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Kat Kristian

Kat Kristian

Kats Kristian is an Indian actress and a model born in Assam in India. Her mom and dad call her Tasha (Kristian's nickname). She was born in Mumbai. She had short hair when she was thirteen since Kristian was like a boy when she is growing up. In her childhood, Kristian made a habit of writing her thoughts in a diary. She came into the limelight after participating in the Indian -Television dating reality show MTV Splitsvilla in season 4 where young men and women try to find their perfect partners for themselves and perform various challenging tasks. She participating in the fourth season of MTV's Splitsvilla. Kat Kristian is a well-known YouTube personality.


Kristian was born on 18 January 1997 in Assam, India. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. Currently, she lives in Mumbai in India.


Kristian completed her schooling at St. Mary school located in Mumbai and completed her graduation from Mumbai university.

Family Details:

Kristian was born into Christian Family but she does not identify her parent's details. She claimed that her father is in government service and her mother is a housewife. Kristian's elder brother's name is Jordy-John.

Career Journey:

Since her childhood, Kristian is very much interested in dancing and Modeling. She started her career as a content creator at the beginning of 2016. Kristian started her YouTube channel in October 2016. She was interested in modeling and fashion so she choose these topics for their channel and then start making videos related to fashion, travel, and styles and then uploaded them on her channel.

Kristian has promoted companies such as La Senzqa which is a fashion and clothing brand and she also promoted Oneplus an electronics manufacturing Company. The lovely actress Kristian Dubmash has gone popular on the internet. She looks very pretty in acoustic images.

She made her debut by participating in 2018 in the Television reality show MTV's Splitsvilla in India's next Top model season four. Kristian looks very happy when they get the chance to participate in Splitsvilla X3 on MTV, She appears to be overjoyed after being chosen by Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh as the host and contestant, respectively.

Kristian is an ambassador for Bang Energy, Which produces Vitamins and Supplements and this company located in the United States. Kat Kristian began her modeling career at Pantaloon Fresh Face, where she made her debut. She has appeared in numerous television ads in India, including those for Myntra, Brand Factory, Jockey, and others. Kristian plays a role in the Music Album of Tony Kakkar's "Goa wale Bich Me" along with , Aditya Narayan, and Neha Kakkar. She made her appearance in the fourth season of the popular MTV reality competition India's Next Top Model in 2018.

Favorite Things Of Kristian

  • Favourite Fruits: Kats like strawberries and kiwi.
  • Favourite Food: Kats like pasta in fast-food
  • Beverage: She likes coffee
  • Favourite actress: Audrey Hepburn.
  • Favourite color: kata like blue and yellow color.
  • Favourite Travel destination: Capetown.


Kristian loves Travelling, Photography, Dancing, and Shopping. She told in an interview that she would love to travel the world, especially in New York and Capetown and she loves to take pictures of every precious moment and also likes to do the shopping and wear fancy and glamours clothes.

Social Media Accounts of Kats Kristian:


Kristian's Instagram account name is (kat. Kristian) with the username Escape Artist. She is a regular Instagram user and she is followed by more than eighty thousand people, she regularly posts new posts on her Instagram she has posted more than 800 posts till now.


Kristian's YouTube account name is kat Kristian and she is subscribed to by more than 1 lakh people. She posts her travel and fashion blogs on her channel and also tells about skincare hacks and remedies.

Some facts about Kristian

  • Kristian is an Indian Model and actress who worked in many tv commercials ads and the modeling field.
  • Kristian was born in Assam but she grew up in Mumbai. She began writing content and created her own YouTube channel, where she posted her videos related to fashion and travel blogs.
  • She participated in the fourth season of MTV's Splitsvilla and gets her fame after this show.
  • She is a cat lover and has numerous tattoos on her body.
  • Kristian has well known YouTube personality.
  • She was an Elite Ambassador of a company bang energy which manufactures 0 sugar 0 calories energy drink which is good for health.
  • She advertised many brands like La senza which is a fashion and clothing brand.
  • According to the sources Kristian's net worth is more than 10 lakh Indian rupees.
  • Kristian played a role in Music Video "Goa wale Bich Me" along with Tony Kakkar, Aditya Narayan, and Neha Kakkar.
  • In 2021 Kristian appears in the splitsvilla in season three.
  • According to the media sources Kristian said in an interview that she loves travelling very much and she wants to travel the whole world before she dies.
  • Kristian is a cat lover on her Instagram she regularly posted her pictures with cats
  • Kristian like dessert food such as chocolate ice cream, cookies, and puddings very much and follows a Vegan diet.
  • In some of her Instagram posts, she revealed that she loves to make child's voices and talk politely to everyone when she was happy,
  • Kristian enjoys getting tattoos and has several ones on her body. She has a tattoo of a globe with an aircraft on her right arm, a flower on her right wrist, the phrase "XLVI V PSALM" on her right forearm, two additional tattoos on her left arm, two on the sides of her left and right torso, and a flower on her waist. Kristian's family and friends call her Tasha.

Is Kat Kristian a habitual drinker?

The answer is NO.

In her Instagram post, she tells some words about her drinking

Kat Kristian

"Many of you will be surprised to learn that I am not a big drinker! I only drink wine, but I've never been so inebriated that I didn't see what was going on around me! So, the next time you see me dancing in a bar, remember that I'm sober as hell in this photo as well! I only sipped this and had to finish it all up afterward!"


Kristian participated in MTV's Splitsvilla in season three is one of the most popular television shows, and viewers are enthralled by the new season's many twists and turns. According to the Media, there was a rumor about Kristian and Kevin were in a relationship Kevin was also a Splitsvilla contestant but Kat denied that she was not in a relationship with him but after sometimes when the show was ended then Kevin blamed Kristian was cheated on him, but Kat's claimed that she had never cheated on Kevin, but that he was extremely devoted to her. She explained that Kevin expressed an interest in being in a relationship with her during the show, and to avoid this, she informed him that she was in a relationship with someone and that it takes time to fall in love and be in a relationship.

She went on to say that following the concert, they went to Goa, and while there, Kevin would check her phone and texts, which was the first clue that such possessiveness was not beneficial in the long run.

Kristian added that she then learned that he used to message his ex and ask about her sex life when they were dating, which she later learned. She claimed that after their breakup, she flew to Goa, where she met up with her buddy Jigar, whom she has known for eight years.

Kat questioned the audience, asking why a woman must always be the one to respond. Kevin was hanging with a group of girls on a yacht in the United States, but no one questioned him. Finally, she claimed that he lied to her about his previous relationship, claiming that his ex-wife abused him and that this was the basis for their breakup in 2019, but afterwards learned that the two remained in contact until 2020.

Net Worth:

According to the media sources Kristian's net worth is more than ten lakh rupees and her monthly income is around 40k-50k.

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