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Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette is an American politician from Republican Party and an excellent political commentator. She contested for State of House Representatives from Pennsylvania but ended up unsuccessfully. She is believed to support Islamophobic and Homophobic notions, but she has never accepted it openly. She is also a staunch supporter of Conspiracy theories. She is frequently seen on various American news channels as a guest panel to express her views on political topics.

Kathy Barnette

Personal Life

Birth and Childhood

Barnette was born on 6th September 1971 in Alabama. According to Kathy, a 21-year-old man raped her mother when she was just 11 years old; as a result, she got pregnant and gave birth to Kathy. Kathy's mother raised her as a single mother on a pig farm in a house which belonged to her great-grandmother, who used to be a slave.


Kathy completed her bachelor's degree in finance from Troy State University. Then, she did her M.B.A from Fontbonne University. She rendered her service in the United States National Guard and the United States Army Reserve Force for ten years and was inducted into Officer Candidate School. Kathy is the first person in her family to complete college.

Professional Career

After completing her education, Barnette worked as a Corporate Financial Analyst for some years and as an adjunct professor at Corporate America for corporate finance.

Kathy is also a political commentator who quite often appears on Fox News. She has also hosted a radio show titled Truth Exchange.


Kathy is married to Carl, and the couple is blessed with two children, a boy and a girl.

Political Career

Kathy entered politics in 2020 when she decided to contest the election against the incumbent in the 4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania from the Republican side. But unfortunately, she lost the election to the incumbent Madeleine Dean, who won by 59.5% votes.

Barnette's political views and plan are precise, she campaigns on the promises like free market health care, domestic energy production, border security, and school choice, and she also opposes abortion.

In the Republican Senate Primary elections 2022, Kathy stood at 3rd with a 24.7% vote share, behind Mehmet Oz and David McCormick.

Kathy's Controversial Statements

  • Kathy was embroiled in controversy when, during her speech in 2015, she was seen endorsing that there is nothing wrong with discriminating against Muslims. He also compared the rejection of Islam to the rejection of Hitler's ideas.
  • Kathy was also criticised for her views on Homosexuality; she once said on a radio show that Homosexuality would lead any person to Pedophilia disorder.
  • Kathy referred to a transgender person in her post as deformed and demonic.
  • On her radio show in 2015, Kathy once said, "Two men sleeping together, two men holding hands, two men caressing, that is not normal." She was opposed to her anti-gay comment.
  • Kathy is also a supporter of conspiracy theory, where she claims that former American President Barak Obama is a Muslim.
  • In 2015, Kathy tweeted, "There is nothing rational about Islam". Later, in the second tweet, she said, "Pedophilia is a cornerstone of Islam".

Literary Work

Kathy Barnette

Kathy has also authored "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America". In her book, she has explained why liberal policies have failed for the Black community of America and will continue to fail for American society.

Social Media Presence

Kathy Barnette is active on all major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Social Media Platforms Handle's Name
Twitter @Kathy4Truth
Facebook Kathy Barnette for Senate
Instagram @kathybarnette4truth
YouTube Kathy Barnette for Senate

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