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List of Outdoor Games

There are many outdoor games; some are linked to our childhood as they are mostly played during childhood when we are kids. These games are called childhood games. And, some we usually start playing when we become adults or acquire a certain sense of judgment or understanding. The state or national level tournaments are also organized of these games. Let us see some of the famous outdoor games of both types!

Childhood outdoor games

What is the most enjoyable memory that you have of when you were a kid? I'm guessing it would be playing around spending time with your family and newfound friends. How about we re-live just a few of those memories with the fun games that we used to play.

1) Red Light, Green Light

As much fun as I had while playing this game, for those who don't remember let me remind you how it is played. This game is played among a group generally.

List of Outdoor Games

A person is made the "it". The "it" person stands on the other side, while all the other players stand on the opposite side. The "it" player stands with his back to the other players and says "green light" this is when the other players start to move towards "it". Then when the "it" player turns around and yells "red light" all players must freeze in their position. The player who is caught moving by "it" becomes the next "it" and if all players pass the finish the crossing line without being caught by "it", the person has to again repeat being the "it" for the next game.

2) Hopscotch

In this game, you need to draw 9 blocks with chalk on plain ground and have a stone to aim at one of these blocks. These blocks are numbered from order one to nine. The player then aims at one of these blocks with the stone and then jumps with one leg to the target block. He then retrieves this stone comes back hoping. This game can be played alone.

List of Outdoor Games

You can also make a competition sort if there are more players and want to make it more fun. Draw two sets of 9 blocks in parallel and make the players throw their respective stones to the targets, note down the time, and the first to reach back wins!!

3) Kick the can

In this game, a player is chosen to be "it" for the game. One of the players apart from the "it" player throws the "can" as far as he can and the rest of the players make a run to hide.

List of Outdoor Games

The "it" player then has to run to retrieve the "can" and find all the players. The players who are tagged, stand by the "can". All the tagged players can be released if a player who is not tagged comes and kicks off the "can". If this doesn't happen then the player who first got tagged becomes the next "it".

4) Monkey in the middle

List of Outdoor Games

A funny game as it sounds. A monkey (player) is chosen to stand in the middle of two or more players. After this passing of the ball occurs, wherein all players pass the ball to each other. If the player who is the monkey manages to catch the ball, then the person whose service the monkey has to become the next monkey.

5) Corner to corner

Another fun game to play outdoors all you need are walls around. This game can be played with four or more players. Each player has to grab a corner of the wall and an "it" player is supposed to tag the other players while they switch places.

List of Outdoor Games

The game begins when the "it" player watches out for others while the remaining players try to swap their positions without getting tagged. If while swapping their positions a player gets tagged he becomes the next "it" and the previous "it" would take that player's position and the game goes on.

6) Colour-Colour

List of Outdoor Games

This game is usually played among three or more players. In this game, the players and the "it" player stand opposite each other at a distance. The "it" then asks the players "colour, colour", to which the players respond in unison "which colour". The "it" then names colour and runs to tag the player, if the players find the said colour and touch them they can't be tagged. But if they fail to do so and the "it" player tags them they become the next "it".

7) Tag

Tag is an outdoor game that is played by two or more players. It is a fun game that most of you might remember playing in your childhood days. This game involves being chased by the "it" player until the other player gets tagged and becomes the next "it". There are many variations to this game. Tag is a game that can be played by all age groups, there is no limit as to how many players can play this game.

List of Outdoor Games

Basic information on Tag:

Tag is played among two or more players. Here a player is chosen as "it" and he has to tag other players. Some ground rules can be kept so as to limit the running area and call it the non-it limit. The smaller the area more the chances of players getting tagged easily. Some variations of the tag are:

Freeze tag: In this game, the "it" player tags a person, and that person freezes until another "non-it" player un-freezes him. This can be continued until everyone is tired or until every player is tagged once.

Blind-buff: This form of tag requires the "it" player to tie a blindfold and try to tag. The other players try to dodge the person who is Tagging. This should be played on safe ground to avoid any injuries.

8) Dodge Ball

As the name suggests this game involves dodging the ball. The main goal of the teams playing is to dodge the ball thrown at them by the opposite team and try to eliminate other players by throwing the ball at them.

List of Outdoor Games

There are two teams with an equal number of members on both sides. There is no limitation to the number of players. Each member is handed over a ball. This ball is generally made of foam.

Well, there is no real scoring system in dodge ball, the main aim is to eliminate all the players from the opposite team. If the player is hit by the ball and is not caught before becoming dead then that player is eliminated but if the player catches the ball before becoming dead then the player who threw the ball is eliminated. In some variations of this game, the reinstatement of the player is done if the team catches the ball. The players have to continuously grab the ball, throw it and pass it to their teammates.

The game ends when all the members of the team are eliminated. This means that the other team is the winner.

Some rules to follow while playing dodge ball:

  • Number of players should equate to the number of balls.
  • The players should always remain on the court, if not the player will be eliminated.
  • The player who is struck with the ball is eliminated. If the player catches the ball before becoming dead then the player who threw the ball is eliminated.

9) Musical chair

The musical chair is a fun game that can be played both indoor and outdoor. It is a popular game played at parties and gatherings. There is no age barrier here as all people can play.

List of Outdoor Games

Requirements for this game:

This game requires music and chairs. The chairs are arranged in a circular arrangement and music is played. The chair count is one less than the total number of players. When the music is played the players are supposed to walk around the chairs and when the music stops they have to acquire the seats the last person standing is eliminated. This is continued until only one participant is left, which is declared as the winner.

As we went through some of the childhood games that we played and cherished, let us also get some knowledge on national-level outdoor games.

National Level Outdoor Games

1) Badminton

Badminton is a sport of fitness and an excellent outdoor game for all age groups that is played with a lightweight racket and shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is made of feathers making it lightweight and easy to glide. This sport can be played as a fun casual outdoor game on beaches and outdoor lawns or on a professional indoor badminton court.

List of Outdoor Games

In this sport, there are two types of formats; singles and doubles. A Singles game means there are two players against each other playing one on one. Each player plays on either side of the net. A Doubles game means there are in all four players, two players (a pair) on each side of the net.

The history of this game goes back to 1873 when this game was first played at the resident of the duke of Beaufort in England. This game's substratum came from countries like India, China, and Greece. Speed, stamina, and presence of mind are few qualities to be acquired for a good athlete.

Some well-known players of badminton are PV Sindhu, Kento Momota, Vikter Axelsen and so on.

2) Volleyball

Volleyball is a team game that consists of two teams each consisting of 6 players separated by a net. The score is counted by trying to ground the ball on the other team's court.

List of Outdoor Games

The game starts with a player beginning the 'rally' by serving the ball into the receiving team's court hitting it with arm or hand. The ball is hit from behind the back boundary line over the net and into the opposite team's court. The receiving team must try to not let the ball touch the ground and hit it back into the other team's court with a hand or arm. A team can touch the ball three times, but an individual player cannot touch the ball consecutively. An attack is generally an attempt to hit the ball in such a manner that the opposite team players are unable to receive it thus a point is scored. The team that wins gets to serve for the next game.

There are certain rules to keep in mind while playing this game:

  • Make sure that when you serve the ball goes over the net.
  • Do not catch and throw the ball.
  • Make sure not to make consecutive contact with the ball by the same player.
  • Avoid making contact with the ball four times consecutively by the same team.
  • Getting a net foul, that is touching the net while playing.
  • Foot foul happens while serving the ball from the back boundary line.

The ball is usually played with arms or hands but players can generally strike or push the ball with any part of the body provided it should be for a very short period of time. Another form of this volleyball is beach volleyball. As the name suggests this form of volleyball is played on the beach. A sand court with two players on each side.

3) Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a contact sport played between two teams each consisting of 7 players. It is an energetic and athletic game that is a pride possession of India. This game is not for the weak-hearted. It requires good stamina, lung capacity, speed, presence of mind, and muscular strength.

List of Outdoor Games

Kabaddi is a popular sport played on the Indian turf. The origin of this game goes back to ancient history and was found in the south of India (Tamil Nadu). Since then, this game has been played in various parts of India, including Punjab, Bihar, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Maharastra. The popularity of this game is such that it has even reached Iran, and it is the national game of Bangladesh. The main variations of kabaddi are Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Amar, and Punjabi.

How is kabaddi played?

A game of kabaddi consists of two teams each having 7 players. There are two sides of the field one team's side is known as the "raiding" team and the other team is called "Anti". The task of the raiding team is to send a raider to the opposite side of the team and tag their players as many players as possible in one single breath chanting "kabaddi, kabaddi". Things to keep in mind for the raider is that, try not to get tackled by the opposite team players and not to break the breadth while in opposite teams court. Now talking about the Anti team, players need to play as a team and strategize on how to tackle the raider.

The point system for the game works as follow:

  • For the raider team, points are gained on the number of tags the raider makes.
  • For the anti team, a point is gained for tackling a raider.
  • By using these points, a team can take back the lost player.

Some well-known kabaddi championships are:

  1. Asian games
  2. Kabaddi World Cup
  3. Women's Kabaddi World Cup
  4. South Asian 'Games

Domestic Kabaddi Games:

  1. Pro Kabaddi League

Some famous personalities of kabaddi sport are Rakesh Kumar, Anup Kumar, and Manjit Chillar.

4) Hockey

Hockey is a sport of two teams trying to make a goal by maneuvering a ball or a puck into the opposite team's goal. The objects used during this game are a J-shaped stick and a ball or a puck.

List of Outdoor Games

The history of hockey traces way back to 4000BC in Egypt. Evidence shows that Greeks and Romans used to play a similar type of game.

Types of Hockey:

1) Field Hockey: Field hockey is played on gravel or sand or grass-based artificial turf. The J-shaped stick is made up of wood, glass fibre, or carbon fibre. All these sticks are right-handed, left-handed is not permitted. In this game, each team consists of 11 players. This game is played in the Summer Olympics.

2) Ice hockey: Ice hockey is played on ice. The equipment remains the same although the puck used is a flat-surfaced heavy material so as to provide the smooth gliding on the ice surface. Here a team consists of 6 players. The professional game is usually played in the arena. It is played in the Winter Olympics.

Some other types of hockey are Roller hockey (inline) and Road hockey, which is also known as street hockey.

5) Basketball

Basketball is a team game consisting of two teams, each consisting of five players. The main motive of this game is to throw a basketball into the opposite teams' hoop while defending their own side. This game is generally played on a rectangular court.

List of Outdoor Games

How the game is played?

There are two teams each consisting of 5 players. Each team has to try to score points by throwing the ball into the hoop while defending their own side. The players make their advances by dribbling (a continuous bouncing motion) the ball and passing it to their teammates. This requires great skill and practice. In the offense team, the player may use various techniques such as the layout, the jump-shot, a dunk. While in the defense team they attempt to steal the ball from the dribbler, try to intercept the passes being made between the other teams' players, or block the shots. The point system works as such, a field goal is given two points and when a is shot made from behind the three-point line then the team would score 3 points.

The five players of a team have five different playing positions. The player who is the tallest among all takes up the center position, the person who comes the second-tallest would be the "power forward" player, the player who's a bit shorter would be the "small forward" and the shortest of them all would be the shooting guard and the point guard.

Basketball can be played informally. We can play, one on one or two on two and so on.

Rules and Regulations of the basketball game:

Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  1. There should be only five players in a team.
  2. You should score more than your rival team to win.
  3. You have to score within the shot clock. This means that you are supposed to score within the given time period of the ball's possession.
  4. You can only advance by dribbling the ball. If a player is found to be going around carrying the ball the referee will issue a traveling call and the ball is passed to the rival team.
  5. The offense team has in total 5 seconds to inbound the ball. After they score a basket the rival team gets possession of the ball. Meanwhile, one of the players has to inbound the ball for a spot on the courts' sidelines to resume playing the game.
  6. The offense team must advance the ball.
  7. The ball and the ball handler must remain inbound.
  8. The defending team cannot intervene in a shot when it is downward trajectory. This means that after the opposite team's player shoots the ball the defense team player cannot block the ball when it starts to descend towards the rim.
  9. The defending team can block or steal the ball from the offending team.
  10. The defending team players must leave the paint (the area that is directly in front of the basket) immediately after three seconds.
  11. Every team is allotted a certain number of fouls.
  12. Unnecessary contact with the opposite teams causes a foul.
  13. Excessive contact so as to hurt the opponent results in a flagrant foul.
  14. Rule violation also leads to fouls.

Major Basketball Tournaments:

  1. National Basketball Association (NBA)
  2. EuroLeague
  3. Basketball Champions League Americas
  4. FIFA Basketball World Cup
  5. Men's Olympic Basketball Tournament
  6. FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup
  7. Women's Olympic Basketball Tournament
  8. Euroleague Women

6) Kho-Kho

Kho-Kho is a traditional sport of Indian origin. The game dates back to the historical era. The game's tactics and strategies are said to be derived from "Mahabharata". Vastly played around southern Asia, this game improves one's stamina, speed, flexibility, and agility. This game is similar to kabaddi, which is also a form of tag.

List of Outdoor Games

In the game of Kho-Kho, there are two teams each consisting of 12 players. Out of these 12 players, only 9 players can be on the ground. Generally, a standard match of Kho-Kho comprises two innings. An inning would last for 9 minutes. The chasing team members sit on the ground facing alternate directions and a chaser would be chasing the other team's player. The winner of the game is decided by the team taking the least time to tag every player of the defending team.

Before the game begins a toss is conducted to decide which team gets the advantage of choosing. The team that wins the toss can choose either chasing or defending. If their choice is defending, 3 players are sent to the ground and their task is to save themselves from getting tagged by the chaser. If they choose to chase, their task would be to tag all the players of the opposite team. The captain of the chasing team can end the chase before the allotted time (9 minutes). During the game, when a defender is tagged he should get out of the ground and sit in the lobby. The team that scores more is declared the winner.

Some Kho-Kho tournaments:

  1. National championship
  2. National Women's Championship
  3. Junior National
  4. Sub- Junior National Championship
  5. Federation Cup

7) Football

Football or soccer, also known as Association football is a sport played among two teams each consisting of 11 players. The main intent in this game is to score more than the opposing team and win. The game lasts for about 90 minutes. The time frame is divided into two 45 minutes frames and a 15 minutes halftime. The 11 players of the team consist of one goalkeeper and 10 outfield players. The handling of the ball can be done by legs or any other part of the body except hands or arms. To win one must score more than the opposite team but if the score remains the same after the 90 minutes time frame then the game would end as a draw and can even have a penalty shootout to decide the winner.

List of Outdoor Games

A bit of history:

Football seems to have been played as early as the second or third century BC. These were played in China and the game was then called "cuju". The Japanese version of "cuju" is known as "kemari". In this version, people are supposedly standing in a circle and kicking the ball without letting it touch the ground. Even ancient Greeks and Romans seemed to have played various types of ball games.

Rules of Football

  1. The match would be a total of 90 minutes which is divided into two 45 minutes frames with 15 minutes of interval.
  2. Each team must have 11 players (a goalkeeper and 10 players) and 7 substitute players.
  3. A game should have one referee and two assistant referees.
  4. If two teams have the same scores then extra 30 minutes is added which is divided into a 15 minutes halves.
  5. If the teams are still having the same score after the above scenario then a penalty shootout takes place.
  6. The ball as a whole must cross the goal line to be declared as a goal.
  7. When fouls happen a player may receive a yellow or red card depending upon the seriousness of the foul.
List of Outdoor Games

Football Associations around the globe:

  1. The very well known FIFA(Federation International de Football Association)
  2. Asian Football Confederation(AFC)
  3. Confederation of African Football(CAF)
  4. Union of European Football Association(UEFA)
  5. Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean association football (CONCACAF)
  6. Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)
  7. South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL)

Some International football tournaments include the World Cup conducted by FIFA, FIFA's Women's World Cup, European Championships (UEFA), the Copa America (CONMEBOL), the African Cup of Nations (CAF), the Asian Cup (AFC), the CONCACAF Gold Cup (CONCACAF) and the OFC Nations Cup (OFC).

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