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Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu: There are many differences between linux mint and ubuntu. A list of differences between linux mint and ubuntu are given below:

No.Linux MintUbuntu
1)It is a user friendly distribution and based on ubuntu. It is a popular operating system based on Linux.
2)It was developed by Linux Mint project.It was developed by Canonical Ltd./ Ubuntu Foundation.
3)It was initially released on 27th August 2006. It was initially relaesed on 20th October 2004.
4)Its official website is Its official website is
5)It takes around 20 second to boot.It takes around 9 second to boot.
6)It has its own application (named "mint backup") for maintaining backup. It uses an application(named "Deja Dup") to offer directory backup to users.

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

Ubuntu and Linux mint both are the Linux distribution on personal computers. Linux is an open source operating system based on Unix. It is freely distributable, cross platform and can be installed on PCs, Laptops, Mobile, Tablet etc.

Although both are Linux distribution, but Ubuntu is more popular than Linux Mint. Mint is based on Ubuntu but it is elegant and user-friendly. It is more open to pre installed proprietary software. On the other hand Ubuntu offers more advanced installation options like easy install for dual booting on window PCs.

Linux Mint got the popularity in 2012 and won several awards for most popular distribution.

Similarity between Linux Mint and Ubuntu

No.Linux MintUbuntu
1)It has a Linux (Monolithic)kernal type.It has also the Linux (Monolithic) kernal type.
2)It is free and open source.It is also free and open source.
3)It belongs to Unix type operating system family.It also belongs to Unix type operating system family.
4)It uses debian based software.It also uses debian based software.
5)It is multillingual (supports more than 55 languages.) It also supports multiple languages.

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