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Lakadbaggha Review


'Lakadbaggha', starring Anshuman Jha, introduces a novel idea that has not been explored in Indian cinema. In the movie, an animal lover vigilante is attempted to be portrayed. Continue reading to find out if watching Lakadbaggha is worthwhile. Lakadbaggha is a creatively conceived movie that pits a vigilante animal lover against a ruthless animal abuser. It is billed as the first Indian movie about an animal rights vigilante but falls short. The movie moves too slowly to keep the audience interested. Additionally, the movie focuses on Arjun's pet dogs rather than the title Lakadbaggha, which is not the main focus until the end.

Plot Story

The action takes place in Kolkata, where Arjun Bakshi, played by Anshuman Jha, is portrayed as a normal Bengali child who adores dogs. Arjun beats people to death because he can't stand it when people treat his dog buddy badly. Bakshi works as a kid's martial arts instructor, a messenger, and a vigilante at night who protects animals. One fine day, Arjun's dog Shanku goes missing.

Lakadbaggha Review

As he searched for it, he came across a black-striped hyena called a "Lakadbaggha" in Hindi. Only immediately after that does he learn about an underground animal trafficking circuit going on in the city. While Paresh Pahuja, who portrays his brother, is in charge of the criminal enterprise, Riddhi Dogra, a member of the criminal division, is looking for a vigilante.

Plot Cast

The plot cast includes some amazing names such as Anshuman Jha as Arjun Bakshi, Riddhi Dogra as Akshara D'Souza, Paresh Pahuja as Aryan D'Souza, Milind Soman as Tarun Bakshi, and many more.


If it had been done effectively, the 'Lakadbaggha' story and the aims might have been more interesting. Although the actors give strong performances, the story needs to be revised. With close-ups of animals subjected to abuse, biryani where the mutton is swapped with dog meat, and other scenes, the movie seems like an awareness-raising advertisement at several points. Because it feels forced, the point of such sequences does not have the same impact as it should. The screenplay is strong, but the tale needs more coherence.

The action scenes are skillfully executed, especially when using Krav Maga, a meticulously constructed mixed martial art and self-defense method. Because it appears produced, the orchestrated action sequences do not offer you a rush of excitement. Though the intentions are good, and some of the combat scenes are powerful, the plot becomes overly basic, and the acting has an unprofessional quality that asks too much of the audience's ability to suspend disbelief. Anyone could tell that the hyena images were created by copying and pasting. A few strange decisions and story devices are also present. For example, the plot demanded that goons involved in the illegal animal trade harass Bakshi and his love of pups needlessly in an incident, so he did it.

They did not need to bug him, but that night they were required to be extra persistent because Arjun needed to learn about their antics. Even though they know he is the feared vigilante who battles many foes and emerges unscathed, they nevertheless engage in combat with him. Anshuman Jha continuously did a terrific job portraying Arjun Bakshi. He can be compared to other Bollywood action stars like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal because of his Bruce Lee-inspired hairstyle and talent for displaying fluid martial arts movements. Her elegance and calm demeanor made Ridhi Dogra the ideal candidate for a police officer. Additionally, she was able to deliver a faultless performance in the action sequences.

Even though she just has a minor part in the film, Riddhi deserves credit. As the ominous villain, Paresh Pahuja looked intimidating, exuding a disturbing casualness. The way Paresh looks and delivers his lines genuinely gives off a sinister vibe. The big shocker, though, was Eksha Kerung as the deadly assassin Vik, who embraced her role and completely nailed her debut without speaking.


'Lakadbaggha' is a good choice for OTT viewing in comfort. It is so bloated that extraneous scenes may have been removed. The principal actor and producer Anshuman Jha and director Victor Mukherjee did their utmost to make it a special movie. Still, the audience was let down by the performance and the portrayal of love for stray dogs, rating it two stars on some review platforms. 'Lakadbaggha' had plenty of potential overall, but poor production values turned it into a scarcely watchable movie. The tale is handled mediocrely, and a strong background score does not elevate the moments. Thus, the impact is minimal. Although, to someone who has a great love for animals, the movie might not be a complete waste of time after all.

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