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Latex Editors are applications to write the Latex code and allow a user to edit and publish the paper in Latex. Below are some commonly used Latex Editors:

  • Texmaker: It is the most popular editor and has the settings of spell checking and layout settings through the 'Quick Start' window. It is an open-source, multi-platform Latex editor with a built-in PDF Viewer. To get started, its configuration window allows the user to set the settings accordingly. The warnings and errors are also displayed with the corresponding line number, which makes the task easy for users.
  • TeXnicCentre: It is primarily used for the Windows Operating System. It is free and open-source software and uses MikTex. It is used to navigate Latex documents and has a powerful GUI editor. To create complex formulas and the documentation part of the scientists, it has pre-defined Latex snippets, which makes this task easy.
  • LyX: It has some modern and unique features. It is available for systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. With the use of its advanced scripts, you can also create a structured novel or script. The unique feature of LyX is its automatic index creation, which is only available in LyX. You can even drag-drop equations and can edit them using its advanced mathematical tools.
  • Texstudio: It is based on the Texmaker and further adds support and features to it. These features include frequency count analysis, Document Word count, and more. It is quite popular among academia. It has more than 1000 Mathematical formulas and other key features like code folding, syntax highlighting, auto-corrections, structure viewing, and spell-checking.
  • TeXworks: It also supports many features like auto-completion, Unicode support, and auto-correction. It is considered as one of the best editors because of its robust built-in Pdf viewer, interaction with external editors, and insertion of graphics. It also has a built-in PDF Viewer like other editors discussed above, but also possess an auto-synchronization feature.

The online Latex editors are:

  • Papeeria: The features of an online Latex editor can be achieved by using its web-based UI and a massive library of templates. These templates include journals, articles, scientific magazines, etc. It also allows collaboration on the Latex document. It can be directly accessed from your web browser.
  • Authorea: It has a collaboration and template feature. It also supports many file formats like Latex, HTML, etc. It is considered as the best web-based editor which possesses features like insertion of images, tables, auto-creation, ready-to-use templates, document revision history, etc.
  • Overleaf: It covers hundreds of templates ranging from lab reports to formal letters. The feature which brings transparency to the editing work is its real-time collaboration. It has features, which make your documentation easier. As you enter the text, the Overleaf offers the real-time preview feature, which makes authors and editors familiar with the tool.

Some of the editors used for the Linux are:

  • Gummi: It is considered as the basic editor used by the starters as it does not contain many excellent options and tools. It is based on the GTK+ toolkit. It lets you highlight the syntax, supports exporting the documents to PDF format, and helps with fundamental error checking functionalities.
  • TeXpen: It is also a simple tool, as the above mentioned. It has the feature of auto-completion. It is considered as the most accessible tool of Latex. It also helps to improve the impressions and correct the grammar mistakes in the document.
  • Kile: It is more just than an editor. Kile is available for Linux, as well as for Windows. It is an IDE tool like Eclipse, which provides complete access to work on projects and documents. It also has the feature of insert citations, organization of documents, auto-completion of commands, etc.

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