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List of Snacks

Snack is food that people eat in small quantities. Snack is eaten with tea or coffee in the morning and sometimes eaten in the evening when we feel hungry. According to the country and according to the state, people like to eat different types of snacks. There are many dishes available as a snack from them, some snacks are sweet, and some snacks are spicy. A few of them are described below with their variation and ingredients used for making the snack.

1. Ariselu:

List of Snacks

Ariselu is an Indian sweet. Ariselu is sweet from Odisha, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh. In Kannada, it is known as Kajjaaya, and its Marathi name is Anarsa. It is a popular sweet that is made on the occasion of Diwali, Sankranti, and Dusshera. The ingredients of the Ariselu are rice flour, ghee, and jaggery.

2. Banana fritter:

List of Snacks

A banana fritter is a deep-fried fritter made from battered bananas. It's a popular dish in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The Ingredients of Banana fritter are banana, flour, baking powder, oil, egg, and spices.

3. Batata Vada:

List of Snacks

In Maharashtra, India, the batata vada is a famous vegetarian snack. This snack is made of mashed potato patties covered with chickpea flour. After that, it is fried in oil. The batata vada is served with pudina chutney and fried green chilli. The people eat batata vada mostly with the pav at Maharashtra, so it is known as vada pav also. The ingredients of batata vada are potatoes, chickpea flour, oil, and spices.

The other variations of batata vada are cheese batata vada, corn batata Vada, paneer batata vada , lahsun batata vada, schezwan batata vada , butter batata vada , crispy batata vada, etc.

4. Banana chips:

List of Snacks

It is the crunchy slices of banana. Banana chips are made by frying banana slices in oil. It is fried into oil till it turns crispy. Raw bananas are used to make the chips. The different flavors of banana chips are pudina flavor banana chips, tomato flavor banana chips, Jal Jira flavor banana chips, spicy banana chips, etc. The ingredients of the banana chips are raw banana and oil.

5. Bakarwadi:

List of Snacks

Bakarwadi is a traditional snack of Maharashtra and Gujrat. The bakarwadi is spicy and sweet in taste. The shape of bakarwadi is disc-shaped. Gram flour dough is used to make bakarwadi, and the mixture of poppy seeds, coconut, and sesame seeds is used as stuffing. It is fried into the oil until it gets crispy. The ingredients of bakarwadi are coconut, gram flour, sesame seeds, sugar, spices, poppy seeds, and salt.

6. Chakli:

List of Snacks

Chakli is a delicious Indian snack. In Kannada, it's known as chakkuli, and its Gujarati name is chakri. Rice flour, black gram flour, and chickpea flour are used to make chakli, along with other spices. This snack is mostly made during Diwali. It is spiral in shape, and fried into the oil until it gets crispy.

The variations of chakli are according to flour, and ingredients used are whole wheat flour chakli, rice flour chakli, ajwain, and heeng flavor chakli, peas chakli, bajra chakli, ragi or nachni chakli, baked chakli, butter chakli, spinach chakli, potato chakli, maida chakli, moong dal chakli, rava chakli, methi chakli, and poha chakli, etc.

7. Idli and Dosa:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in Southern India. It is one type of rice cake. Idli is made by steaming the batter of rice and fermented black lentils. The people eat idli with the sambar and coconut chutney. The idli is of white-colored and round shape. The variations of idli are button idli, sanna masala idli, sambar idli, tatte idli, and rava idli.

The dosa is made from the same batter that is used for idli. It is some like flat pancake. The dosa is served with sambar, dry potato sabji, and coconut chutney. The variations of dosa are masala dosa, schezwan cheese dosa, rava dosa, ghee roast dosa, cheese dosa, neer dosa, egg dosa, pav bhaji dosa, and podi dosa.

8. Panipuri:

List of Snacks

It is the favorite snack of all Indians, especially girls and women. Its other names are golgappa, puchka, gupchup, and pani ke patashe. Panipuri is a hollow puri of the round shape. This puri is made from flour and fried in oil. The boiled potato, boiled chickpeas, sev, and savory boondi are used as stuffing in puri. After that, the different flavor water is filled in it. The flavors of the water are tamarind water, mint water, asafoetida tamarind water, jeera water, jaggery tamarind water, raw mango water, amchur water, sweet water, carom seeds water, limca mint water, spicy water, etc. People are eating pani puri with their favorite flavor water and enjoy this snack very much.

The variations of pani puri are dahi puri and sev puri.

  • Dahi puri: It is same as pani puri. In this puri yogurt is the main ingredient and that's why it is called dahi puri. All ingredients used in the pani puri are also used in the Dahi puri, and yogurt is also added to that.
  • Sev puri: This is another variation of pani puri. In this sev is main ingredients that's why it is called sev puri. Sev is added in sev puri along with all ingredients used in the pani puri.

9. Bhel puri and Masala puri:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in India and a type of chaat. In Karnataka, it's known as Churu Muri, and its Marathi name is Bhel. The bhel puri is made from popped rice, chat masala, sev, tomato, potato, coriander leaf, mint chutney, papdi, onion spicy water, and jaggery tamarind water. The other variations of the bhel puri are bhel sevpuri, Dahi bhel puri, and sev papdi chaat.

Masala puri:

The masala puri is the same as bhel puri, but instead of popped rice, the crushed puri is used in masala puri. The ingredients used in the masala puri are crushed puris, chat masala, sev, tomato, potato, coriander leaf, mint chutney, papdi, onion, spicy water, green peas, and jaggery tamarind water. The other variation of the masala puri is dahi-masala puri.

10. Dabeli:

List of Snacks

It is a frequently consumed Indian snack. Dabeli is a snack from Kutch. The other name of dabeli is double roti and Kutchi dabeli. The ingredients of the dabeli are boiled potato, dabeli masala, sev, bun (pav), sweet chutney, peanuts, and pomegranate. Variation of the dabeli are veg tikki dabeli, lavou dabeli, kutcha dabeli, cheese dabeli and butter dabeli.

11. Dhokla:

List of Snacks

It is the common Gujarati snack. Dhokla is made by steaming the batter of rice and split lentils. The dhokla is served with pudina chutney and fried green chilli. Dhokla is fried in hot oil with mustard seeds and cumin seeds.

Different types of dhokla are moong dal dhokla, khatta dhokla, khandavi dhokla, rasia dhokla, cheese dhokla, mixed dal dhokla, toor dal dhokla, meetha dhokla, khaman dhokla, sandwich dhokla, green peas dhokla, rava dhokla and besan dhokla.

12. Poha:

List of Snacks

It is a frequently consumed Indian snack. It is made from beaten rice, onions, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and mustard seeds. People eat poha by squeezing lemon on it. The other variations of poha are aloo poha, tomato poha, matar poha, masala poha, onion poha, indori poha, vegetable oatmeal poha, Karwar style poha, Dahi poha, Goan poha, and gojju poha.

13. Kachori:

List of Snacks

It is a snack from Bhojpur. Kachori is a round-shaped spicy snack, and it is fried in oil. Other names of the kachori are kachauri, katchuri, and kachodi. The ingredients of the kachori are yellow moong dal flour, black pepper, ginger paste, and red chilli powder. At the time of serving, kachori is decorated with jaggery tamarind sauce, spicy water, yogurt, sev, and coriander leaves.

The variation of kachori are poha kachori, onion kachori, paneer matar kachori, paneer kachori, rava chana dal kachori , sweet kachori, farsan kachori, corn kachori, matar kachori, achari kachori , bhavnagari kachori and mawa kachori.

14. Khakhra:

List of Snacks

Khakhra is a snack from the Gujarat. It is flat and round in shape. The Khakhra is made from wheat flour, oil, and mat bean. The variations of Khakhra are fenugreek flavor khakhra, cumin flavor khakhra, bajri khakhra, garlic flavor khakhra, pudina flavor khakhra, ajwain flavor khakhra, vada pav flavor khakhra, pani puri flavor khakhra, pav bhaji flavor khakhra, and pizza flavor khakhra, etc.

15. Samosa:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in India. The shape of the samosa is a triangle cone. The other namesof samosa is sambusa. The ingredients of the samosa are flour, potato, mincemeat, spices, onions, peas, chilli peppers, and cheese. First, a hollow cone is made from flour. After that, the dry potato sabji is filled in the cone and fried in oil. The samosa is served with pudina chutney and fried green chilli.

The variation of samosa are chole samosa, keema samosa, chowmein samosa, fried rice samosa, pasta samosa, chocolate samosa , matar soya bean samosa , egg samosa , khoya samosa, cheese samosa , pastry samosa, jam samosa, maggi samosa, pizza samosa, fish samosa , farsan samosa and paneer samora.

16. Shankarpali:

List of Snacks

Shankarpali is an Indian snack. Its other names are lakdi mithai, shakkarpara, laktho, khurma and murali. It is a sweet snack that is mostly made during Diwali. The Shankarpali is small in size, and its shape is a diamond shape. The ingredients of shankarpali are milk, maida, sugar, ghee, and semolina. It is fried into oil till it turns crispy.

Another variation of shankarpali is salty shankarpali and Jeera shankarpali. In the salty shankarpali, salt is used instead of sugar, and in Jeera shankarpali, salt and cumin (jeera) are used instead of sugar.

17. Pakora:

List of Snacks

It is the favorite snack of people during the rainy season. This snack is originated in South Asia. Another names of pakora are bora, pikora, bhajiya, pakoda, pakodi, chop, bhaji and ponako. The main ingredients of pakora are gram flour, spices, and vegetables are vary according to the variation of pakora.

The variations of pakora are potato pakora, eggplant pakora, onion pakora, cauliflower pakora, spinach pakora, mixed vegetables pakora, paneer pakora, fenugreek pakora, chicken pakora, chilli pakora, cabbage pakora, rikoch pakora, moong dal pakora, bhindi pakora, and peanut pakora. The pakora is served with tomato sauce, or mint leaves chutney. Most people prefer masala tea with pakora.

18. Potato chips:

List of Snacks

It is the crunchy slices of potato. Potato chips are made by frying potato slices in oil. It is fried into oil till it turns crispy. This is the common snack of people when they have fast. The different flavors of potato chips are pudina flavors potato chips, tomato flavor potato chips, garlic flavor potato chips, Jal Jira flavor potato chips, spicy potato chips, pickle flavor potato chips, honey barbeque flavor potato chips, and onion flavor potato chips, etc.

19. Ladoo:

List of Snacks

Ladoo is an Indian sweet. Ladoo is of spherical shape. There are many variations of ladoo, and according to ladoo type, the ingredients are changed.

Variations of Ladoo:

  • Besan Ladoo:This ladoo is made from gram flour, ghee, cardamom, and sugar. The color of this ladoo is yellow. This snack is mostly made during Diwali.
  • Boondi Ladoo: It is a popular Indian sweet snack served during festive occasions such as Diwali. The ingredients of this boondi ladoo are Bengal gram flour, sugar, ghee, and cardamom. The small boondi are combined in a circular shape, and the boondi ladoo is ready. Its other name is Motichoor laddu.
  • Coconut ladoo: Coconut ladoo is made from desiccated coconut, condensed milk, and cardamom. The color of this ladoo is white.
  • Til Ladoo: This ladoo is made from jaggery, sesame seeds, nuts, and ghee. This snack is mostly made during the Sankranti festival.
  • Methi ladoo: This is a common snack for Indian people during the winter season because this ladoo helps to rises the temperature of the body. The ingredients for methi ladoo are jaggery, ghee, dried date, cashew, dried coconut, edible gum almond, ginger, and fenugreek seed flour. People eat this ladoo to recover from back and joint issues. Most people prefer milk with methi ladoo.
  • Murmura Ladoo: These are the crispy ladoo. It is made from jaggery and puffed rice. This is the favorite snack of many children.
  • Semolina Ladoo: Its Hindi name is Rava Ladoo. This is a delicious sweet snack. This ladoo is made by using dry fruits, semolina, and sugar.
  • Ragi Oats Ladoo: This ladoo is a healthy snack. The ingredients used for this ladoo are oats flour, honey, ragi flour, milk, and dates. The color of Ragi and oats ladoo is brown.

These are a few variations of ladoo.

20. Upma:

List of Snacks

It is a frequently consumed Indian spicy snack. It other names are Uppuma, Uppumavu, Kharabath, Uppindi, Upeet, Uppittu and Rulanv. It is mostly made from semolina, vegetables, and green chilli. The variations of upma are whole wheat upma, upma pesarattu, rice upma, corn upma, Kesari bhath, aval upma, vermicelli upma, and upma with ghugni. According to the variation of upma, the ingredients are also changed.

21. Dahi vada:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in Southern India. It is prepared by dipping fried flour balls in thick yogurt. In Punjab, it's known as Dahi Bhalla, its Marathi name is Dahi vade, it's known as perugu vada in Kannada, its Malayalam name is thairu vada, and Dahi bara in Odia.

The variations of Dahi vada are oats and moong dal Dahi vada, Delhi Dahi Bhalla, non-fried Dahi vada, stuffed Dahi vada, bread Dahi vada, fruits, and vegetables Dahi vada, and Rajasthani Dahi vada.

22. Bread:

List of Snacks

Most of the people like to bread at snack time. People make different dishes from bread and eat them. The dishes made from bread are cheese garlic bread, bread pakora, masala sandwich, cheese roll, bread roll, besan toast recipe, veg cheese toast sandwich, grilled sandwich, cheese sandwich, suji toast, shahi tukda, chocolate bread pudding, sweet vegetable sandwich, garlic croutons, bread pizza, bread cutlet, and bread jam sandwich. The bread is also eaten with tea and milk.

The kinds of bread are ciabatta, whole wheat bread, sourdough, rye bread, pita bread, focaccia, multigrain, brioche, banana bread, baguette, breadstick, brioche, challah, cornbread, pumpernickel, soda bread, and sourdough.

23. Fafda:

List of Snacks

It is a traditional snack of Gujrat. The color of fafda is yellow, and it is in a rectangular shape. The ingredients of the fafda are gram flour, papad Khar, carom seeds, salt, and oil. The fafda is served with chutney, sambharo, and fried green chilli. People like to eat Jabeli with fafda.

24. Jalebi:

List of Snacks

It is a popular Indian sweet snack. Jalebi is of spiral shape. Other names of jalebi are jerry, zulbia, mushabak, jilapi, and zalabia. It is made of yeasted dough, sugar, saffron, and ghee. The variation of the jalebi are paneer jalebi, rabdi jalebi, khoya jalebi, imarti, potato jalebi, apple jalebi, jaleba and jangri.

25. Khandvi:

List of Snacks

It is a traditional snack of Gujrat. Its other names are Suralichi Vadi, Patuli, and Dahivadi. The ingredients of the khandvi are gram flour, ginger paste, yogurt, green chilli peppers, and mustard seed. The khandvi is served with cheese, ketchup, or chutney. The small pieces of desiccated coconut and coriander leaves are sprinkled on them to decorate the khandvi.

26. Paratha:

List of Snacks

It is a frequently consumed Indian snack. Most of the people of India like to eat parathas as a snack. Other names of paratha are paronthi, prontha, porota, parauntha, forota, roti canai, farata, etc. The people eat plain paratha with tea and stuffed paratha with sauce, yogurt, and chutney. Stuffed paratha means the vegetables are present inside the paratha. There are many variations of paratha, and according to the variation of paratha, the ingredients are changed.

Variations of Paratha:

  • Green pea paratha: It is stuffed paratha. It is made from peas, onion, wheat flour, and spices.
  • Beetroot paratha: It is stuffed paratha. It is made from beetroot, potatoes, wheat flour, and spices. The taste of this paratha is slightly sweet and red in color due to beetroot.
  • Cabbage stuffed aratha: It is stuffed paratha. The main ingredients of this paratha are cabbage, spices, wheat flour, and onion.
  • Spinach paratha: This is green in color paratha.Most of the kids like this paratha very much. This paratha is made by mixing the grinded spinach in wheat flour with spices.
  • Aloo paratha: This is a favorite snack of many kids. This paratha is made by using potato, chilli, spices, and wheat flour. This paratha tastes very delicious with tomato sauce.

These are a few variations of paratha. Other variations of paratha are dal paratha, lachcha paratha, malabari parotta, talwa paratha, achaar paratha, garlic paratha, methi paratha, egg paratha, broccoli paratha, mooli paratha, paneer paratha, Mughlai paratha, etc.

27. Appam:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in Southern India. Its other names are kallappam, Appa, vellappam, Hoppers and Palappam. It is made by using coconut milk and fermented rice batter. The variations of appam are plain appam, egg appam, idiyappam , achappam, kuzhalappam, neyyappam, pesaha appam, vattayappam, burmese apon, and Kue apem.

28. Cookie:

List of Snacks

It is a baked snack. A cookie is a flat, small and sweet snack. Another name of the cookie is biscuit. The ingredients of the cookie are flour, egg, sugar, flavoring essence, baking soda, and butter. Jimmies, choco chips, nonpareils, sanding sugar, coarse sugar, dragees, tutti frutti, etc., are used as sprinkles on cookies for decorative purposes.

The people like the simple cookie to eat with tea, milk, and coffee-like good day biscuits, parle-g biscuit, marie gold biscuit, parle 20-20 cashew butter cookies, sun feast Marie light, and Britannia milk bikis, etc.

Sandwich cookie: It is a very delicious cookie, and favorite of every child. In that cookie, the sweet cream is present in between two thin cookies. There are many flavors available in the cream like vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, orange, mango, cardamom flavor, etc. The most lovable sandwich cookie is the Bourbon biscuit, Hide & Seek creme sandwich, Britannia Jim jam, Dark Fantasy sandwich, Oreo, Sunfeast bounce cream, Dukes cream 4 fun, etc.

Salted Biscuit: This biscuit has a salty flavor. Very little sugar is added to this biscuit. The most lovable salted cookie is Britannia NutriChoice cracker, Parle sixer salted, and Monaco biscuits.

29. Sabudana vada:

List of Snacks

This snack is originated in Maharashtra. This is the best and most delicious snack during fasting, and also it is the favorite snack of many people during the rainy season. The sadbudana vada is made from boiled potatoes, tapioca pearls soaked in water, oil, and green chilli. It is flat and round in shape, and it is fried in oil. The sabudana is served with coconut chutney, yogurt, or tomato sauce.

The variations of sabudana are vada cheesy sabudana vada, masala sabudana vada, peanuts sabudana vada and baked sabudana vada.

30. Noodles:

List of Snacks

It is a common snack in many countries like China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, etc. Noodles are long strips made from unleavened dough, and after being cooked, they become chewy and elastic. People make different types of noodles by using various sauces and vegetables. The dishes made from the noodles are Thai noodle soup, pad thai, prawns wrapped in noodles, Japanese soba noodles, glass noodle soup, stir fry udon noodle, rice noodles, beef noodle stir fry, vegetarian chow mein, egg noodles, spicy dan dan noodles, scallion oil noodles, and soba noodle salad, etc.

The kinds of noodles are rice vermicelli, kesme, cup noodles, frozen noodles, fideo, instant noodles, coca noodles, rice noodles, fried noodles, mohnnudel, and schupfnudel. The cup noodles are very easy to make, and this is one type of instant noodle. In this, we just need to add hot water, and it is ready to eat. Other instant noodles are like Maggi and Sunfeast Yippee etc. While making this noodle, we have to first put the noodles in boiling water along with the spices. After that, it is made within 5 to 10 minutes. These noodles are the favorite noodles of the kids.

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