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Logical Problems 4

16) At the baseball game, Peter was sitting in the seat 255. Maria was sitting to the right of Peter in the seat 256. Tom was sitting in the seat to the left of the Peter. John was sitting to the left of Tom. In which seat John was sitting?

  1. 252
  2. 253
  3. 251
  4. 250

Answer: B


Tom is sitting to the left of Peter, so his seat is 254. John is sitting to the left of Tom, so his seat would be 253.

17) A mugging is witnessed by four people. They provide different descriptions of the mugger to the police. Which of the following descriptions is probably correct?

  1. Thin, middle-aged and average height
  2. Thin, tall and middle-aged
  3. Tall, thin and young
  4. Tall, average height and middle-aged

Answer: B


The three elements of the description (Tall, thin and middle-aged) are repeated most often, so the option B is most likely to be accurate.

18) Ms. Roberts allowed her students to choose who their partner will be; however, no pair of students can work together for more than five class periods in a row. Ram and Mohan have studied together five class periods in a row. Suresh and Amit have worked together three class periods in a row. Suresh does not want to work with Ram. Who should be assigned to work with Mohan?

  1. Suresh
  2. Ram
  3. Amit
  4. None of these

Answer: A


Mohan can be assigned to study with Suresh. Mohan cannot be assigned to study with Ram as they already studied together for five class periods in a row. If Mohan joins Amit, it will leave Suresh with Ram, but Suresh does not want to work with Ram, so Mohan will pair with Suresh.

19) A college's science department wants to appoint a new chairperson, based on seniority. Mr. Verma has less seniority than Mr. Tomar, but more than Mrs. Bakshi. Mr. Rawat has more seniority than Mr. Verma, but less than Mr. Tomar. Mr. Tomar doesn't want the job. Who will be the new science department chairperson?

  1. Mr. Rawat
  2. Mr. Tomar
  3. Mr. Verma
  4. Mr. Bakshi

Answer: A


Mr. Tomar is the most senior, but he does not want the job. Next in line is Mr. Rawat, who has more seniority than Mr. Verma or Mrs. Bakshi.

20) Dinesh has been visiting friends in Delhi for the past two weeks. He is leaving tomorrow morning, and his flight is very early in the morning. Most of his friends live close to the airport. Mohan lives 8 miles away. Farid lives three miles away, Sohan lives five miles away. Aman is farther away than Farid, but closer than Sohan. Approximately how far is Aman from the airport?

  1. seven miles
  2. five miles
  3. six miles
  4. four miles

Answer: D


Aman is farther away than Frid, who is three miles away, and closer than Sohan, who is five miles away. So, approximately he is four miles away from the airport.

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