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List of International Airlines in India

The Indian Airlines industry is one of the biggest business opportunities in the world. With over a billion people, there is always a need for quick commuting facilities. Air Travel is one of the fastest ways to travel from one location to another, and thus many people prefer air travel over any other mode of transportation. Nowadays, international travel has also become common, and people want their overseas travel to be comfortable and full of required amenities.

Such a demand has resulted in the entry of many International Airlines in India. These organizations use different business and marketing strategies to attract as many customers as possible. The following article will tell you about International Airlines in India.

List of International Airlines in India

1. Emirates Airlines

List of International Airlines in India

Emirates Airlines is primarily a Dubai-based airline founded in 1985 by Dubai's government. The full-fledged operations of the airlines began in 1985 itself, and since then, this airline has been able to expand its fleet to more than 300 airplanes. A subsidiary of the Emirates Group, Emirates airlines has become one of the most successful and profitable airlines.

Emirates Airlines has excellently competed with the rival Airlines from the Middle East and has the title of Largest Airline in the Middle East.

2. Qatar Airways

List of International Airlines in India

It is very uncommon that state-owned businesses successfully provide good services and earn some profits as well. But the success of Qatar Airways has proved all these conventions wrong. The airline was started on November 22, 1993, and subsequently started its operations on January 20, 1994. It is a state-owned airline based in Qatar.

Currently, the airline has a fleet of about 200 airplanes that cover more than 150 destinations worldwide.

3. Lufthansa Airlines

List of International Airlines in India

The next entry of this list of international airlines in India is Lufthansa's German airlines. This airline is one of the oldest in the world, and the current structure of airlines was founded on January 6, 1953, and began operations on April 1, 1955. The overwhelming success of the airlines has provided the Lufthansa group with a fleet of more than 300 airplanes.

Currently, the airline serves more than 197 destinations present in 78 countries. The Lufthansa Group is also the owner of several other airlines such as Swiss International Airlines, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, etc.

4. Air Arabia Airlines

List of International Airlines in India

Air Arabia Airlines is another entry from the Middle East. Air Arabia is mainly an economical airline that focuses on providing low-cost air travel to its customers. The airline was founded in 2003 and has expanded its fleet size to more than 96 airplanes. The main office of the airline is situated in the Sharjah International airport.

5. Etihad Airways

List of International Airlines in India

Many countries have struggled in establishing one successful airline but the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has two flagship airlines in the form of Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways. The UAE government laid down the foundations for Etihad Airways in July 2003, and the airlines' operations commenced from 2003 itself.

Currently, Etihad Airways has a fleet size of around 96 airplanes which is about one-third of the fleet size of Emirates airlines, but the service quality of Etihad has opened ways for its growth in the future. The headquarters of this esteemed airline is situated in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.

6. Air France

List of International Airlines in India

Air France is a French airline founded on October 7, 1933. An interesting fact about Air France is that it was not a single airline but a merger of five airlines. The foundation of Air France in 1933 makes it one of the oldest airlines in the world which are still operating. Air France has an owner of a fleet having more than 210 airplanes that serve around 200 destinations worldwide.

7. Thai Airways

List of International Airlines in India

Thai Airways is the next state-owned airline in India's list of international airlines. The airline was founded in 1960 with close cooperation of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Currently, this airline mainly serves major cities of Europe South Asia along with some parts of East Asia. Moreover, Thai Airlines was among the founding members of the Star Alliance.

8. British Airways

List of International Airlines in India

British Airways occupies the next spot on this list of international flights in India. The airline was founded as the Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited in 1919 but was later renamed British Airways in 1974. This airline is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom. This airline has one of the largest fleet sizes of 254 airplanes globally. Currently, British Airways serves more than 180 destinations all across the globe and is headquartered in London.

9. Singapore Airlines

List of International Airlines in India

Singapore Airlines is one of the best-rated airlines in the world. The airline was founded on May 1, 1947, with the name of Malayan Airways. Later, the airline was rebranded as Singapore Airlines in 1974. Several agencies have placed Singapore Airlines among the most efficient and best-serving airlines globally. With a fleet size of more than 150 airplanes, Singapore Airlines can serve more than 140 destinations in different parts of the world. Singapore Changi Airport serves as the hub for the services of Singapore Airlines.

10. Swiss International Airlines

List of International Airlines in India

Swiss International Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Switzerland. The Lufthansa group owns Swiss International Airlines, and it is the primary airline of Switzerland. With a fleet size of more than 90 airplanes, Swiss Airlines has service coverage in more than 76 countries across all the continents except Antarctica.

11. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (CPA)

List of International Airlines in India

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.(CPA), commonly known as Cathay Pacific, is an airline from Hong Kong. The airline was founded on September 24, 1946, and has expanded its fleet size to more than 150 airplanes. Sydney H. de Kantzow and his partner Roy C. Farnell were among the key founders of Cathay Pacific Airways.

Currently, the airline serves around 88 destinations in different countries around the globe. The hub of Cathay Pacific is situated at the Hong Kong International Airport.


From the above list of international flights in India, it is very clear that many airlines feel that India is an emerging market for international travelers. Thus, if a company succeeds in attracting a large share of Indian international travelers to their airlines, then the Indian travelers can be very beneficial for the airlines. Also, every year millions of people travel to India from foreign countries, increasing the customer base available to the airlines.

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