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Latex Block Structures

The Latex graphs and figures are created using the figure environment, which is used as:

Similarly, blocks are also created using the figure environment.

You must have studied various block diagrams in different subjects for different purposes.

The block diagram contains several boxes of various sizes. You can mention any text inside the box. It is also an efficient way to represent the information similar to the graphs. You can use arrows, etc. to determine the direction from one box to another of different length.

The command used to represent a box in Latex is:

Here, the x and y dimension signifies the dimensions of the box on the x and y-axis. The position is used to determine the position of the text to be displayed.

If you want to set the common unit length for a particular program, then you can use the \setlength command. This command is written as \setlength{\unitlength}{0.23in}.

The command used to position the picture element is \put.

This command is written as \put{x-coordinate, y-coordinate}{picture-element}.

There are two methods to draw the block structures. The first one is by using the standard command, and the other one is by using the Tikz environment.

Standard command method:

This method contains the use of standard commands only. There is no individual use of any environment or different commands. The steps are quite tricky, but once the concept is clear, the process will be easy for you to understand and implement.

You can make any block diagram according to your design or pattern.

Let-s consider a simple example of a block diagram.

The explanation of each command is explained in front of the corresponding command.

The text written after the % is just for your better understanding. Latex ignores the text written after the % character.


The output of the above code is the block diagram shown below:

Latex Block Structures

Now consider a complex block diagram using the above method.

The code for this example is given below:

You can make any block diagram using the above commands for the particular arrow and the block. You can also adjust the size, dimensions, and distance of the arrow and block according to the requirements.


Latex Block Structures

You can insert any text inside the block or on the arrows by using the above commands and can specify the distance to write the particular text.

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