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List of Colors

Colors speak louder than words. Colorful things fill every heart and soul with joy. Different sheds of color signs the positivity of life. It is beautiful colors that can make one smile, and sometimes it is the color that also symbolizes sadness. So every object or substance that we can see in the world is because of its color.

What is color?

Colors are the things that we can see after the reflection of light on an object. When the light falls on an object or substances, the substance absorbs and reflects back the wavelength of the light. The wavelength reflected by the substance is the color of the light that we can see. There are infinite verities of colors in which about 1640 are named colors.

List of some colors

List of Colors

Contradiction in number of colors

However, the number of colors varies in the world. It is considered that there are 18 decillions (18 followed by 33 zeros) colors in the world. We may say it is infinite color. But in the scientist's lab, there are 10 million light and dark sheds of colors. Whatever the calculations is, it is clear that there is no exact total number of colors because it varies on an individual basis. The shades of colors may be infinite, but in the case of basic colors, there are limited colors. There are two basic colors black and white color. All the dark shades are made up of black color, and all the light sheds are made up of white color. Further, according to English color, all shades of colors are made out of 11 basic colors that are: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Gray, Brown, Orange, and Purple. So there are so many contradictions in the number and theories of colors.

Three basic divisions of colors

Apart from the above contradiction on the number of colors, the color is divided into three basic types, primary, secondary, and tertiary color. And actually, the whole theory of color is based on these basics colors that are acceptable to all. Now we see the details of these basic types.

  1. Primary Color: Primary colors are not made or created. They are naturally present in nature.
    List of Colors
  2. Secondary Color: Secondary colors are made by the mixing of two primary colors.
    List of Colors
  3. Tertiary Color: Tertiary colors are made by the mixing of primary color and secondary color.
    List of Colors

Primary colors

Now there are three Primary Colors RGB (red, green, and blue) and RYB (red, yellow, and blue). Actually, in the world of art, the painters considered the RYB the primary color as it was present in nature. According to them, red represents fire; blue represents water, and yellow represent turmeric. So traditionally, they use these three primary colors, and by mixing them, they made different sheds of colors. On the other hand, in the world of science or physics, RGB (red, green, and blue) are considered the primary colors of light. These two are different theories, the theory related to the mixing of hue and paints as well as related to the painters is called subtractive, and the theory related to the mixing of colors of lights as well as related to science is called additive.

List of Colors

What is Subtractive and Additive color theory?

In The subtractive color theory, from lighter color, we go to the darker, as when on the white paper we mix the primary RYB paint colors we get the darker color. Cyan, magenta, and yellow (secondary colors), also called CMY, are generally used as subtractive colors. Because when we mix all these three colors in equal quantity, the light colors are subtracted, producing black color. On the other hand, in additive color theory, we go from darker to lighter. As after mixing the primary RGB colors of light, we get light color. The additive colors are used for electronic devices like mobile phones, televisions, monitors of computers, laptops, tablets, etc. these devices start from dark and end to light. So overall, in additive color theory, we mix RGB colors of light, and the more we add the color, the lighter we get. So it is used for electronic devices, and in subtractive color theory, we mix RYB paint colors, and the more we add, the darker we get. It is used for the fine arts as well as for the printers.

Symbolic significance of colors

Further, Colors are also used for showing feelings, emotions, and desires. Even, through the different color effects, we can draw all aspects of life. Like through color effect, we can draw the joyfulness, sadness, evil, divine, terror, peace, etc. Through color, we can know one's personality as well as psychology. Some colors show warmness like; red, orange, and yellow colors sheds, while some color shows coolness like green, blue, and purple color sheds. In this way, different color shows different theme also. So we can say colors are the words colors are the speech which without saying can express everything.

Wheel of 12 main colors

List of Colors

In the wheel of 12 main colors, red, orange, yellow, chartreuse green, spring, green, cyan, azure, blue, violet, magenta, and rose are there. These colors are basically primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. In wavelength, frequency, and energy of the primary colors, the red color has the highest wavelength 650 (nm), frequency 4.62 (1014 Hz), and energy 1.91 (eV). The Yellow color's wavelength is 580 (nm), frequency is 5.16 (1014 Hz), energy is 2.14 (eV). The Green color's wavelength is 550 (nm), frequency is 5.45 (1014 Hz), energy is 2.25 (eV). Blue color's wavelength is 450(nm), frequency is 6.66 (1014 Hz), energy is 2.75 (eV).

Let's discuss the meaning of these twelve colors.

  1. Red: it is a primary color. The red color symbolizes both negative and positive aspects of life. As for painters, it symbolizes fire which is one of the panchtatva, so here it is a holy spirit. But the contrary of this, red is also the color of blood, so the color of martyrs, death. Red color also symbolizes danger, violence, anger, war, and aggression; in contrast, it also symbolizes love, warmth, passion, sexuality, life, courage, strength, apart from these at so many places, red color is used symbolically like in food items for non-veg articles red dot is used. On the road signals, red light is used for 'stop'. Red-light areas also signify the brothels.
  2. Orange: it is a secondary color as it is made of a mixture of red and yellow colors. The Orange color also symbolizes both negative and positive aspects. The positive aspects of the orange color are confidence, success, sociability, bravery and friendly, warmth, determination. On the contrary of this orange color also signifies ignorance and sluggishness. The Most important of this color is that it holds its place in our national flag as it is one of the three colors. Here it symbolizes bravery.
  3. Yellow: It is one of the primary colors. This color also has much symbolic significance, both negative and positive. For painters, it signifies turmeric. So it is considered an auspicious color. It is the symbol of joy, positivity, vigor, remembrance, and intellect. In contrast, it also symbolizes irresponsible and instability.
  4. Chartreuse green: it is a tertiary color. This color resembles the French wine chartreuse color (yellowish-green), so it is also called yellow-green color. This color symbolizes the characteristics of both yellow and green color healing, good health. It is a tertiary color made up of mixing of red, green, and blue colors.
  5. Green: it is one of the primary colors. However, in RYB theory, it is secondary color as it is the product of the mixing of blue and yellow colors. The Green color is the symbol of life, nature, safety, money, growth, fertility, freshness, and healing. In contrast it also has some negative symbols like envy, jealousy, guilt. Green color gives relax to eyes as in all medical hospitals generally cloths of green color is used. It also symbolizes 'go' on-road light.
  6. Spring green: it is a tertiary color as it is made up of cyan and green color. As the green color symbolizes the spring season, a season of rebirth, the spring green color also symbolizes the growth, renewal of energy, balance, and harmony. Overall it symbolizes life, a beginning, as well as a new birth of life. This color is between the cyan and green color.
  7. Cyan: It is a secondary color made by mixing blue and green colors. Like blue color, it also symbolizes the water of some water bodies like lagoons. It is also called turquoise. As it is the shade of blue color, it symbolizes calmness, peace, rational thinking, emotion, cleanliness, the color also has negative symbols like selfish, and sleeplessness.
  8. Azure: It is also the shade of blue color. It is the color of the sky. It is a mixture of green and blue colors and tertiary colors. This color symbolizes calmness, stability, richness, etc.
  9. Blue: it is one of the primary colors. Blue symbolizes stability, loyalty, and confidence. It is also the symbol of security, peace, wisdom, corporate, trust, competence, and love. In contrast, negatively, it symbolizes coldness, fear, and masculinity. In the world of painting, it symbolizes water which is also one of panchtatva.
  10. Violet: it is the secondary color and the product of the mixture of blue and red colors. Violet color symbolizes spirituality, imagination, wisdom, and luxury. Violet color also shows confidence. It is one of the colors of the rainbow.
  11. Magenta: it is the tertiary color and is made by mixing red and purple colors. Magenta symbolizes compassion, cooperation, self-respect, etc.
  12. Rose: it is a tertiary color made up of a mixing of red and magenta colors. Rose color symbolizes passion, love, beauty, gratitude, grace, courage, respect, romantic love, beauty,

Extremes of Colors

Most Bad Color: Pantone (the ugliest color in the world), also called drab dark brown. It is the color of tobacco.

List of Colors

Most Favourite Color: Blue is the most favorite color worldwide. More than 35% of the world's population likes this color.

List of Colors

Least Favorit Colour: Yellow is liked by fewest people in the world as of only 5% of the world's population.

List of Colors

Most Saddest and Happiest Colour: The dark colors like Grey and Black symbols of negative energy as it is the saddest color. In contrast, bright colors like Red, Yellow are colors of happiness.

List of Colors
List of Colors

Rarest Colour: Vantablack is the rarest color. It is also the darkest man-made pigment. It is created by the surrey nanosystems for exploring space. Its production process is special, so it is not available for the general public. That's why it is called the most rear color in the world.

List of Colors

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