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List of Indian Snacks

The Indian subcontinent is very rich when we talk about food and cuisines. The spicy and variety of food is the identity of India.The food of Indians is diverse and this diversity is the identity of Indian cuisine. If you talk about Indian snacks then the variety of list increase too long.

List of Indian Snacks

If you ever visit India, then don't make the mistake not to try these Indian snacks. If you have not taste Indian cuisine then you didn't explore India from the soul.

Here are few Indian snacks from the several cities and states of India which are the specialty. Let's see and taste these snacks:

Katori Chat

List of Indian Snacks

Katori chaat or tokri chaat is the most favorable Indian snack. It is popular in several cities in India. The base is made up of fried potatoes and give a shape like a katori or a basket.

This basket is filling with numerous variety of ingredients such as curd, potatoes, chickpeas, chutneys, grows, onions, or tomatoes. The katori is baked or fried as well.The dish is garnished with coriander, pomegranate, cheeseand chat masala before serving.


List of Indian Snacks

Origin: North India

Samosa is the king of all the Indian snacks among the people of India. It is popular in almost every part of India. All the family gatherings, kitty parties, and specially monsoons are incomplete without this snack delight.

Although a lot of variety has come in the samosa like chocolate samosa, noodle samosa, cheese samosa, chole samosa, keema samosa, etc. Butthe most traditional is AalooSamosa. The outer or covering part of samosa ismade up by RefinedFlour or Maida.

Some boiled and properly mashed potatoes with salt, peas, and other spices are used as a filling of samosa.

It is served with sweet and green chutney. The green chutney is made of coriander and sweet chutney is prepared with tamarind and jaggery.Chai and samosa is also the best combination ever.

Vada Pav

List of Indian Snacks

Origin: Mumbai

It is one of the foremost humble road nourishment of Mumbai however, it is top-notch and delightful.

Vada pav essentially has Batatavada which is made up of the besan. In vada pav, there are two slices of a pav, and that batata vada is placed in between pav like a sandwich. Vada pav servealong with a variety of chutneys like sweet chutney, green chutney, dry garlic chutney, and green chili.

Dahi Vada

Origin: North India

Dahi vada could be a prevalent Indian dish that can moreover be served either as a fundamental dish or as a backup to vegetable dishes.

The dish begins from North India and comprises fricasseed balls (vadas) that are splashed in a thick yogurt (dahi). This prevalent road nourishment is regularly topped with flavors such as chili, cumin, chat masala, coriander, and different chutneys. The dish is additionally prevalent at merry events such as weddings, and gives aperfect refreshment on a hot summer day.

Litti Chokha

Origin: Bihar

This Indian claim to fame hails from Bihar, but it is additionally delighted in Jharkhand. One portion of the dish comprises of litti which are the small balls made upof entire wheat flour and filled with a combination of flavors and sattu (a flour-like fixing made with simmered chickpeas). The balls are heated or fricasseed, and sometimes recently serving, they are customarily plunged in ghee.

The dish is completed with chokha - a blend of broiled vegetables that ordinarily contains eggplants, tomatoes, onions, and different flavors.


List of Indian Snacks

Origin: Gujarat

Beginning from the Indian state of Gujarat, dhokla could be a vegan nibble comprising of matured chickpea hitter and rice. Flavors such as chili and ginger are included to the hitter in arrange to progress the flavor of the dish. When heated, dhokla is regularly embellished with coriander, coconut, or chopped chilies, and it is typically accompanied by besan chutney. Because it could be a well-known dish and a favorite veggie-lover nibble, dhokla has numerous varieties, such as semolina, rice powder, or cheese dhokla.

Feathery, moo in calories, and stuffed with protein, it is obvious that dhokla remains the staple nourishment of Gujarat. There are so many varieties of dhokla across India. Dhokla is the best example of a balanced meal which

consist of tasteand nutrients of same dish.


Origin: Rajasthan, Haryana

Kachori could be a hot Indian nibble formed like a circular straightened ball, comprising of a flour-based shell with diverse fillings. The foremost well-known filling comprises yellow moong dal, besan flour, pepper, chili powder, cumin seeds, and other spices.

Kachori is most well known in Indian states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. The nibble has various varieties in each state. Also, the pair of kachori is different. At some places, it is served with the chutney and at several places, it serves with the raseele aloosabzi.

Poha Jalebi

Origin: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Known for an assortment of chats and a blend of flavors, Indore gloats of its morning breakfast the foremost. 'Poha'consist onions and chilies, enhanced with salt, turmeric, sev or aloo bhujiya and a sprint of lime juice makes an idlebreakfast. The other best combination of Poha is chai.

The jalebis are the most popular dessert and roadside sweet across the country.


Origin: Tamil Nadu

Murukku may be a well-known Indian snack. It has a crunchy texture. Itordinarily made with rice flour and urad dal, bean flour. It consists a spiral-shaped which is deep-fried in oil. Most of these savory snacks are also flavored with cumin, onion powder, or chili.

Originating from Tamil Nadu, its title implies turned, alluding to its unordinary shape. Nowadays, it is broadly accessible all through India, but it is most prevalent in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat,and of course, TamilNadu. Murukku is frequently arranged for Indian festivals such as Diwaliand GaneshChaturthi and delight us.

Batata Vada

Origin: Maharashtra- Gujarat

It may be a well-known Mumbai road nourishment nibble. In the Marathi dialect 'potatoes' are called 'batata' and 'vada' implies a 'fried snack'.It serves with the different chutneys. In monsoon, the best pairing of batata vada is chai.

Batata vada is having another name in the Southern India region, which is Potato Bonda.It is famous in the different parts of Maharashtra like Pune, Kolhapur, Nasik. In fact, in Mumbai, they made VadaPav consist of a bun and Batata vada.

Idli Sambhar

List of Indian Snacks

Origin: South India

Idli Sambar may be generous, fulfilling, comforting and solid supper of delicate feathery idlis served with savory, spiced, and softly tart sambar - a vegetable stew made with lentils and grouped vegetables. It may be a winning combination made for each other.

Along with its delicious taste, it contains a lot of nutrients. It is too light to digest for everyone. Nowadays there are plenty of varieties exist of idlis. But no doubt, the traditional and authenticidlis are more delicious.

Golgappe or Panipuri

List of Indian Snacks

Origin: Indian Subcontinent

Although India doesn't have any national snacks but voting conduct for the national snacks then no doubt the clear winner would be Golgappe. Because the list of Indian snacks is incomplete without Golgappe. Also, it is the most common street food in India.

Golgappa is known bydifferent names like panipuri, gupchupp, golgappa, water balls, etc. across the Indian Subcontinent.

The crispy golgappe is made up of wheat flour or rava after deep frying. Potato, peas, onion, coriander, chutney stuffed firm puri splashed in acrid and tangymint and tamarind flavored water.A golgappa effortlessly fills one mouth. There is a variety of flavored water used in golgappe. Mint, lemon, green chili, tamarind, cumin seeds are the main ingredients used in preparing water for golgappe.

Namak Para

Origin: Indian Subcontinent

Namak para could be a fresh and crunchy Indian nibble, made using all-purpose flour or entirety wheat flour that's prevalently arranged amid celebrations such as Holi and Diwali.

They are moreover idealized to chomp on with a hot glass of evening tea or coffee.People who have sweet tooth can delight themselves with the sweetcounterpart of Namak Para called ShakkarPara.

Bhel Puri

List of Indian Snacks

Origin: Maharashtra

Although there's no clear proof about the origin of bhelpuri. Some people believe that it is originated by Gujarati. But it is the most popular roadside snack in Mumbai.

Bhelpuriis a type of chaat - a savory snack that's commonly served in cafés and road carts all through India. There's a parcel of wrangle about almost what ought to go in a bhelpuri, but the foremost commonly consist puffed rice, groundnuts, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and chilies.

Tamarind or date and coriander chutneys are commonly utilized to grant the dish a hot flavor. The dish is extremely popular in Mumbai, where it is ordinarily delighted in as a shoreline nibble or consolation nourishment.

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