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List of Indoor Games for Adults

Games are those activities that help us take our minds off from the daily activities and enjoy some time by keeping ourselves busy in the ups and downs of a game. Different games have been a part of human culture from ancient times, and thus we have a large number of games to select based on our preference. Games are mainly categorized in 2 ways.

  1. Indoor Games: These are the games played inside and thus do not require a dedicated playground when you wish to play these games. Generally, indoor games help an individual develop his mental strength and become more creative. Popular indoor games include Chess, Ludo, snakes, ladders, Table tennis, scrabble, Uno, Carrom, etc.
  2. Outdoor Games: The games that include many physical movements and require a dedicated playground to play are included in the outdoor games. These are the games that are helpful in the development of the physical strength and social qualities of an individual. Popular outdoor games include football, cricket, tennis, rugby, kho-kho, kabaddi, hockey, etc.

Games are not only relaxing and helpful to children but are also very important for adults. This article will discuss a list containing some of the most popular indoor games for adults.

List of Indoor Games for Adults

1. Truth or Dare

If you are looking for a simple game that gets very interesting when you get the whole idea behind the game, then "Truth Or Dare" can be one such game. Different variations of the game have become popular in the world. Commonly, an empty bottle is rotated, and the player is selected based on the direction of the head of the bottle. The players are given two choices on their turn. They have to select from Truth or Dare. When a person selects truth, then the other players can ask any question to the player. And when the player selects a dare, they will be assigned a daring task.

2. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is a perfect game for all movie lovers around the globe. The game is quite easy to understand and very joyful to play. The game's basic concept is that the players have to guess the movies that are being enacted by one of the players. The game of Dumb Charades is a very good choice of the game when we have a large number of players. All the players are divided into two teams, and then one player is elected from a team, and the other team players give that player a movie. Now, the player will try to enact, and other team players will try to guess the movie name. For each correct answer, one point is awarded to that team.

3. Never Have I Ever

Another indoor game that is very fun is "Never Have I Ever". The game involves several questions that the players ask, and they have to tell the true answer to these questions. Different variations of this popular game have also developed, which involve drinking, monetary penalties, and other non-alcoholic variations.

4. Snake and Ladders

List of Indoor Games for Adults

When we talk about some of the most popular indoor games of modern times, the game of Snakes and Ladders must always be included. The game is very interesting, easy to play, and does not need prior training. In a snake and Ladders game, a player has a pre-defined task of reaching the 100th step on the board. All the players throw dice on their turns, and the outcome of the dice decides the number of steps they will advance on the game board.

But the interesting part of the game is that the path from the starting to the endpoint has several ladders and snakes. The ladders are very helpful for players and help them advance to the next steps on the board directly. On the other hand, when the players arrive on the snake, they have to give back the number of specified steps. The first player who arrives at the 100th step on the board is declared the winner.

5. Ludo

List of Indoor Games for Adults

Ludo is a very interesting and popular game among people of all ages. Two to four players can enjoy the game of Ludo at a time. All the players of Ludo are assigned four tokens, each having a different color to differentiate. The players have to take all four of their tokens to the center of the ludo board. And this task needs to be completed only using the rolls of dice. The race to the center is always very interesting and engaging, which is the whole point of playing any game.

6. Chess

List of Indoor Games for Adults

Chess is the next entry on this list of indoor games for adults. Chess is a game that has its origins mentioned in several ancient texts. The current form of Chess has evolved from Europe. But it is important to note that the game similar to modern Chess is just a variation of an ancient Indian game. It is a board game with 64 boxes and 16 combatants for each player. As the game progresses, both the players have to devise and use mindful techniques to kill the combatants of the opposite player and try to check and mate the king of the opponent player.

7. Business

List of Indoor Games for Adults

Business is a game that proves to be fun and a learning experience simultaneously. It is a board game where all the players are provided with equal token money at the beginning of the game. The board of business has several cities named on it along with token prices. Using the token money provided to the players, all the players buy the different cities upon arriving at the different locations with a dice roll. When any other player arrives at a pre-owned site, they have to pay the specified rent in the form of token money to the respective owner. So, all these activities help the players develop their decision-making abilities, and the business capabilities of the players are also improved.

8. Scrabble

Scrabble is another game that is very engaging and meaningful at the same time. It is also a board game where two or four players can play simultaneously. The game board has several wooden alphabets, and the players have to form valid words using these alphabets. Points are assigned to the players based on the number of the alphabets in words formed by them. If you are looking for a game that needs you to focus with all your mind, then Scrabble is among the best choices for such a game.

9. Carrom

List of Indoor Games for Adults

The last game on this list of indoor games for adults is Carrom. Carrom is an indoor game that is very popular in South Asia. The game is played on a wooden board called "Carrom Board". The rules for this interesting game are different in different areas where it is played. But one thing that is always common is that you will never get bored of playing Carrom and will always want to play one more round to equalize the score with your opponent. Two to four players can play the game of Carrom. You can also play the game in a team of two in the Indian version.

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