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List Of Makeup Items

Makeup is a tiny word but has enormous meaning for makeup lovers, especially women.

Women love to experiment with their looks. If done right, makeup can actually turn heads. It becomes essential to have just the right makeup when you go to a party or an occasion.

List Of Makeup Items

Irrespective of the fact that you are new to makeup or have been dabbling with cosmetic products since a long time, it's necessary to have a variety of necessary makeup items that can aid you to have a go-to style statement. After you've mastered the basics of makeup, it'll be much easier to introduce playful or contemporary cosmetic products to your inventory and integrate them into your beauty looks.Women like to own a lot of makeup from various finest brands, renowned companies.

In this article, I'll go through the most vital beauty items for young women, whether you're a makeup newbie who enjoys the no-makeup look or you already have some expertise and want to fill any gaps in your inventory.

So, stay reading to see my list of makeup must-haves for your face.

So, keep on reading to discover my list of beauty basics for your face, eyes, and lips, as well as makeup application and storage equipment.

1. Face Primer

List Of Makeup Items

While some individuals do not consider that face primer is important, Although in reality it is a crucial step in makeup process.

These have varying influence on skin and makeup, irrespective of their primary objective that is to ensure the skin smoothness and making the look appear pleasant and fresh throughout the day.

There is a primer for every skin type, whether you want to control oil and/or acne, moisturise, smooth out uneven texture, colour correct, and so on.

One of the popular and liked face primers is Fenty Beauty's primer - it's pricey, but it's worth it.

2. Foundation

List Of Makeup Items

Foundation is probably the most challenging element of the entire make-up regimen to win It is crucial not just to examine not just the type of coverage you desire - i.e. minimal or complete but it is equally important to consider your skin colour and undertone.

Suppose you're new to applying foundation or are just not sure which type/shade is best for you. In that case, it is especially recommended to visit any eminent makeup brand store and have a makeup specialist help you in choosing the product that complements your type, colour and fulfills your coverage needs. Asking for a testing colour is also an intelligent thing if you wish to know how it appears on your skin prior buying.

Even if you prefer buying foundation from a pharmacy, it is advisable to have matched first at a higher-end store. This can aid you in choosing the right colour for yourself.

3. Concealer

List Of Makeup Items

Apply the ideal concealer to your face to disguise pigmentation, dark spots, redness, or fine wrinkles. Photoshop can make your photos look faultless, but who needs editing when the best concealers are on hand to save the day? Add these to your cosmetic kit for a flawless, silky finish.

Concealer is a must-have whether you have pimples, dark spots, or any other type of discolouration.

These are present for incomplete coverage; which one to select, completely relies on the amount of area you require to conceal.

While choosing a concealer for acne and/or discolouration, use a shade which is as similar to your foundation/BB cream shade for the most fine and elegant appearance.

Dark circles can be tricky to hide as there can be so much diversity in their hues and it is difficult to know how the concealer will look on various skin colour, but generally, a peach or pink-toned concealer will be the most apt.

4. Contour

List Of Makeup Items

A contoured look defines your facial appearance, emphasising your nose and cheekbones, and it gives you a sculpted appearance for the rest of your day. For those who are new to the technique and style, it is advisable to purchase a small contour palette and put in plenty of practice time beforehand.

5. Blush

List Of Makeup Items

Applying blush may significantly impact your overall appearance, and I never skip it in my makeup regimen. This is crucial if you apply a foundation with a more opaque covering, that can make you look dull and bland, hence blush is required.

This can be in powder form or gel form or and cream forms, with powder being the most common. In fact cream as well as gel blush forms have currently acquired fame.

While choosing a blush hue, pick the one that gives you a natural look. Irrespective of your skin tone, skip using very bright colour or using too much, as that can make you appear like a clown.

Rose and peach hues, in general, look good. These are ideal for fair, medium skin colour/shade, while purple, and maroon are best on deeper skin shades.

6. Highlighter

List Of Makeup Items

One of the essential makeup items on the list is highlighters; we really cannot leave them out of this list!

Like several other makeup supplies, highlighter is available in a various forms, comprising of powder form or cream or liquid or stick form, and finely ground combinations. Each of these kinds has its own set of advantages, but it is advisable to use it as a powder or stick for newcomers because they are the simplest to work with.

The most tried-and-true highlighter application technique is to dab it gently along the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheeks, your cupid's bow, somewhere below your eyebrow.

You could even use your highlighter as eye makeup!

Finally, just like getting the right shade of foundation, getting the correct highlighter depends on your skin tone.

7. Bronzer

List Of Makeup Items

People who prefer to be fair-skinned rarely use bronzer; however, if you want to achieve a sun-kissed appearance, the correct shade of bronzer is crucial.

It is suggested not to apply a denser shade than the actual skin shade and gently sprinkling it only on the major highlights of your face for a youthful glow, or just in the depressions of your cheeks (beneath where you had applied your blushon) for a more chiselled look.

You can use a softer touch and even try blending it thoroughly!

The option between matte and shimmer tends to rely on the remaining of your appearance: If all of your other beauty products that you used are matte, but you want to have natural glow, you can go with little amount of lustre. However, if you have already used glittery products, opt for a matte formula to prevent shine overload.

8. Makeup setting spray

List Of Makeup Items

Makeup setting spray, like face primer, tries to maintain your makeup in a spot all day.

There are distinct compositions present relying on the kind of look you desire (matte, radiant, etc.) as well as the skincare advantages you are looking for f any, you want your make up spray to have (e.g. moisturiser, oil-absorbant, etc.). But, if you really desire to have your makeup intact for a long time, do not miss this step!

9. Eye Primer

List Of Makeup Items

Eye primer has always been a life-saver to have long-lasting and intact eye makeup; otherwise, your eye makeup must have been simply gone in less than two or three hours. A nice eye primer must not only maintain your eye makeup from sliding off, disappearing, or crumpling, but it should also have a synthesis that keeps colours looking accurate to how they must take all day.

Remember that eye primers are not only for people with oily skin, but there are several compositions in the market that offer moisturising, colour-correcting, and anti-ageing advantages.

10. Eye Shadow

List Of Makeup Items

Eyeshadow is one of the favourite makeup items; together with highlighter, it comes in several unique colours and finishes. It can be utilised in so many numerous ways!

It is advisable to buy separate eyeshadows instead of palettes because then you don't have to worry about saving money on colours that you won't utilise.

11. Mascara

List Of Makeup Items

Mascara has a special way of tying your eye look beautiful and mesmerising, and it emerges in a plethora of methods that help prolong, thicken, and scrunch your lashes.

Most people opt for the most popular black mascara, but some who desire to have quite light-coloured lashes, then they can consider having brown mascara rather for a more natural appearance.

12. Eye Liner

List Of Makeup Items

Eyeliner, like mascara, can contribute that additional something to really make your makeup look stand out. Although black eyeliner is most often regarded as a necessary to-have, try brown or dark grey if you have fair skin.

There are numerous ways to apply it, but one of the favourites is to draw a delicate line at the lash line and wing it out a little bit beyond the eye. If you really wish to create an eyelash that looks fuller, line the waterline with it. There are even eye pencils and kohl items designed specifically for this sensitive place.

At last, if you desire to attempt liquid eyeliner but seem to be extremely fearful of messing things up, it is highly suggested that you line your eyes first with a similar-coloured eyeshadow or pencil liner, after which go over this line with the liquid eyeliner.

13. Kajal

List Of Makeup Items

Another important makeup item that can enhance your look in Kajal is perfect to complete the look and add an extra element to your makeup look. You can even wear it in your regular routine or on special events. If put properly, it can elevate the look of your eyes, making them looking big and better.

You can try organic kajal, which is quite trending and is considered a healthy option for your eyes.

14. Lipstick

List Of Makeup Items

You cannot really deny that lipstick has a significant part of the makeup: regardless of whether you prefer a liquid or bullet formula, a high - gloss, satin, or matte texture, there is bound to be a lipstick that will suit your needs!

For newusers, it is recommended to begin with a colour similar to your natural lips shade, as this is the easy to apply and wipe off.

Once you've mastered that, look for a classic, go-with-everything red that you can wear to regular routines or on special events. Try a gloss or lip balm formula for a subtle look or a matte composition for a more luxurious look.

Furthermore, it is recommended to wear a red lip with minimal makeup, if any at all.

15. Nail Paint

List Of Makeup Items

Who doesn't like nail paints?

They are perfect for making your hands look clean, tidy and presentable. One can go for light or dark shades depending on their choice, taste and preference.

In summers, light or nude shades are usually preferred, whereas, in winters, dark shades like red and pink are preferred.

Good nail paints and elevate your overall look and appearance. Some people prefer to get nail art along with the nail-paint, which is eventually a personal choice.

List Of Makeup Items

Apart from these makeup items, makeup brushes and applicators are equally important. A proper and correct brush helps apply the makeup in the right quantity and accomplish a genuine look. For each portion, there is a separate brush like eye makeup has a different brush, blusher is applied with a different brush, etc.

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