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List of Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean as we know is a famous fantasy tale that found its huge fandom in the year 2003 when the first movie of the Caribbean series was premiered. The series started based on Walt Disney's theme park. As you might already be familiar with the series, let us take a walk through this beautiful fantasy tale that we grew up watching.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean series started with this movie. The world premiere for the same was held at Disneyland Park in California on 28th June 2003. It made a whopping $654.3 million at the box office.


The Governor named Weatherby Swann with his daughter Elizabeth and few others while sailing to Port Royal, experience a shipwreck and rescue a boy named Will Turner. Elizabeth the Governor's daughter comes across a golden Pirate medallion around the boy's neck and takes it to keep it for herself. After almost eight years, Lieutenant James Norrington is promoted to commodore and he proposes to Elizabeth. Elizabeth faints due to her tight corset and falls into the sea, which results in the medallion emitting a pulse. During this time, Captain Jack Sparrow had just arrived at the Port Royal to commandeer a ship. Seeing Elizabeth fall, he dives in to rescue her. Norrington recognizes Jack as a Pirate and so the chase begins.

During this Jack meets Will who is now a blacksmith and a swordsman, they duet and Jack is captured and imprisoned. The same night, Port Royal gets attacked by the crew of The Black Pearl who was in search of the medallion. They capture Elizabeth and take her to meet Captain Barbossa. She conceals her identity as the governor's daughter and changes her last name to Turner. Barbossa narrates her the story about the medallion being one of 882 gold pieces that his crew stole from a treasure on Isla De Muerta, resulting in a curse being placed on Barbossa and his crew and turning them into immortals. Barbossa had returned all the pieces of the treasure except this medallion. Believing Elizabeth to be the daughter of William Turner (Bootstrap Bill), he takes her as his prisoner as he needs the Turner blood to lift the curse.

Back in Port Royal, Will asks for Jack's help to rescue Elizabeth, whom he loves. Jack, who was the previous Captain of The Black Pearl, makes a deal with Will to retrieve his ship. The two then commandeer HMS Interceptor and head for Tortuga with a crew. As they chase the Black Pearl, they witness Barbossa sacrificing Elizabeth's blood and returning the final piece of gold to the treasure. The curse does not break as Elizabeth is not the daughter of William Turner who was actually the father of Will turner. He was thrown overboard for giving the medallion to Will. While Will rescues Elizabeth and brings her back on Interceptor, Jack is imprisoned by Barbossa. He then pursues the Interceptor and destroys the ship taking all its crew members as hostages. Barbossa then leaves Jack and Elizabeth estranged on the Island taking Will with him. Elizabeth creates a cloud of smoke that guides Norrington to rescue them with Dauntless. He arrests Jack but Elizabeth persuades him to rescue Will while accepting his proposal.

As the Dauntless reaches the coast of Isla de Muerta, Jack proposes a plan to Norrington stating that he would try to lure the pirates so that they can attack the crew of The Black Pearl, but once he gets in he switches sides and asks Barbossa's crew to attack the crew of Dauntless before the curse breaks. While Elizabeth escapes the Dauntless and frees Jack's crew from the brig of the Black Pearl, Jack switches sides again and frees Will. Will and Elizabeth fight off Barbossa's crew. While the dueling between Jack and Barbossa goes on he stabs Jack, but it turns out that Jack had stolen a piece of gold from the treasure which meant that even he was under the curse.

Jack shoots Barbossa and Will returns the gold pieces to the chest with his and Jack's blood on it. The curse is lifted, and Barbossa dies because of Jack's gunshot. The rest of Barbossa's crew surrender comprehending that they are no longer immortals. On reaching Port Royal, Jack is taken to the Gibbet for piracy. Elizabeth tries to divert Norrington's attention whilst Will tries to rescue Jack, but they get surrounded. Elizabeth steps in and announces her love for Will. Hearing this Norrington's feeling gets hurt. Governor Swann forgives Will and agrees to marry Elizabeth to him. Jack escapes in The Black Pearl reclaiming his ship with his new crew.

2. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead man's Chest

This was the second Movie of the fantasy tale of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was released in 2006 and made a whopping $1.06 billion at the box office. This movie won the Best visual effects awards.


The wedding of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann is halted when Lord Cutler Beckett, comes with an arrest warrant for them and Norrington for allowing a pirate (Jack Sparrow) to escape. Whilst Jack is visited by Bootstrap Bill Turner, Will's father on the board of the Black Pearl. Bill (Bootstrap) is a crewman on the Flying Dutchman, which is captained by Davy Jones. Jack had previously made a bargain with Jones to raise the Pearl from the depths and he should return to the Dutchman's Crew or he would be dragged to Davy Jones Locker by Kraken. In the meantime, Beckett makes a deal with Will stating that he would free Elizabeth if he brings him Jack's magical compass. The specialty of this compass is that it points in the direction of whatever the owner wants/wishes the most.

Jack and his crew are set free by Will who finds them on an island. After escaping from the cannibals' Jack and his crew meets up with a voodoo priestess named Tia Dalma. She reveals the weakness of Davy Jones which is his heart. The heart is locked within the Dead Man's Chest and Jones has the key. Jack decides to find it and free himself from Jones' services. Will makes a deal to find the key to the chest in return for Jack's compass. Jones makes a bargain with Jack that he will be spared in exchange for ninety-nine souls.

Meeting his father on the Flying Dutchman Will learns that Jones has the key to the chest. Will loses the game of Liar's Dice to Jones, but he escapes with the key. He's taken aboard on the same ship as Elizabeth but Jones who realizes that the key is missing sends the Kraken after them and sinks the ship that they were escaping in, but Will escapes.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth proposes a bargain to Beckett to find the compass herself. She then sets off for Tortuga. Here she finds both Jack and Norrington drunk. Jack finds new crew members including Norrington and Elizabeth. They set off to find the chest using the compass. At Isla Cruces, they meet all the parties, where the chest is buried.

A sword fight breaks between Jack, Will, and Norrington. Each needed the key to the chest for their own purposes. Jack wanted to call off Kraken and nullify his debt to Jones; Will wanted to set his father free from the Dutchman and Norrington wanted to regain his life as a Navy Officer. In the mayhem, Norrington stealthily steals the heart and runs off luring away the Dutchman's crew. Meanwhile, Jones attacks the Pearl with the Kraken resulting in killing a majority of the crew and destroying everything except a lifeboat of Pearl. Jack who had disappeared for some time returned with a net full of Gunpowder and rum and wounded the Kraken with it. Jack instructed the remaining crew to escape from the ship but Elizabeth noticing that Kraken wanted Jack tied him up to the mast so that all the others can escape. Jack is dragged by the Kraken to Davy Jones locker.

When Jones opens the chest he realizes that his heart is gone. Meanwhile, in Port Royal Beckett receives the heart and the Letters of Marque which was meant for Jack. Norrington was taken back into the Navy for bringing the heart and the letter, and Beckett now having Davy Jones' heart had control over the sea and Jones. The crew members of the Black Pearl take refuge under Tia Dalma and decide to save Jack. Tia introduces them to the new Captain: the resurrected Hector Barbossa to lead the crew of the Pearl.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

After the successful tale of both the pirate series the third sequel Pirates of the Caribbean 'At the World's End' made its way to the theatres in 2007.


As in the previous sequel, we saw that Jack was captured by Davy Jones and locked in his locker. Beckett now Owning Jones's heart ordered him to wipe out all the existing pirates from the face of the earth. Davy was very much unpleased by this demand but he was helpless. The pirates coming to know of this call for a meeting. The prisoners sang "Hoist the Colours" in an attempt to urge the nine Pirate Lords to meet at Shipwreck Cove and hold the brethren court. As Jack, who is the pirate lord of the Caribbean Sea never named any successor when he was dragged by the Kraken, Hector Barbossa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Tia Dalma, and the rest of the crew decides to rescue Jack.

Meanwhile, in Singapore Elizabeth and Barbossa meets Captain Sao Feng the Pirate Lord of the China Sea. They needed the navigational charts to free Jack and travel to the end of the world. Feng had a grudge against Jack. But Will makes a bargain of giving Jack to him in exchange for the Black Pearl with an intention to rescue his father from the Flying Dutchman. With this, they set out to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow, on the way they come across the boat of dead souls. Here Elizabeth sees her father, Governor Swann who was killed by Beckett, he reveals that the one who stabs the disembodied heart of Jones must become the Dutchman's Captain. Tia Delma discloses that the Goddess Calypso had given Davy Jones the charge to guide the souls who died in the sea to the next world. Every 10 years he could come ashore to meet his beloved, but due to his corrupt intentions, he was cursed and turned into a squid monster.

After clearing the misty route they reach the shore of an Island wherein they are attacked by Feng and Beckett's men. Here Jack makes a deal with Beckett and escapes to the Black Pearl. Meanwhile, Fang had mistaken Elizabeth as the Calypso and made her his successor as the Pirate Lord and captain of the Empress after the attack by the Flying Dutchman before he dies. Here Elizabeth comes across Will's father Bootstrap who seemed to be insane. Elizabeth and the rest of the crew are captured and prisoned by the dutchmen, here Elizabeth comes across Will's father Bootstrap who seemed to be insane. In the spur moment of his sanity, he realizes that Elizabeth is the girl his son loves, he asks her to tell Will not to come for him otherwise he would be forever bound with the dutchmen. James Norrington comes to the rescue and frees Elizabeth and her crew. Bootstrap mistaking him for an enemy and kills Norrington.

The Black Pearl arrives at the shipwreck here he captures Tia Dalma and puts her in the brig knowing that she is the Calypso and decides to release her to persuade the Brethren Court. Barbossa summons Jack's father, Captain Teague who is the keeper of the Pirate Code. To inform the court that only a Pirate King can call for war. Everyone decides to call for a vote where Jack Votes for Elizabeth thus making her the Pirate King. As they prepared for the war they were stunned by Beckett's massive fleet. Jack, Barbossa and Elizabeth decide to set up a small parley and meet up with Beckett, Will and Jones. Elizabeth trades Jack for Will according to the plan. Barbossa releases Calypso/Tia Dalma for the battle between the pirates. She comes to know of Jones's betrayal and so she disperses.

As both fleets prepare for war (Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman) a maelstrom appears which seems to be the work of the Calypso. Black Pearl and the dutchman steer in the storm and the battle begins. Jack and Jones get into a duet for Jones's chest consisting of his heart. During this chaos, Will and Elizabeth are married off by Barbossa. Will comes on board the dutchman and stabs Jones from the back, after which he realizes that Jones doesn't have his heart. This gives Jack an opportunity to get the chest as well as the key, he grabs the chest and opens it to take out Jones's heart. Giving Will the chance to stab it and kill Davy Jones claiming the Dutchman. Jack and Elizabeth escape from the sinking Dutchman and make their way back to the Pearl.

The Dutchman then rises from the sea with its new Captain Will. Both the Pirate ship destroy Endeavour which was Beckett's ship. A shocked Beckett sinks with his ship and the rest of his crew retreats back. Now, Will is bound to the Flying Dutchman he becomes the guide for the lost souls. Elizabeth and Will exchange their goodbye's to each other. Elizabeth promises Will that she would keep his heart safe and wait for him.

Meanwhile, Jack realizes that Barbossa has again stolen the Black Pearl sets out by himself in search of the fountain of youth.

In the Post credit scene, Elizabeth is seen waiting for Will with their 10-year-old son.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tide

The fourth sequel after "At world's End", was released in 2011. This was the first movie to be released in 3-D and IMAX 3D. This sequel made $1.046 billion in the box office. This movie was the most expensive movie in history.


The movie starts with a man found on the shore of the Spanish coast. He was brought to King Ferdinand of Spain where the man claimed that he was the crewmate of Juan Ponce de Leon who went missing almost 200 years ago while in search of Fountain of Youth. Meanwhile, in London Jack comes to know from Gibbs that an imposter of Jack is going around recruiting crew for The Fountain of Youth. Jack who is then captured by the royal guards is taken to the King and asked to start an expedition for the Fountain of Youth before the Spanish do. Here he is introduced to the captain of the ship Barbossa. When Jack enquires about Black Pearl he's told that he lost her in a fight with the legendary Blackbeard. Jack escapes from here once again and is saved by his father, Captain Teague.

When he learns that Jack is after the Fountain of Youth, he informs him about certain rituals to be done. He also warns Jack that The Fountain of Youth would test him.

Here Jack meets scrum as directed by his father. On demanding to know who the imposter is, Jack comes to know that it was his previous love interest, Angelica. On having a short conversation with her he realizes that for the ritual, two chalices and a mermaid's tears are required. Jack is drugged by her associates with a dart. When he wakes up after five days he finds himself on board, the Queen Anne's Revenge. Meanwhile, Barbossa recruits Gibbs who claims to have memorized the route to The Fountain of Youth. Angelica explains to Jack the ritual that a mermaid's tear is filled in one silver chalice while the other is not. She also informs that these silver chalices would be found in the flagship of Ponce de Leon's, the Santiago.

Mermaids tear must be put in one of the silver Chalices to make the Fountain of Youth work. Then this must be consumed by both parties simultaneously, the party lacking the mermaid's tear would die giving their Youth to the opposite person. While Jack wanders around in Blackbeard's cabin he sees that along with Black Pearl there were a lot of other ships that Blackbeard had captured. They were all stored in miniature form.

When Blackbeard's crew arrives at Whitecap Bay, he sends out few boats as bait. To lure the mermaids they are forced to sing and scrum with other crewmates to start singing My Jolly Sailor-Bold. One of the mermaids appears and tries to seduce scrum with her beauty but soon a full-blown mermaid attack starts that reveal their true nature, seducing men and taking them into the depth of the ocean to feed on. More and more crew members are captured by the mermaids. On seeing this Jack makes the nearby Lighthouse explode which scares the mermaid away. And with Philip's help who was a missionary captured in a raid they are able to catch a mermaid named Syrena. She was carried in a glass container filled with water, but when the container breaks she falls and her tail turns into legs which makes it difficult for her to walk. Philip who had developed a soft corner for her offers to carry her.

Meanwhile, Jack was sent off to get the chalices from Santiago. Upon reaching there he meets Barbossa and realizes that the chalices are already stolen by the Spanish. They hatch a plan to steal the chalice at night. Although they manage to steal the chalices they are captured but due to Jack's intelligent mind, they were able to escape. After that Jack leads them to the cave where the Fountain of Youth upon reaching they are encountered by the Spaniard. Here Barbossa stabs Blackbeard with his poisonous sword, Angelica tries to help her father but gets hurt herself. Barbossa claims the ship and crew of Blackbeard and after destroying the fountain of youth leaves the cave. Syrena the mermaid appears with the chalice from the nearby pool and tells jack not to waste it. Jack fills both the chalice with water and adds the mermaid drops in one of them. Blackbeard drinks the chalice with the tear and Angelica drinks the one without the tear. But Jack later reveals that he might have switched the chalice and so the cut on Angelica's hand heals as the fountain water rushes towards her wound healing it and while Blackbeard's body collapses dead turning into a skeleton.

Jack takes Angelica with him but abandons her at a beach. She tries her max to go with Jack but is left behind. On the shore of the Caribbean, he joins Gibbs who had stolen the Bottled Black Pearl and few other ships. While they were figuring out how to get them out of the bottle and resume them into normal size. Both of them decide to live their lives happily as pirates.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This Movie is the sequel of "On Strangers Tides". This movie was released in 2017. This movie was also released in the name of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge in many countries. This sequel made $794.9 million at the box office.


A long time after the battle of Calypso, a twelve-year-old boy Henry Turner is seen to be traveling out to sea to approach his father Will Turner. Henry tells his dad that the curse can be broken on finding the Trident of Poseidon. But Will tells him to quit thinking such things as it is impossible to find the trident. Henry tries to convince his dad that he would try to find Jack and take his help to find the trident of Poseidon only to be told off by Will.

After few years, a grown Henry is seen as a sailor aboard the Monarch, which is a British vessel that is chasing Dutch Barque that was stolen by the Pirates. The ship is seen to be sailing towards the Devil's Triangle when it stumbles upon the ghostly crew of Silent Mary, which is commanded by the former British commander Captain Armando Salazar, who was a pirate hunter. All the crew/sailors of the Monarch are killed except Henry who is spared to take a message to Jack about his vengeance. Salazar and his crew were trapped in the Devil's Triangle by Jack. The compass that Jack possesses is what holds them in the Devil's Triangle.

Meanwhile, at Saint Martin, a woman by the name of Carina Smyth is falsely accused of being a witch and sentenced to death. She escapes and crosses paths with Jack who is seen to be stealing money from the bank. After a brief conversation, they both escape. Jack whose crew members abandoned him had nothing left with him, so he trades the compass for a bottle of Rum. As the exchange of the compass happens Salazar and his crew are set free from the devil's triangle. The compass later ends up in the hands of Barbossa who then gets to know that Salazar has taken command over the sea.

Later Jack meets up with Henry who tells him that he needs his help and that the dead have taken command of the sea. Jack also comes to know that Salazar is after him to take his revenge. While Jack is captured again he meets up with Carina in the jail. They escape with the help of Jack's crew and Henry. Meanwhile, Barbossa comes to know that Salazar has killed a lot of pirates and is destroying Barbossa's fleet too. Barbossa after having a word with the witch, Shanza gets Jack's compass and thinks of talking Salazar into his plan.

With the help of the compass, Barbossa is able to locate Salazar's ship "the Silent Mary". Most of Barbossa's crew get killed, but Barbossa and some crew members are spared, as Barbossa mentions about Jack. He promises to find Jack by the next day. As he travels with Salazar, he tells him how Jack had taken his life. After finishing the story, he was almost going to kill Barbossa when he notices Jack's ship and tells Salazar about it. Upon hearing this, Salazar gets ready for his revenge.

When the crew members come to know that Jack is being chased by the dead they decide on mutiny. Jack, Henry, and Carina set out on a boat towards the island. Salazar leashes out the dead shark to attack them, after an escape from these sharks, Henry and Jack land on the island. Here Salazar and the crew are unable to step foot on the ground due to the curse. Salazar tells Jack that he will wait until his revenge is taken. Jack, Henry, and Carina runoff. Meanwhile, Salazar is about to kill Barbossa and his remaining crew when Barbossa proposes to him that he will get Jack back as Salazar can't get on land. Salazar accepts this proposal and sets Barbossa and his crew members free. Barbossa and his crew then unite with Jack and they decide to restore Black Pearl to its original glory.

They all set out to find the Trident of Posideon. But soon are chased by the Silent Mary. A big fight follows up between these two ships. Carina notices that they are approaching their destination. Salazar takes Henry with him and ties him up to a mast. Jack and Carina set off to find the Trident of Posideon, which is where the map of no man can read lead to. They spot the last red jewel which leads them to an opening to the underwater cave where they will find the trident of Poseidon. Meanwhile, Salazar hatches a plan to enter into Henry's body and approach Jack. Jack and Carina accidentally fall into an underwater entrance and discover the Trident of Poseidon.

Jack, who was unaware of the fact that Henry was now possessed by Salazar, gets in a fierce duet with him. Meanwhile, Carina tries to get the Trident but is stopped by Salazar who takes the Trident. He leaves the body of Henry as he possesses the Trident and starts toying around with Jack. Carina tries to revive an unconscious Henry. When Henry wakes and gets back to his sense, Carina reminds of the legend that the breaking of the trident will break all the curses of the sea. Meanwhile, Jack annoys Salazar with the taunts that he had used during trapping Salazar in the devil's triangle. An extremely annoyed Salazar makes a leap towards Jack and stabs him with the trident in his chest. Luckily a book which was positioned near his chest saved Jack and he asks Henry to help him. Henry grabs his sword and with a swift blow sends the trident crashing it into two pieces, thus breaking all curses of the sea.

As the curse breaks, Salazar and his crewmates are turned back into mortals. The ocean that up until now was standing parted due to the power of the trident started falling back due to the breaking of the trident. Jack, Henry, and Carina make a run to grab the anchor to save themself from drowning. Meanwhile, Salazar who was still filled with vengeance makes a run after them while his crewmates run to grab the anchor of their ship to save themselves from drowning in the growling sea. While on the up to the board of Black Pearl, Carina slips and Barbossa grabs her arm revealing her a tattoo that was similar to the one she had on her book. She realizes that Barbossa is her father and asks him what she meant to him to which he simply replies "treasure".

Noticing Salazar making his way up behind Carina, he decides to sacrifice himself for his daughter. He takes Henry's sword from Jack and leaps towards Salazar causing them both to fall into the depths of the sea. Jack, Henry, and Carina board on the deck of Black Pearl shocked by what they just witnessed. Jack claimed that he was surprised by Barbossa's sacrifice and that he was a true pirate. After this Henry and Carina were dropped nearby Henry's home. They share a romantic moment and exchange a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Henry notices the Flying Dutchman and his father Will who is on board. They have a brief father and son reunion.

A very happy Will asks Henry how he managed to find the trident on which Henry responded that he would tell the story some other time. Here Elizabeth appears running towards Will, embracing him and sharing a sweet kiss, catching up on the lost time. Henry and Carina witnesses this sweet reunion holding hands embarking on their new relationship. Meanwhile, Jack who was seeing all this exclaimed it to be a revolting sight for his eyes. Gibbs and the crew welcomed Jack as their new Captain and Jack the monkey made appends with his new master and gave back Jack his compass. Gibbs asks Jack where is their next stop to which Jack happily replies "set sail through the stars". And once again Black Pearl begins its journey.

In the post-credit, scene Will is seen sleeping peacefully beside Elizabeth as the curse is broken. This is when a dark creepy shadow appears with sharp claws that appear to be the figure of Davy Jones. As he raises his claw to strike at the sleeping couple a huge lightning strikes waking up Will, he wonders whether it was just a dream and then cuddles up to his wife and goes back to sleep failing to notice the puddle of seawater with barnacles on the floor.

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