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List of Indian Mobile

India has the second-largest population in the world. So the number of smartphones users in India is growing exponentially. India is about to be the hub of the smartphones market.

That's why foreign smartphones brands are taking interest in the Indian market and customers.The maximum of Indian smartphones market has been captured by Chinese brands. The government initiative Make in India has done this growth more rapidly.

But now the game will be change. After the wave of Anti-Chinese brands, there are so many Indian brands are trying to capture the market.

The most interesting part is; the Founder and CEO of these Indian brands very well understand the Indian market and customer's needs. So they are coming up with advanced technology at a very reasonable price.

There are alot of expectations are being placed from these brands in the coming time.

Top Indian Mobile Companies

Here are some top Indian mobile companies which were the biggest reasonfor the smartphones revolution in India. These companies offered the best technology at a very reasonable price and made the smartphones too affordable.

These smartphone brands are given below:

Micromax Informatics

Micromax was established in early 2000 by Rahul Sharma and Rajesh Agarwal. This brand is the most successful Indian smartphone brand.

The company had propelled the YU brand in 2014 which had the official Cyanogen OS rights in India. Micromax, which propelled budget gadgets begun losing showcase share after the passage of Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone makers.

Micromax launched advanced technology smartphones on a reasonable budget. Also, Micromax is the most trusted smartphone brand in India.

Intex Technologies

NarendraBansal is the great mind behind the success of Intex Innovations. It was established in 1996.

Intex Technologies also manufacture so many gadgets other than thesmartphones like LED TVs, speakers,and other devices. Intex is the second largest selling smartphones company in India.

While Intex is still dynamic in other sections but still the journey in the smartphone market is long. Although before the monopoly of Chinese brands, Intex has covered and understood the Indian market very well. But compete with these brands is not an easy task.

iBall Mobile

iBall company was founded in 2001. It is one of the Indian companies which is dynamic. It means iBall not only manufacture mobile and smartphones, but also manufacture and import PC peripherals, TVs, Laptops, and Tablets.

iBall is the best Indian consumer Electronics Company in the world of IT. iBall collaborated with Intel and Micromax, and launched budget-friendly smartphones. iBall is also known for one of the PremierTechGadgets and Accessoriesbrand.


Lyf was propelled by the RelianceGroup. In 2016, when Reliance was planning to offer internet service at a very negligible price.

After the revolution of the 4G LTE network, Lyf smartphone was launched in May 2016 and from the launching, the company earned very well profit and also the tag of fifth largest smartphone manufacturer and also biggest 4G LTE phone dealer in India.

Due to the reason of not transforming towards the more advanced technologies, this smartphone brand can't survive for too long. On the one hand smartphone creators begun propelling 4G phones, the company ceased declaring unused phones.

Karbonn Mobile

Karbonn Mobile was launched in 2009. This company was the tie-up of two companies; United Telelinks Ltd. and Jaina Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

This company manufactured smartphones, tablets, and other featured phones.

But after the entry of Chinese brands in the Indian market, this company also failed to compete. Karbonn Mobile didn't change and adapt new features and technology. So the customers were constantly switched towards Chinese brands.

Lava International

The brand Lava was launched in 2009. This company was formed by four people. Lava had opened their outlet in various countries along with India like Russia, Nepal, SriLanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Following a typical Indian mentality, this brand also focused on budgetand entered the market with very affordable prices. Lava also launched the Windows phone operating system.

But the result was the same as earlier even worse. The entry ofChinesebrands pushed Lava into a financial crisis in 2018. The company was not in the conditions to completethe payment of vendors and employees.


Xolo is the first Indian mobile brand thatlaunched an IntelProcessorSmartphone.

Xolo was also one of the brands which launched 4G enabled smartphones. Xolo came up with new technology and it was the first dual camera smartphonemanufactured in India.

Spice Telecom

Spice Telecom (Spice Digital Ltd.) was founded by Bhupendra Kumar Modi in 2000.This company launched the spice mobiles.

Later on, Idea Cellular owned the spice telecom and became the service provider in India.


Celkon was also one of the leading companies which manufactured mobile handsets in India. This company collaborated with Microsoft and Android OS.

The headquarters of Celkon was in Hyderabad and also had manufacturing units in other states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Reliance JioPhone

Jiophone is the manufacturing of Reliance Group of Industries.After the entering of Jio, Reliance launched its first 4G handset at a very affordable price.

Now, Reliance Jio is collaborating with Google and will launch a 4G budget friendlysmartphones very soon.

Reliance is promising that they will be going to launch the first most affordable 4G smartphone and that the smartphone will work on the special version of Android.


Although the competition is high among the companies in Indian market, yet the future of Indian mobile companies will going to be bright. And very soon these the Indian Tech and IT companies will replace the Chinese and other foreign companies.

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