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Online Latex Editors

The online latex editors are the editors that can be collaborated on an online platform. There is no need for installation of Online Latex editors. We can edit, compile, and debug our code in online mode and can share the source code of the particular file.

It works on the concept of real-time collaboration containing hundreds of templates. It provides live preview and sharing. We can get our stuff and work done with or without the internet connection.

The code and commands discussed so far using the Texmaker (offline platform) will be the same in these online editors. Most of the online latex editors are open source.

The editors, namely, WinEdt and Scientific WorkPlace, are not open-source editors.

You need to buy the license to operate such editors.

Latex Online 

The standard and most used online editors are listed below:

1) Overleaf

The overleaf editor provides various features, which are given below:

  • We can create the local copies of our project so that we can work offline using editors and can also work online by keeping these copies sync with Overleaf.
  • We can compile and edit our projects using local editors.
  • The Overleaf version 2 provides the feature of two-watt sync between the Overleaf and the Dropbox and offers direct sync to GitHub.
  • We can access our projects from anywhere in the world.
  • The process of doing a project is easy.

2) Papeeria

The Papeeria editor provides various features, which are given below:

  • It has a function of auto-compilation, which will compile our work continuously in the background.
  • The Papeeria runs on every desktop with any reasonable browser. Papeeria Mobile also runs on most of the mobile devices.
  • It is also a real-time collaborative editor with spell checking, instant math previewer, auto-completion, etc.
  • It also includes a free collaborative plot builder.

3) Cocalc

The Cocalc editor provides various features, which are given below:

  • It has a function of periodic backup and edit-history.
  • It also has a feature of forwarding or inverse research that helps the users to navigate around.
  • It has the side by side view.
  • The Cocalc editor is also known as the frame editor.
  • Using the ctrl+click (or cmd+click on Mac) option, we get the feature of multiple cursors while editing our document.

4) ShareLatex

The ShareLatex has combined with Overleaf to form the Overleaf v2.

The features of the ShareLatex are given below:

  • We can create the public as well as private projects.
  • It has the additional feature of Dropbox and GitHub synchronization.
  • It is a one-click step for the compilation of the PDF.
  • It also has the spell check feature.
  • It provides real-time collaboration. But the collaboration is between private projects, and the limit is two collaborations per project.

4) Authorea

The features of the Authorea are given below:

  • It includes the dynamic interactive visualization feature.
  • We can also create citations by searching PubMed or CrossRef.
  • We can create our style using the predefined templates.
  • To provide file management and comprehensive version control, Authorea uses Git in the background.
  • The organizational plans and unlimited collaborations are available.

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