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Linktree Alternatives

A social media marketing and management tool is called Linktree. You can use it to make a miniature landing page that you can add to your social media profile. Even on sites that have a limit on the number of links you can add to your bio, this makes it simple to post several links. Linktree has various restrictions that may cause some users to consider alternative solutions. You cannot build a custom domain for your link page on Linktree, for example. Since "link.tree" is the first component of every Linktree profile's URL, it is not ideal for your branding.

Linktree Alternatives

If you wish to expand your primary website, Linktree and other multi-link technologies are also the best option.

1. SeedProd

Using the WordPress landing page builder plugin SeedProd, you may add and edit pages to your website. Unlike the other tools on this list, SeedProd allows you to make a landing page for your website with all your social media links prominently displayed, like how Linktree does. The best feature? As your single link on your Instagram bio, you will have the option to use your own website at your own selected unique URL. By doing this, every user who clicks on the link in your Instagram bio will instead be taken to your primary website instead of a third-party one.

Linktree Alternatives

Furthermore, SeedProd offers much more sophisticated customization possibilities than Linktree and is a complete landing page solution for WordPress. You may completely alter the backdrop, buttons, text, colours, icons, and photos using the simple drag-and-drop page builder tool. Additionally, SeedProd also has a Personal Links template that is intended exclusively for landing sites for links in bios. You may quickly construct the ideal Instagram bio link with this template.

The inability to embed a contact form on your link page is another restriction with Linktree. Naturally, SeedProd makes it simple to handle this because you can easily add a contact form block to your page. Users now have a convenient way to contact you without taking needless detours. With the use of these features, SeedProd not only gives you total control over your URL, design, and branding but also assists you in promoting other online profiles while driving traffic to your website.

As a superb Short Stack substitute, SeedProd allows you to execute social media competitions when combined with Raffle Press. Finally, because SeedProd creates your link page on your WordPress website, you may use WordPress analytics plugins to monitor your traffic. For instance, using technologies like Monster Insights, you may obtain analytics data to more accurately measure link clicks and page views than using Linktree.


  • The super simple drag and drop builder makes it easy to construct and customise pages quickly.
  • You can add a contact form to your link page, which eliminates the requirement for other platforms. This is a complete landing page and theme building solution for WordPress-powered sites.
  • To understand how to construct your multi-link page using SeedProd to its fullest potential, check out this guide on adding a link in your bio.
  • SeedProd is available as a freemium plugin. The pro version, which has additional capabilities to help you create the right landing page for your profile promotions, starts at $39.50 per year.

2. Taplink

A well-liked free alternative to Linktree is Taplink, formerly known as ContactInBio. However, it supports a wide variety of elements and has a tonne of fantastic features that you may add to your link in bio page. As an illustration, Taplink enables you to include payment links, image carousels, movies, and more on your landing page. For social media influencers who want to incorporate their music and video content and get paid directly from their link in their profile page, this is fantastic.

Linktree Alternatives

Additionally, it enables you to add store products on your landing page, enabling customers to purchase anything from your link page.


  • Enables customers to contact you through WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and other apps by supporting Messenger buttons on your main page
  • Direct payment links through well-known channels like Stripe and PayPal
  • Offers far more sophisticated design customization possibilities than Linktree.
  • Allows you to include products from your eCommerce store directly on your link page.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for audience tracking and retargeting.

Pricing: Taplink offers a free plan, however subscription options with more advanced features start at $3 per month.

3. Bio

To display your social media links and other components for your Instagram link in profile, you can make profile cards using Tap.Bio. Because its micro landing page does not have a vertical scroll, Tap.Bio differs from Linktree and its competitors. Instead, it displays a single page that can be scrolled through to access the various parts of your card by swiping left or right.

Linktree Alternatives

This enables a clean, uncomplicated design where you may embed other elements like YouTube videos and email collection forms in other areas and incorporate your social network links in one section. Because you cannot alter the text's font, colour, or size, Tap.Bio has very few customization options. You can only upload a background image to your theme. For influencers who want a basic and simplified link in bio tool for their Instagram account, it is therefore more of a basic solution.


  • A pleasing interface that supports individual cards for various connecting scenarios.
  • Allows for integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track user activities.

Pricing: There can be just one card in the free edition of Tap.Bio. With the Pro plan, which starts at $3/month, you can access more cards and analytics capabilities.

4. Bio

One more of the top Linktree substitutes is Lnk.Bio. With this software, you may add as many links as you like on the landing page for your link in bio. Lnk.Bio is a wonderful option for you if you are an influencer with a lot of social media profiles and material that is posted on many platforms.

Linktree Alternatives

Most of the tools on this list need a unique login and password to register. However, Lnk.Bio makes use of the official Instagram API, so you do not require a different account. On your bio page, you may also embed music and videos. When using Lnk.paid Bio's account, you can customise things like the layout, the fonts and colours, and the scheduling settings.


  • No separate login is needed for the hassle-free signup process
  • You may integrate music and movies on your bio page
  • All plans support unlimited links
  • Offers engagement statistics and incorporates external pixels.

Unlimited links are permitted on the Bio free plan, but Pro capabilities can be unlocked at $0.99 per month.

5. Shorby

Shorby is a bio link tool that offers a combination of most capabilities offered by other solutions. Shorby allows you to add content from many social networks, including your own WordPress posts, to your landing page feed.

Linktree Alternatives

You may connect it to your phone number, email, and messenger apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. This is excellent if you want to enable instant messaging for your followers on your profile page. In addition, Shorby offers a drag-and-drop interface with respectable customization options for changing your buttons, links, images, and themes. Additionally, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration are included.


  • Messenger integration is excellent for influencers who want to engage with their audience directly.
  • A broad selection of feed components, including links to your social media accounts, Shopify categories, your YouTube channel, and Apple podcasts.

Pricing: There is no free version of Shorby. The pro edition costs $12 per month.


One of the more sophisticated alternatives to Linktree on this list is The main function of is to curate your feeds from various social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify. You can also add survey polls, sign-up forms for email gathering, and even embed GIFs, so it goes beyond simple linking. can be a fantastic alternative if you have a significant online presence and numerous active social media sites. It might not be the most convenient choice, though, for up-and-coming influencers and small enterprises.

Linktree Alternatives


  • Offers customisable themes
  • Lets you add GIFs and polls to your bio page

Cost: is a freemium application. With the pro version, you can access a lot more features for $5/month.


If you utilise your Instagram posts to promote your items, is a really helpful link-sharing service. When you set up, it replicates your primary Instagram feed on the landing page for your bio link. Every Instagram post on this feed has the option of being tagged with a unique URL that points to your company's product page. For online retailers trying to build a strong Instagram marketing funnel, this is fantastic.

Linktree Alternatives

Additionally, offers the fundamental social media platform linking feature if all you want to do is increase the number of followers on each of your individual profiles. Features include the ability to turn up to five custom URLs from each Instagram post into shoppable links, as well as Google Analytics and UTM tracking integration.

Pricing: For smaller influencers, there is a free option; otherwise, business subscriptions begin at $8 per month.

8. Everlinks

A less complicated option to Linktree is Everlinks. It is simple to set up and offers a number of helpful tools to manage your bio links quick and straightforward. You can add an unlimited number of links and YouTube videos to your bio page with Everlinks. Additionally, it offers some amazing features like link animations that let you highlight your most crucial links.

Linktree Alternatives

Features include the ability to add content using a rich text editor, the ability to schedule links so that they only appear at specific times, and support for videos and images on your bio page. EverLinks offers a limitless free plan with limited capabilities. Paid plans begin at $7 per month.


Despite being like Linktree, goes beyond by giving you more customization options for your tiny landing page. One feature of that stands out is the ability to add images to your link buttons. On, there are also a lot more customization choices available. It is also a terrific tool for branding your bio page by modifying fonts, icons, and colour schemes.

Linktree Alternatives

Features: A tonne of branding possibilities for your bio page; integrations with well-known CRM and email marketing services, such as Mailchimp; and thorough reporting on link statistics and insights.

Pricing: has both complimentary and compensated options. Paid plans start at $7/month and include a tonne of useful features.

10. Linkpop

A bio tool called Linkpop is primarily made for online shops. You may monetize your bio link page with order links for your goods thanks to its Shopify integration. You can measure the effectiveness of your links with Linkpop's respectable analytics capabilities, which include unique visits, clicks, and clicks per visit.

Linktree Alternatives


  • Makes it possible to include shoppable links on your bio page
  • Extremely simple to set up

Pricing: Linkpop is offered without charge. But to add shoppable links to your bio page, you will need a Shopify subscription.

11. Smash Balloon

The operation of Smash Balloon differs slightly from that of the other tools on this list. You may include your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook social media feeds into your website using this WordPress plugin. Smash Balloon connects your website and Instagram feed so that whenever you submit added content to your Instagram profile, your WordPress website is also instantly updated. This is excellent if you are a writer and frequently have visitors to your website who can then find your Instagram material via your website.

Linktree Alternatives

Smash Balloon stands out because it changes the way that people discover your web assets. You can advertise your other social media profiles and website using bio link options. However, using Smash Balloon, your website can serve as the primary channel for advertising your Twitter, Instagram, and other social media feeds. You can use your website to cross-promote your whole social media presence thanks to its superb customisation features and user-friendly design.

Pricing: There are both free and paid options for Smash Balloon. The pro edition costs $49 per year.

Which Linktree Alternative is the Best?

There are a lot of excellent Linktree substitutes on the market. SeedProd is the perfect replacement for Linktree if you have a WordPress website and want a simple DIY solution that allows you full control over the design of your bio link page. No other link in bio tool allows you to generate a personalised URL that exactly matches your brand or company name as SeedProd does.

Furthermore, rather than building a landing page on a third-party link bio service, you may connect to your other pages, advertise products, and gather email leads directly from your main website. By doing this, you may simultaneously promote your links and increase traffic to your primary website. However, you can utilise Taplink, which is another excellent choice, if you don't have a website or simply don't want to offer links on your site. That is all, then! Now that Linktree alternatives exist, you can choose the most appropriate one for your purposes.

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