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List of Pet Animals

Animals are classified as wild or domesticated. Wild or Untamed animals are animals that survive in the forest and forage for their own meals. Among some of the wild animals, however, are animals that have been brought up by living beings and kept away from their natural ecosystems. So, in brief, there are wild animals that can be pacified. Domestic animals that are fed by humans and have learned to cope with people and are kept away from their natural habitat.

A tamed animal that chooses to live with a person or family is referred to as a pet. Dogs and cats are the most common pets. There are much less widespread pets known as exotic species, such as snakes, turtles, and iguanas. A pet, whether popular or exotic, can bring happiness and satisfaction to a family. However, there are few characteristics of pet animals. These include;

A pet animal is completely reliant on living beings to survive - An owner must provide food, water, and shelter for their pet.

Domestication implies that the animal is entirely reliant on its holder for all its protection and care.

List of Pet Animals

A Pet Resides in a House - A pet resides in the house. Cages are used for some animals, such as parakeets and hamsters. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, are free to roam around the house and could have their own safe place to sleep in.

Pet animals require Veterinarian Care - Pets require veterinary care. The level of care a pet requires is defined by the type of pet. An iguana and a beagle require distinct kinds of veterinary care!

A few Pet animals Can Be Taught - Through training, coaching a dog can learn to sit, stay, and heel. Individuals can teach some cats to do gimmicks and teach parrots to speak.

Pets are Dedicated to Its Owner - Many pets are devoted to their possessor. Over time, they can establish confidence with their owner. In fact, some pets need to be with their caretakers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Bonding - A pet is intended to be a partner to its owner.

One of the main differences between pets and other animals is that pets cannot live in the wild. It has been tamed or brought up by a person. So, releasing a pet snake into the forest does not ensure that it will be able to find food and housing. There can be a possibility that it will perish.

You likely picture a pup, a kitten, a bird, a fish, or a gerbil once you think of a pet. These are popular pet breeds. Some individuals chose unusual or exotic pets like snakes, iguanas, spiders, and ferrets. Many living things can happily live as pets as long as their owners provide adequate care.

Now let us scroll through some of the best pet animals


List of Pet Animals

Most Indians do not think about dogs to be beyond or more than just normal pets. Dogs are the most popular pet in India due to their easy availability and the significant loyalty shown by our species' closest buddy.

In Indian ancient cosmology, dogs were also connected with the planet Saturn. Yudhisthira, the Pandava king, must have been associated by his faithful dog all the path to heaven in the ancient myths of the Mahabharata!

It is a well-known reality that dogs will obey their human friends unwaveringly even when they are at risk. Many police and army dogs are the most faithful and courageous companions an officer could have in an emergency.


List of Pet Animals

Bengal cats are one of the most famous pet animals in India, and several individuals believe in providing them with a Bengali title to suit their type. Rather, well-to-do Indians with a particular fondness for the exclusive animals frequently have a Persian cat. Persian cats are the priciest breed.

Cats are generally thought of as bringing poor luck in rural India. In fact, there is indeed superstitious nonsense that if a black cat tries to cross your trail, it implies that the task you were going to do will not be completed.

Aside from superstitions, the modern Indian has a soft spot for cats. Indian people are increasingly choosing exotic breeds such as the Persian and the Siamese from the 40-45 cat breeds currently offered. Cats can live for up to 20 years, possibly longer, if they are given proper medical treatment, nourishment, and a clean place.


List of Pet Animals

Another pet animal on the list is Rabbits. In India, rabbits are companion animals. Rabbits have always been famous as pets in India, despite the fact that they breed quickly and require cages and upkeep. In fact, rabbits have been kept as pets in this nation for many decades, tracing back to almost the 12th century.

Rabbits are enjoyable to play with and have a life expectancy of 6 to 7 years. Rabbits, which are vigilant, energetic, and a lot more fun, are quickly becoming one of the most famous pets in India.

Guinea pigs

List of Pet Animals

Another on the list of pet animals is Guinea pigs. Since these days, modern buildings and apartments lack sufficient space for larger species, Indian families are intensely interested in lightweight and easy pets. This is where the guinea pig enters the picture.

The guinea pig, which is common as a pet in the United States and other Western countries, is starting to gain popularity in India as well. These delicate and fearful creatures have short legs and move slowly. They prefer cool environments and are easy to care for because they are plant eaters.

Parrots To Parakeets

List of Pet Animals

There was a period when the Indian parrots were the perennial favourite as a pet in India.

House sparrow, mynah, parakeet, eagle, and kite have also become companion animals.

Native birds in India are protected by the Wildlife Act; however, imported species really aren't. Their offspring are then raised as pets. Budgies and cockatoos are attractive alternatives to parakeets since they are hardy and easy to care for. It is best to adopt birds in pairs.


List of Pet Animals

If you believed fish were unpopular as pets in India, rethink twice! There are other species to pick from rather than the usual goldfish for a home aquarium, including the alligator gars, flower horns, clown fishes, yellow tangs, angelfishes, and Foxface rabbitfishes.

Consider the alligator gar, a freshwater fish that may grow to be 10 feet in length! Most Indians who keep fish as pets keep more popular freshwater species such as angelfish, tetras, koi carp, guppies, gourami, suckers, and hilsa.

A saltwater aquarium, on the other hand, necessitates continual monitoring of the water's salinity and a larger water-to-fish proportion. Completely outfitted marine aquariums.


List of Pet Animals

Hamsters are tiny rodents. They are frequently maintained as house pets. They do, although, have short tails, unlike the other rodent.

Their legs are slender, with feet that are widely spread, and their ears are short. Hamsters come in a wide range of hues, including grey, yellow, black, white, brown, golden, and red. They are available in a variety of hues. They are around 2 to 6 inches in length and approximately 6.2 oz.

Hamsters are terrific pets for many individuals. Hamsters hardly require much attentiveness; they do optimum exercise by continuously running and exercising on their wheel and are extremely alluring, adorable, cute and fun to play with. Some children may discover them as their favourite first pet. Sadly, hamsters do not come with instructions for upkeep.


List of Pet Animals

Turtle is an exotic pet animal. These are some of the most archaic forms of reptiles in the world. Their thick shell and sluggish behaviours distinguish them as pets. They are tough creatures that can be entertaining to manage for. Although they appear to be low-maintenance pets, most turtle species can live for decades, making them a lifelong commitment.

Trying to take care of a pet turtle is very challenging than you may think. Picking a turtle as a pet requires careful thought. Turtles take extra care and frequent cleaning, and they do not interact well with children-turtles can bite and dislike being handled-but they are nonetheless entertaining pets to see.

Rats/ Mice

List of Pet Animals

Mice are extremely little and delicate, which is one of the grounds they are not appropriate pets for young kids. Rats require the same care as dogs, but they are larger and often friendlier, making them ideal family pets.

Rats and mice are family-oriented, sympathetic, and compassionate creatures. They communicate through squeaks and increased sounds that are barely audible to the auditory system. They form emotional ties to one another, adore their families, and effortlessly connect with their human caretakers. These animals will also voluntarily put themself in danger to save another. Rats and mice are bright and inquisitive creatures who make excellent pets for committed caretakers.


List of Pet Animals

Horses are ideal for folks who desire a companion with whom they can spend time outside and lead an active lifestyle. Horseback riding is a superb way to stay healthy in the great outdoors. With the support of your horse, you may discover nature while being active. Maintaining them is also a very social activity. Horses are ideal for folks who desire a pet who enjoys the outside and active life. You may discover nature while participating in physical activity with the help of your horse. Horses, in fact, are among the most devoted animals you will ever meet. But why is this the case? Well, a significant part of that has to do with their excellent recall. When you adopt a horse, they will recognize you for the rest of their lives.


List of Pet Animals

Bulls do not make good pets for the ordinary cattle owner, but cows and steers do. Working cattle are typically castrated males, but cows can also drive carts and pack riders. So, get a cow-or a heifer, steer ox, or calf-and enjoy the ideal recreational pet. Cows are one of the most famous pets in India.

Cows enjoy having their ears massaged, caressed, and patted. They are quite loving and like contact with nice individuals. Cows are highly intelligent, empathetic, and social animals that can create strong ties with both people and other animals. Cows can develop strong attachments to their human companions and frequently behave more like dogs or pups than cows!


List of Pet Animals

Although goats are typically thought of as farm animals, they can make excellent pets. Their inquisitive and amiable demeanour makes them excellent companions in animal sanctuaries and makes them a constant favourite in petting zoos.

Goats are herd animals. Therefore they require at least one companion of the same species, as well as a spacious yard to roam. Goats are normally believed to as farm animals, although they can be kept as pets in the home. When compared to other agricultural animals, goats are quite straightforward to care for.

They don't require much maintenance and have the extra benefit of eating all those annoying weeds in your yard, even poison ivy! I know some cats and dogs who require more attention than most goats. Give them a place to stay, food, and drink, and they are joyful.


List of Pet Animals

As a pet, any species of sheep can be maintained. Females (ewes) or neutered males should be kept as pets. They should be devoid of horns. Hair sheep are a fantastic alternative as they don't require the shearing process. You should purchase at least two sheep, ideally a small flock, because sheep are social animals (5-6). Almost all sheep make excellent pets when handled quietly. Sheep, unlike dogs or even goats, are not genetically programmed to become cuddly pets. Sheep have a high flocking instinct as well. This instinct is present more in some highly popular types in comparison to other species, but it is always present.


List of Pet Animals

Pet chickens may be considered more of a farm animal, but many metropolitan houses are choosing pets that also produce fresh eggs to eat.

Chickens are low-maintenance, don't create many noises, and may lend a touch of country to a property even if it's in the city. They are not only outstanding egg producers, but they may also be great providers of meat, fertiliser, and cheap weeding services. However, many individuals ignore the fact that hens make excellent friends to have a pet on the farm.

Apart from domesticating the pet, it is essential to take care of and protect the pet. Always safeguard and keep them protected; give them the love and care they deserve as they give us unconditional love and loyalty.

So if you decide to keep a pet, ensure to take proper care of them as well.

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