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Linux Directories mkdir -m=MODE

With the help of this command, you can access the permission on the directory you are creating. Access means to give the authority to read(r), write(w), and execute(x). You can access the permission in different ways to your directory.

  • For full access, command will be
  • For read and write, command will be
  • For read only/ write only/ eecute only, command will be

Here, in place of you have to write the name of your file you want to create.

Note: Permissions are represented in two ways: Alphanumeric and octal (0 to 7). Commands are accessed into three different categories: user, group and other. Here 777 means user, group and other have all three access to the directory. To understand this you have to refer our chmode page.


Passing above command, 'mkdir -m=rwx mkefol' will create 'mkefol' directory and will give access to user, group and other to read, write and execute this directory.

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