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Key Features of LinkedIn

Profile: It is located to the left side of your homepage. Click on your profile picture, it will show your name, photo, skills, education, location and occupation etc.

My Network: It shows your professional network, the list of professionals you are connected with on LinkedIn. It also shows you the invitations (people who want to be added to your network) and a list of people you would like to connect with.

Jobs: In this section, you will find the job listings posted by the employers and divided into different categories. It also suggests jobs that you may be interested in, based on the information provided by you like your skills, education, experience, location and job-preferences.

Messages: It allows you send messages to another professional. You can also attach a file or image with your message.

Notification: This feature provides you notifications such as who endorsed you, who invited you to join something, who viewed your profile, and to say happy birthday etc.

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