typically acts himself.
  7. Kancherapalem Kishore: He has a short but intense role as a policeman. He acts as a creepy cop with gusto and almost succeeds.
  8. Kireeti Dammaraju: A similar makeover is given to him, but it doesn't click.

Analysis and Reviews

Love is unpredictable, indescribable, and destructive and becomes valid with the love track of this film, whose scenes are asinine. This movie set an interest among movie lovers with its teasers and trailers. The presence of star comedian Sunil adds immense masala to the film. Initially, the film promised to be an edge-of-the-seat detective thriller but failed in fulfilling the requirement. In written form, the story seems to be strong ad attractive, but on reels, its execution falters, making for a good watch.

Positive aspects

The movie is a good suspense love thriller, starts on an exciting note and in the end half things get more interesting. The film gets hiked after the entering of Sunil as a detective. The heroine (Vaishali Raj) played her role well and justified the emotional scenes. A negative character in the film named Himaja also justifies her role with her acting skills and perfectly shows up in the negative shade. Another character Preeti has also performed well in her negative role and has a good screen presence.

Negative aspects

Being interested in starting the love story falls flat in no time because the story has no depth and seriousness. Characters, their performance, and the dubbing of the supporting cast look horrible because characters are not properly established and executed. There is a lack of connection between critical characters to the story, and during the investigation, they are left alone. Kancharapalem Kishore plays a horrible role as he spoils everything with his overreaction. His dubbing could have been better than his acting. Paramount importance is given to the detective played by Sunil. Even cops are kept aside in the case, and like a small boss, a detective leads it, which seems odd.

Technical aspects

The editing & screenplay of the film could be better, but the production values & screenplay are good than this. BGM and music also fail to connect with the viewer. Due to the lousy execution by Balraju (director), they disappointed viewers and dropped the film in the first half but tried to make some sense in the second half but failed.


Overall, this film has a good plot but lacks execution and dubbing. Sunil tried to save the film in the second half, but the effort was not enough to save the film from sinking. At some point, the film becomes so confusing that the viewer is left scratching its head.

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