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A Laptop is a small portable personal computer consisting of a screen, an alphanumeric keyboard, and a touchpad. Sometimes, the laptop is also called a notebook computer.

The first laptop was invented by Osborne Computer Corporation in April 1981 and its name was Osborne I. At the time of release the cost of the Osborne I was $1795. Osborne I consists of 5 inches long screen, 64 KB of memory, and the keyboard which was on the lid of the computer. The weight of this first laptop is about 25 pounds.

Laptops are used in every field such as research, education, Internet suffering, playing games, and homes.

We can easily fold flat laptops for transportation. You can take laptops with you and use them in different locations. Laptops have a battery which should be charged via sockets. As compared to desktop computers, laptops are more expensive because they are more difficult to design.


Why is a Laptop important?

Some years back, people used personal desktop computers in their homes and offices but now everyone uses their own laptop in daily life. Like desktop computers, laptops are also used in every field of life.

Engineers, Students, Job seekers, Doctors, private and government organizations use the laptop for performing specific tasks.

A laptop is a portable personal computer which plays a significant role in our daily activities. Following are various reasons which describe why laptops are important in your daily life:

1. Importance of Laptop in Education

Nowadays, the education sector uses laptops widely and in this digital era, laptops are the basic requirement of students.

In the world, millions of people have taken certificates and degrees using online study via their laptops.

The best example of laptops in education is that the students took the online classes from the Internet using their laptops because of the Covid-19.

As we know, the Internet provides a lot of books and academic articles which help in improving your skills and knowledge. The laptop is a platform which helps you to reach this well of knowledge.

Using laptops, you can not only get the theoretical skills but also practical skills of technology.

In schools and colleges, teachers and faculty can easily make their assignments in an effective way using the PowerPoint slides on their laptops.

Due to the updates in technology, schools, colleges, and universities allow their students to download the study-based software and tools for learning and online classes.

2. Importance of Laptop in Communication

In today's world, a laptop is an integral part of communication in our daily life. This platform provides a larger screen to communicate with other peoples across the world on the Internet.

As we know, communication is important for business life. Nowadays, almost all businesses allow employees to virtually connect with their customers at any time of the day using laptops.

3. Importance of Laptop in Health

In the field of health, a laptop has become an essential safety parameter. You can detect and measure blood pressure, heartbeat, sugar level, and various things by using the amazing health software on laptops.

Laptop also provides various health blogs and fitness articles on the Internet for maintaining a proper and healthy diet.

4. Importance of Laptop in Banks

In the banking sector, laptops are used to save daily tasks and operations. Banks store all the details such as name, address, money transactions, and credit/deposit details in the laptops.

Banks also use laptops to interact with their clients daily. Laptops also save bank loans and other sensitive documents in the form of files.

Laptops also use online banking technology to make online transactions or show the account details and balance.

5. Importance of Laptop in Companies

In today's world, a laptop is the main gadget of all the companies and its use is huge. Every company, office, or business is incomplete without it.

The employees of the company write down all the aspects on the laptop and make their company presentations, diagrams, and graphs using them.

Most of the employees of the company do their office work from home online and communicate with other employees using their laptops.

In IT companies, developers and engineers use their laptops to make the software which is very helpful for their business. Employees make websites, blogs, and gaming applications for their business customers.

Companies and businesses use laptops for business planning and marketing. Laptops also summarize the company's data which is inserted in reports and documents for different purposes.

6. Importance of Laptop at Airports

Nowadays, airport staff uses laptops for storing the essential data of passengers by the software.

You can use a laptop to book your ticket online and also check the status of the flight.

7. Importance of Laptop at Hospitals

In private and government hospitals, doctors and nursing staff use laptops to keep the important details, accounts, and medical reports of patients.

They also use laptops to measure the health parameters of their patients.

Using laptops, you can take appointments from the doctors using the online and offline software and also check your medical reports sent by doctors.

8. Importance of Laptop in Beauty

In the digital era, all beauty lovers, especially females, can easily get various beauty articles, tips, and blogs from the Internet using their laptops.

Females also get various online makeup classes using their laptops.

9. Importance of Laptop in Gaming

Youngsters and kids play various games by downloading them on their laptops. They also play online games using the Internet.

Gaming is a convenient way for time to pass. If you want to be a gamer in the future, then you have to buy a high-quality gaming laptop for the best graphics. But, the cost of gaming laptops is more than regular laptops.

Laptop VS Desktop


Both desktop computers and laptops are different in size and functionality.

If you want to know the comparisons between the laptop and desktop then you have to read the following table which describes the comparisons between them:

Desktop Laptop
1. The size of the desktop is large. 1. As compared to desktop, its size is small.
2. As we know that the size of the desktops is large. So, they are not portable. 2. Laptop is a portable device, i.e., you can take them with you and also use them in a different environment.
3. Desktop works only on direct AC supply. 3. Whereas, Laptop works on the battery as well as the main supply. The battery in laptops gets charged by a good charger or AC adapter from time to time.
4. Keyboard, mouse, and CPU are the external components of the desktop. 4. Keyboard, mouse, and CPU are already built in the laptops. You can also use an external keyboard and mouse.
5. The RAM capacity of the desktops can easily be changed or upgraded. 5. But, it is difficult to upgrade the RAM capacity of laptops.
6. As compared to laptops, the repairing cost is very less. 6. As compared to desktops, the repairing cost is high. Because laptops are repaired by experts.
7. A regular desktop does not provide any wireless Fidelity and Bluetooth connectivity. 7. While the laptops come with Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth connectivity.
8. As compared to laptops of the same configuration, the purchasing cost of desktops is less. 8. As compared to desktops of the same configuration, the purchasing cost of laptops is high.
9. Desktops have a large number of ports. 9. Laptops provide fewer ports in comparison to desktops.
10. Desktop components can be easily removed or added. 10. Laptop components are not added or removed easily.
11. The processor of desktops is powerful. 11. Except for gaming laptops, the processor of regular laptops is less powerful than desktops.
12. Multiple internal drives are installed on desktop computers. 12. Limited internal drives are present in laptops.
13. Desktop computer would be the best option for storing a huge amount of data. 13. Laptops store less data and information than desktop computers.

Laptop VS Notebook


Both laptops and notebooks are portable devices. But, both are different in shape, size, and usage. The following table represents the comparisons between the laptop and the notebook:

Desktop Notebook
1. A laptop is a heavy-weight portable personal computer or device. 1. A notebook is a light-weight portable personal computer
2. The screen size of laptops is from 10 to 20 inches which always comes with a heavy and large body. As the model of the laptop increases its screen size also increases. 2. The screen size of notebooks is from 9 to 14 inches which always comes with a light and small body. As the model of notebook increases its screen size also increases.
3. The weight of laptops is usually 3 to 12 pounds (1.4 kg - 5.4 kg). 4. The weight of notebooks is less than 5 pounds.
4. The hardware of the laptop is stronger than the hardware of the notebook. 4. While the hardware of the notebook is simple and lighter than the hardware of the laptop.
5. As compared to notebooks, laptops are more expensive. 5. As compared to laptops, notebooks are less expensive or cheaper.
6. As compared to notebooks, the processing power of laptops is higher. 6. As compared to laptops, the processing power of notebooks is lower.
7. Due to the large and heavy size some users do not carry laptops with them all time. 7. Due to its small size and lightweight, all users can easily carry it, even females can often take it with them in the purse.
8. This device provides two to four ports. 8. This portable device only provides either one or two ports.
9. Laptops are used for professional, business, and personal work. 9. Notebooks are only used for personal use.
10. The battery life of laptops is less than notebook computers. 10. The battery life of notebooks is more than laptop computers.
11. The laptop always comes with a larger keyboard. So, you can type easily. 11. Due to their small size, notebooks have a small keyboard.
12. Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and MSI are the manufacturers of laptops. 12. HP, Samsung, Apple, Toshiba, and Dell are the manufacturers of the notebook.

Advantages of Laptop

Following are the various advantages or benefits of the laptop:

  1. In comparison to desktop computers, mobility is the main benefit of the laptop, which allows the user to take it with them and use them in every location.
  2. Another big advantage is that you can access the necessary data easily even in cars, buses, and trains.
  3. Laptops consist of a mouse, keyboard, and camera. So, we can easily use laptops without any additional devices.
  4. If you are an IT student, then a laptop will be necessary. So, you can easily carry in your bag from home to college and college to home.
  5. Laptops allow people to watch video clips and movies on the big screen via the Internet.
  6. You can also use a laptop comfortably while in bed.
  7. Nowadays, laptops also come with a touchscreen and two digital cameras.
  8. As compared to desktop systems, laptops always require low power consumption. So, you can also save your electricity bill by using laptops.

Disadvantages of Laptop

Following are the various disadvantages or limitations of the laptop:

  1. The main disadvantage of the laptop is that they are highly insecure.
  2. As compared to desktop computers, laptops have a small screen and keyboard size.
  3. The cost of laptops is very high in comparison to desktops with the same configuration and functionality.
  4. Major drawback of the laptop is the loss of student studies. Students use laptops for the Internet, playing games, and watching videos and movies.
  5. Overtime work on laptops may cause physical problems like backbone problems, eyesight, and neck problems.

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