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Korameenu Movie Review

Korameenu Movie Review
Movie name Korameenu
Released year 2022
Released date Dec 13, 2022
Director Sripathy Karri
Writer Anand Ravi
Story Original
Producer Pellakuru Samanya Reddy
Music Anantha Narayana AG
Cinematography Kartheek Koppera
Production Company Full Bottle Entertainments
Mango Mass Media
Distributed by Mango Mass Media
Star Cast Kishori Datrak, Jabardast Ashok, Indu Kusuma, Vajja Venkata Giridhar, Emanuel Jabardast, Harish Uthaman, Sagar Rk Naidu, Raja Raveendar, Shatru, Anand Ravi
Language Telugu
Country India
Timing 124 minute
Editor Vijay Vardhan K
Background Score Sidharth Sadasivuni
Story- Screenplay- Dialogues by Anand Ravi
Certificate U/A
Stunts By Rabin Subbu


Korameenu, Anand Ravi's film directed by Sripathy Kaari, was released on Dec 31, 2022. This film is a routine cops and gangster drama but differentiated with a funky twist. The hero of the film, Harish Uthaman as Karuna, acts as the dreaded gangster of Jalari Peta in Vishakhapatnam. He is the lord over the place and of the fisherman's community. He ordered his henchman Koti (Anand Ravi), his driver, to bring his lady (girlfriend) Meenakshi (Kishori Dhatrak), who lives with her elder sister, to him in the night. The girl came to him and gave him what he wanted, but there was a catch.

Another strong character is Meesala Raju (Shatru) acts as a tough cop and is posted as a new DCP in the town. DCP had set his eyes on ending the drug menace there and he was physically attacked by a masked man. In search of the masked man DCP learns about Karuna, and on the other hand, the mystery man takes a new look by shaving off his mustache because he thinks it symbolizes his hyper-policing masculinity. When Shatru learns that Jalaripeta people survive under the control of Karuna, he comes in contact with Karuna's trustworthy person Koti (Anand Ravi), who recently got separated from the gang. Further, the film is about determining whether Koti is responsible for all this. Why is Koti separated from Karuna, and how does Meesala Raju take advantage of this? How drug paddling came to an end?


  • Anand Ravi: He played the role of Koti, who acts as a lover, and worker and takes the dreaded criminal head.
  • Kishori Dhatrak: Only played the role of a lover with powerful expression and emotions. Her role is solid and impactful.
  • Harish Uttaman: He played the role of a dreaded criminal and made his presence with intense and impactful performance.
  • Shatru: Justifies the role of a police officer.
  • Sripathy Karri: Executed his role well in the film and kept the film moving along with thrills and intensity until the end.
  • Raja Ravindra: He played a limited role but was exemplary in his character.
  • Vajja Venkata Giridhar: Played the role of CI .
  • Indu Kusuma & Jabardashth Emmanuel: They both performed according to their role.

Positive aspects

Here we find a film with different plots from regular ones in which characters' placements are pretty impressive. It's a movie of three characters a ruthless individual, a powerful cop, and a driver. All the characters are powerfully written and deliberately connected. This film has two gifted actors, Shatru and Harish Uthaman, who put all their expertise into the film and make their characters impactful. In the film's first half, Harish Uthaman's role is decisive, and in the second half, Shatru takes the lead and makes the film interesting. Anand Ravi also played naturally and did expect out of his role. He doesn't go overboard from his character. That's why some subtitle elevations given to him worked well. Kishori Dhatrak (Meenakshi) proved a surprise package by doing a fantastic job in the movie. Twist and turns in the movie are brilliantly presented with a fun portion in a decent way. Even Jabardasht Emmanuel and Giri are good, and up to the end movie, they keep viewers' interest, especially at the last minute.

  • BGM
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Cinematography

Negative aspects

The film has a different plot and setup, but the action is slow that slow down the impact of film. The length of a few particular sequences mainly bores the audience. The exciting parts only last a short time, and the screenplay could have been better written to make the drama more intense.

Some scenes could be better showcased, like a single woman searching for her husband and a drunkard father but consistency is missing. In a crucial scene emotional burst out is missing, which can make a huge difference. The wrong placement of good elements gets overshadowed between important moments. In the second half, the interest graph drops initially, but toward the end, things get interesting.

  • Slow pace
  • Unknown faces
  • Few missing logics
  • Editing

Technical aspects

Anantha Narayana gave decent music, and production values were also good. The film has a beautiful coastal location that was naturally captured by Kartheek Koppera (cinematographer). The editing team can do much better as they have trimmed the film length. Director did a fantastic job, and the story, dialogues, and screenplay are all given by a single person, Anand Ravi himself.


Overall, Korameenu is a different film in which the lead characters do a fine job, and the movie has slight twists and turns. But the execution of the film is slow, and a few portions could be dealt with better execution. Keeping slow narration aside, the film ends with a good watch.

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