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Non-Standard Directories

Directories which do not come under the standard FHS are called non-standard directories.

Non-standard directories are as follows:

  • /cdrom
  • /run
  • /lost + found


The '/cdrom' directory is not in the standard FHS but cdrom can be mounted on this directory. Ideally according to standard FHS cdrom should be mounted under '/media'.


The '/run' directory stores run-time variable data. Run-time vriable data means, data about the running system since last boot. For eg, running daemons.


Linux fhs non standar directories

Look at the above snapshot, command "ls /run" displays content of '/run'.

/lost + found

During system crash or in any other situation when Linux file system checker (fsck) recovers lost data, that data is stored in this directory. Data may or may not be in a good condition.

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