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Kanam Review


Due to their young age and the fact that they have not yet gotten married, Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya choose to abort their child. They finally get married after five years of being apart. However, Sai Pallavi never forgets the ordeal she suffered and is constantly reminded that if she had not had her abortion, her daughter would already be five years old.

Kanam Review

The plot twist occurs when a young spirit named Diya, who is five years old, enters their lives and completely flips everything around. Which girl is she? What is her connection to the couple? And what transpires over time? The movie is based on this.

Positive Points

The movie's idea is a decent one. It appears rather stupid how the revenge tale is woven around a five-year-old child. The best part of the movie was the young girl who had a significant role because of how well her expressions and way of portraying grief were done. In his essential function, Naga Shourya performed well. Unfortunately, he failed to advertise the movie because he played a significant role in it. His interactions with Sai Pallavi have all turned out favorably. The way that all of the killings have been displayed is excellent. Sai Pallavi performs the expected duties of her, although the talented actor needed more to do because everything was over quickly. None of the actors had challenging roles and followed the story as it developed.

Negative Points

The movie has a short running length, but the events take their sweet time to reach the point. Things stop abruptly when the movie reaches its conclusion and gets to its primary message. The film's emotions are only partially successful because the second half's events needed more depth. The character of Naga Shourya ought to have had a satisfying conclusion. The audience is not left with a lasting impression despite the good thrills. Priyadarshi's portrayal of a cop is ridiculous since he goes too far for comic effect.


Kanam takes a considerate perspective on how one should handle their emotions. No needless exaltation or dramatic music is used to enhance a scene. The feelings are as genuine as they come. Kanam stands out in this regard. The idea of time travel is more than merely Kanam's calling card. It moves convincingly throughout the entire narrative. There are, however, some scenes that scream melodrama. But the emotional development of the main characters overcame these faults. The climax theme?that fate is inevitable?still holds today.

The scenes he shared with his on-screen mother, Amala Akkineni while playing Aadhi were touching, and Sharwanand appeared at ease in the role. It is almost like a comforting embrace on a chilly day when he returns to sample his mother's cuisine and tea, as Aadhi's buddies, Ramesh Thilak and Sathish, were excellent choices. Nasser, who plays the scientist, always has great facial expressions. Ritu Varma has a small part, yet it is easy to work for her. The supporting characters and setting are also distinctly Tamil, giving the movie a distinct flavor. The camera work is excellent since it effectively illustrates the straightforward setup. But the background music steals the show since it raises the quality of the movie to an acceptable level. The movie's production qualities are respectable, and the editing was quite sharp.

Regarding the film's director, AL Vijay, he did a passable job. His idea is sound, and he gets things going innovatively. However, he needs to heighten the basic emotions and thrills during the second half of his narration, making the movie appear fairly uninteresting and unremarkable.


Overall, Kanam is an emotional thriller that neither excites nor entirely lets you down. The engaging First-half thrills and the tight running time are also huge pluses. Powerful emotions are not handled adequately in the final portions of the movie, which causes it to stumble. Her performance is merely passable since Sai Pallavi's star power drives the movie. You can try out this movie, which ends up as a one-time watch if you are sick of the usual commercial movies and prefer to watch an emotional thriller.


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