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Kathal Review


Sanya Malhotra plays Mahima Basor, a young police officer in 'Kathal' who is dedicated to catching criminals in a society where crime has become normalized and where the police are there just to fill in the holes left by the government.


Two hybrid jackfruits that were stolen from the semi-rural Uttar Pradesh, home of the local MLA, are being sought by a competent female police inspector and her team of deputies. The ridiculous search leads to a more severe crime against women, which forces the officer to deal with the neighborhood's power struggle and protect the future of a little girl.


For a Hindi film, the name 'Kathal' is distinctive. The subject matter of the production and the combination of producers are rare namely, Balaji Films, and Sikhya Entertainment. Speaking of Chalk and Cheese, it manages to entertain without being prescriptive by pulling off humor and satire in relation to everyday corruption and local politicians' exploitation of the police service.

Kathal Review

It's difficult to overlook how similar the primary plot is to 'Dahaad'. A capable female police officer in the fictional Bundelkhand district of Uttar Pradesh's semi-rural Hindi heartland locates a number of missing women. Only 'Kathal' flips this topic on its head by creating a comedy that both irritates and amuses you. In this parody of Emir Kusturica's film, both the police and the criminals are absurd, and the politician in charge of the police force unwittingly makes a joke.

Sanya Malhotra portrays Mahima Basor, a young police officer in 'Kathal' who is committed to apprehending criminals in a society where crime has been normalized and where the police are just there to plug the gaps left by the government. In order to recover his stolen car, one of the officers in her squad is accidentally killed. While speaking at news conferences, her superiors are prone to make mistakes, but when summoned by the local MLA Munnalal Pateria (Vijay Raaz), they do it without hesitation. Because major political horse-trading necessitates pickling them, two hybrid jackfruits are desired. As the movie progresses, it turns out that these jackfruits have disappeared.

Malhotra, puzzled by the absurdity of this new case but unwilling to challenge her bosses, sets out to discover the jackfruit with her half-interested squad. Instead, they find a bigger crime, the disappearance of a little child who is the daughter of a meager gardener.

Her lover Saurabh, a less-than-effective policeman (Anant Joshi), paid no attention to this case because of her low rank in this caste-based culture. She seizes the chance to dig into the child's disappearance by using the 'high-profile' jackfruit theft when there is less risk of compromise, only to discover that many more cases of missing individuals have gone unreported. She uses her wits and a team that includes the local media person (Rajpal Yadav) to discover the missing girl. With a funny conclusion in which Mahima and her team are utterly decimated by a flood of weaponized fruits and vegetables, this hunt leads to several comedic blunders but the officer ultimately succeeds.

Yashowardhan Mishra addresses caste preconceptions, ingrained gender biases, discrimination based on gender, and the acceptance of minor corruption using humor and realistic circumstances. The story progresses without ever being overly sad or unpleasant. However, it brings up an important point about how we are utilizing our overloaded police force. The story's realism and regional flavor also contribute to the writer's success. Sanya Malhotra excels in the role of Mahima because of her impeccable accent and sincere acting. The ensemble amplifies the humor by bolstering the hilarity in this story with repartee and conversational exchanges.

After a while, Rajpal Yadav makes an appearance in a film where he not only makes you laugh but also gains something of value. The cast of 'Kathal', a fun ensemble comedy on fundamental issues in Indian society, includes Gurpal Singh, Vijay Raaz, Anant Joshi, Neha Saraf, and Govind Pandey. Sometimes the most simple tales are the most enjoyable. 'Kathal' is an entertaining story to watch over the weekend.


Two hybrid jackfruits must be found. Therefore, an efficient female police inspector and deputies are sent to scour semi-rural Uttar Pradesh. The ridiculous search leads to the discovery of a more severe crime against women, which forces the officer to deal with the neighborhood's power struggle and protect the future of a little girl.

The story is very absurd and so are the characters as well as the environment of the movie, but the effectiveness of the story and the unique approach makes it worth a try.

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