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Love Again Review


In addition to directing the American romantic comedy-drama film 'Love Again', James C. Strouse penned the screenplay. Based on a Sofie Cramer novel, the 2016 German film 'SMS für Dich' was translated into English.

Plot Cast

The star cast of the movie includes Celia Imrie, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sam Heughan, Celine Dion, Russell Tovey, Omid Djalili, Lydia West, and Steve Oram.

Plot Story

Despite the label, 'Love Again' cannot be classified as a romantic comedy. The movie is definitely about rediscovering "Love" again and about mending broken bonds and hearts. As her "ideal" boyfriend dies in an accident, the world of Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra) comes crashing down in the movie's opening scene. Mira musters the confidence to put herself out there just two years after mourning the love of her life. The much-discussed Nick Jonas cameo can be seen at this point. Mira resolves to send a message to her deceased boyfriend, John, despite her challenges with moving forward and her inability to let go of the past.

Love Again Review

As fate would have it, music critic Rob Burns (Sam Heughan) receives the text. Rob gets bombarded with messages from Mira without realizing he is getting them, and he cannot help but feel some attraction to her. Yes, that is a little unsettling, but you must understand that Rob works through his ex-girlfriend's breakup right before their wedding. Celine Dion enters the scene looking stunning as the love melody plays in the background. Rob has been tasked with writing a feature of her for the newspaper where he works, but Celine can tell he is in love after looking at him. With Celine's encouragement, Mira and Rob develop a romantic relationship. After a few miscommunications and Mira's unwillingness to move on from her ex, a happy ending is finally seen.


Every Indian Bollywood fan will like Priyanka as Mira simply because the 'desi girl' is succeeding in Hollywood. She does the character well despite having an overly sad persona. Sam's performance as Rob is uneven at times. He needed more conviction in his role, and Priyanka needed better on-screen chemistry. I thoroughly appreciated Nick's cameo. The best aspect of the film was Celine being authentically herself.


The movie is an adaptation of the 2016 German drama 'SMS für Dich', which was based on a novel by Sofie Cramer. The plot is weak, and none of the dialogue attempts to turn the movie into a rom-com were successful. The writing of James C. Strouse is also insufficiently persuasive. The failures prevent the film from being a success. Probably, the only reason the audience might enjoy watching 'Love Again' would be if they tend to favor films of this category. The romance is irrational and fantastical. Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas do not quite click as depressed bachelors who remain mysterious to one another for the majority of the film before going on their date night. Their formed relationship could be more interesting despite their attractive looks and lackluster chemistry.

The main problem with Love Again is that it was made in London while being set in New York. Although that might not seem like a big deal, there is little to like about the remainder of the movie, so it rapidly becomes annoying. Additionally, most American characters are portrayed by British actors, and their mid-Atlantic drawl only serves to increase the film's general discomfort. But after that, any research into grief and trauma is promptly disregarded. It is probably because of the choppy storyline that strange editing choices prevent scenes from breathing. The brief comic relief by new character appearances is the only thing that the film's boring tempo is broken up by. Even the leads' on-screen chemistry is in doubt. 'Love Again's' recycled plot cannot help but fall victim to all the rom-com clichés by being overly sweet and predictable with little to no humor.


'Love Again' is a mediocre film that might need help drawing audiences to theatres. Watching for those just dipping their toes into this genre might be challenging. They may even describe it as a self-help movie. But as I have already mentioned, if you enjoy romantic comedies, you must add this to your list of must-see flicks. It is a suitable watch for a romantic evening or grieving people. 'Love Again' can help people recognize how fortunate individuals in love are because of the support and intimacy they get from each other despite difficult times. To sum it up, the sincerity that the movie aspires to portray compels the audience to give this movie a try.

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