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Advantages of Less

  • Less is a CSS preprocessor. After compilation, it generates simple CSS which works across the browsers.
  • Less supports cross-browser compatibility.
  • Less codes are simple, clean and well organized because the use of nesting.
  • Maintenance in Less can be achieved faster because the use of variables.
  • Less provides a list of operators which makes coding faster and time saving.
  • Less facilitates you to reuse the whole classes easily by referencing them in your rule-set.
  • Less is new and preferred over the conventional CSS because may ease the lengthy styling.

Disadvantages of Less

  • You must have to spend some time to learn Less if you are new to CSS preprocessing.
  • Less provides fewer frameworks as compared to older preprocessor like SASS which contains frameworks like Compass, Gravity and Susy.
  • In Less, there is a tight coupling between modules so it takes more effort to reuse and/or test dependent modules.
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