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What is the full form of KRBL

KRBL: Khushi Ram Behari Lal Limited

KRBL stands for Khushi Ram Behari Lal Limited. It is a reputed integrated rice company which is based in India and established in 1993. It provides rice, seeds, wheat, pulses, bran and bran oil. It offers a wide range of basmati and other varieties of rice under various brands like India Gate, Nur Jahan, Doon, Lotus, Taj Mahal Tilla, Shubh Mangal, Lion, Necklace, Blue Bird, Southern Girl etc. It also exports these products to other countries.

KRBL full form

KRBL believes in putting the customer first, using modern technology and working in tandem with farmers. Its vision is to preserve and enrich the heritage of Basmati rice by maintaining the genetic integrity of the seed, motivating farmers to use scientific agricultural techniques and through modern rice processing techniques.


  • To put the customer first
  • To value the work of the farmers
  • To aspire to be a learning organization
  • To encourage ideas and teamwork
  • To achieve zero-defect quality
  • To build a work culture based on merit, integrity and transparency

Brief History

  • KRNL was founded in 1889 in Lyallpur, Pakistan. In the beginning, it had 10 cotton mills, 2 rice mills, 16 agencies and a bank.
  • In 1947, after the partition of India, when it had to reestablish itself, it shifted its business to Naya Bazar (Lahori Gate) in New Delhi.
  • In the 1970s, after restructuring the business in Delhi, it mainly focused on rice production.
  • In the mid-1970s, KRBL started exporting packaged rice to other countries or international community.
  • In 1985, it decided to start export rice on its own.
  • In 1992, KRBL established a most advanced basmati processing plant at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh only for the export purposes.
  • In 1993, it was registered as a public listed company and got the certificate of commencement of business from the Registrar of Companies.
  • In 2002, KRBL was listed at the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
  • In 2003, KRBL acquired a rice processing unit in Dhuri, Punjab by paying $3.6 million. In the same year, it became the first company to receive FDI in the rice industry in India.
  • In 2006, it obtained the largest GDR issue of $ 12 Million in the Indian Rice Industry. In the same year, the company set up a 12.5 MW plant in Dhulia, Maharashtra.
  • In 2007, the company set up a 3.5 MW power generation plant in Ghaziabad.


KABL has bagged various awards for its distinguished growth and quality of its products. Some of which are as follows:

  • KRBL won the 'Super Star Trading House' award for the export in 1996.
  • KRBL won the APEDA award for the largest exporter of Basmati rice in 1998-99.
  • KRBL received the Golden trophy from FIEO for export excellence in 2002-03.
  • In 2005, KRBL earned recognition of a Four Star Export House.
  • It won the INDIASTAR 2006 for excellence in Packaging in India for 2006.
  • It bagged 'MERA BRAND' for India's most preferred brand in 2006.
  • It won the CONCOR ?Best Exporter' award in the north-central region in 2007-08.
  • It won the PFFCASTAR 2008 award in packaging for India Gate Window Metallized Pack with Mat Finish
  • It won the NAAS India, Silver Jubilee Award for the Basmati rice trade development in India, 2015.

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