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LOL is an abbreviation of laughing out loud or laugh out loud. It is a slang word used for casual conversation. For example, LOL is widely used on social networking sites while communicating and even in an in-person conversation. It is used when a person finds something funny, or it stipulates smiling or grin.

This initialism came in 1980 when it was used by Wayne Pearson in a text message from the record of Usenet. In 1993 it started being used in text-based communication. The word LOL was updated in the Oxford English dictionary on 24 March 2011. Other initialisms or abbreviations related to laughter include LMAO (laughing my ass off), and ROFL or ROTFL (Rolling on the floor laughing). Furthermore, LOL is categorized as a verb and interjection.

How to use LOL

LOL is used when a person finds something hilarious in texts or person. For example, in the following situations;

  1. While reading a joke
  2. Watching a funny video
  3. Seeing a funny image

People can also react with "ha-ha" or "Hehe" along with LOL.

  • It can be written in lower case lol or upper-case LOL as there are no such rules.
  • It should not be used in formal conversation like at work or at school. Instead, it should be used while conversing with friends, cousins, or in funny posts on social media.
  • You can write LOL by adding emojis with it or can be written alone.

Examples of LOL

  • Friend 1: Did you read this post?
    Friend 2: Yes, it's funny. Lol.
  • Phoebe, Joey, and Ross always make fun of Chandler! LOL.
  • Do you think I'll date you again? LOL!

Benefits of laughing out loud for the health

1. It reduces blood pressure: Hypertension is a serious condition that can cause various unexpected issues down the line, including stroke and cardiovascular sickness. The prospect that it tends to be relieved or stayed away from with laughing is an amazing fact.

A 2017 investigation in the Journal of Dental Medical Research titled "Impact of Humor Therapy on Blood Pressure of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis," uncovered amazing benefits of laughing.

Notably, a lot of such studies have been conducted over the years. It eventually led to a type of therapy known as laughter yoga. The founder of laughter yoga school, Dr. Madan Kataria, is the foremost expert in laughter yoga. He expresses that the demonstration of giggling, even without being glad or with any genuine motivation to chuckle, can help the body and lower pulse.

2. It relieves stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms: Grinning and chuckling make an impression on the mind from the facial muscles that we are glad. It prompts the arrival of positive chemicals called endorphins, which assist with diminishing pressure and make for a superior state of mind by and large.

Clinical therapist Dr. Sanjana Saraf states that this is a parasympathetic response brought about by good reasoning that deliveries feel-great chemicals. It is contrary to the thoughtful response during pressure, discharging the pressure chemical cortisol and sending the body into battle or flight.

Here are some major studies on laughing

i) 'Benefits of humor in reduction of threat-induced anxiety'

This investigation included telling 53 understudies that they would get an electric shock while paying attention to a tape. A big part of the understudies paid attention to a comedic tape while others paid attention to a non-comedic one. The individuals who paid attention to the entertaining account experienced lower feelings of anxiety.

ii) 'An effect of laughter therapy on menopausal women'

In this study, it was found that menopausal women can benefit from chuckling treatment. They experience a lessening in burdensome manifestations while getting a lift to confidence and positive intuition simultaneously.

iii) 'The effect of laughter yoga on general health among nursing students'

This investigation tracked down that, in nursing understudies, chuckling treatment can effectively affect the manifestations of despair and nervousness experienced by them in their distressing everyday lives.

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