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The Love Hostel play from Bollywood is directed by Shanker Raman. The main actors in the movie are Vikrant Massey, Bobby Deol, and Sanya Malhotra. Love Hostel was produced by Gaurav Verma, Manish Mundra, and Gauri Khan. In this article, we'll explore several captivating elements of the movie "Love Hostel." Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of its talented cast, dive into an insightful review, examine its remarkable revenue, and provide a concise yet engaging plot summary. So without further ado, let's embark on this journey!

Love Hostel Review

Plot Cast

  • Sanya Malhotra
  • Bobby deol
  • Vikrant Massey
  • Raj Arjun


The first scene of the movie shows a normal-looking couple recording their wedding. However, this quickly becomes a terrifying scenario when the couple is once again seen on camera being hanged by an unknown assailant.

At this point, Bobby Deol's Dagar, who serves as the major antagonist of the film, is initially presented to the viewer. After then, Dagar transmits documentation of the execution to his employers. A second look at the thug's face, though, suggests that the crime may have been motivated by prejudice. The scenario now turns to the cops discovering the crime scene. The antagonist was reportedly thought to be dead, a claim that law enforcement is currently debating.

Moving forward, the film now introduces us to its two protagonists: Jat Muslim Ashu aka ahmed (Vikrant Massey) and Hindu Jyoti (Sanya Malhotra). With Sonu, a close friend, there as a witness, they can be seen preparing to get their marriage legally recognised. But as the film shows at the first conundrum, the lighthearted atmosphere does not stay for long. Ashu receives a menacing call from an unknown caller reminding him to complete a certain task.

We next learn more about the family and circumstances of each of the protagonists. The members of Jyoti's family include her empathetic, loving father, mother, frightened younger sister, and violent younger brother. The other enemy in the film is Jyoti's grandmother, a well-known politician hellbent on tradition and society image who opposes the couple's union owing to religious issues. Additionally, viewers are made aware of Ashu's father's predicament, who appears to have been falsely accused of possessing weapons and imprisoned. His mother appears to have a condition like schizophrenia.

The setting then shifts to the pair being given sanctuary from Jyoti's possibly violent relatives after they successfully register their marriage. However, things go south when they are placed in a room with roughly 30 other individuals in a run-down facility known as a 'love hostel'.

The setting then shifts to the pair being given sanctuary from Jyoti's possibly violent relatives after they successfully register their marriage. However, things go south when they are placed in a room with roughly 30 other individuals in a run-down facility known as a 'love hostel'.

Unfortunately, the couple's issues are coming back to haunt them, so they don't have time to worry about their living conditions. As a result of the caller's persistence, Ashu is located and compelled to complete his delivery, which results in a conflict between the police and criminals. The discovery that Ashu was a police informant who assisted a police officer seeking retribution in capturing criminals follows from this development. After almost escaping death, Ashu returns to the love hostel only to encounter completely new issues.

Dagar, a hitman, came to carry out his plan. The pair narrowly avoids his anger and keeps moving towards freedom.

Plot Summary

Love Hostel follows the turbulent journey of a dynamic young couple who are being sought after by a vicious mercenary in the pulsing setting of rural North India.


Bobby Deol portrays an assassin who is after Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra's newlywed interfaith pair.

Love Hostel is very different from Gurgaon, the director-turned-cinematographer Shanker Raman's debut film, which was a slow-burning, moody neo-noir. With an additional 30 minutes, the Zee5 release may have been improved because it moves so quickly. The characters seem underwritten. Rapid plot developments are present. Revelations inserted to give characters more depth are ineffective. Nearly everything at Love Hostel feels like it is missing something.

Perhaps the goal was to create a picture that moved as quickly as the gunshots and bodies fly in this sleek, 90-minute thriller. Does it operate? With the exception of the excellently planned action scenes, it mainly doesn't.

In the Haryana-based drama Love Hostel, Ahmed Vikrant Massey and Jyoti Sanya Malhotra, a newlywed interfaith couple, go for refuge in a government-approved residence. This institution offers covert accommodation to comparable couples who may face violence from their families or communities after seeking protection from the court.

Love Hostel Review

Jyoti's grandmother, MLA Kamala Dilawar (Swaroopa Ghosh), is extremely enraged at Ahmed and Jyoti's happiness. Jyoti should return home so that Kamala may murder her since she is a traditionalist. She gives Bobby Deol's insane hitman Dagar the assignment of finding Ahmed and Jyoti. Dagar pursues couples who wed against the desires of their parents with great enthusiasm. That is connected to a previous incident in his life, which was disclosed towards the movie's conclusion and truly made us want to rip our hair out.

The writing in Chunks of Love Hostel is so sloppily done that we have a sneaking suspicion that Raman was threatened with a pistol in order to finish the movie in such a short amount of time. Or possibly the movie was excessively edited to make it run for exactly 90 minutes

It's also difficult to accept that anything in Love Hostel is incorrect because Raman's filmmaking is so meticulous, as seen in Gurga

The film Love Hostel by Shanker Raman, Mehak Jamal, and Yogi Singha greatly reminded us of Joel and Ethan Coen's No Country for Old Men (2007) due to a number of elements in the plot, not the least of which is a really honest hitman.

A protagonist who gets mixed up with evil men and flees while carrying a bag of cash is present. We can't talk about Ahmed's backstory without giving away the ending of the movie.

Dagar is present, naturally. In the job, Deol is adequate. Other than implying a threatening presence, he doesn't have much to accomplish. The moral compass of the movie is Sushil Rathi Raj Arjun, a nice officer who follows both the protagonist and the antagonist

Love Hostel Review

Another thing that made us think of No Country for Old Men was the tracking gadget that Anton Chigurh employs to find his targets. Similarly to the gunfire between Chigurh and Llewelyn Moss at the hotel, there is a shootout scenario in Love Hostel. This sequence in Love Hostel is masterfully executed. These few scenes appear incredibly raw but opulent because of Vivek Shah's cinematography. In these situations, Massey strongly resembles an action figure. He was the aspect of Love Hostel that was found most remarkable. He ought to really think about producing smart action flicks.

Generally speaking, Love Hostel has nothing profound or insightful to say regarding interfaith or intercaste relationships. The authors obviously intended to convey a point, but either they were unable to or chose not to. Making a tight thriller was given top emphasis in this situation. To that end, the Love Hostel has some exceptionally well-made components. But the whole truth isn't worth the bits. The script for the movie needed to be much better written so that all of these characters?especially Dagar?appeared like people rather than cardboard cutouts.

Box Office Review

The budget of Love Hostel is less than Rs 35 crore, according to online sources. But no such information has been updated about the collection from the box office.


1. Is the movie Love Hostel worthwhile to see?

The film "Love Hostel," which will not only thrill you but also have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, is certainly one of the greatest to have lately come out of the Hindi film industry.

2. Does Love Hostel succeed or fail?

Overall, Love Hostel is a respectable effort on the part of the filmmakers to depict the love tale in a non-flickering, realistic manner. Final Word: Vikrant, Bobby Deol, and Sanya all handled their parts credit. Hindi Crazies Ratings: First Class's evaluation of the film Love Hostel is 60 per cent out of 100.

3. Does Love Hostel have a genuine tale at its core?

Sanya Malhotra, Bobby Deol, and Vikrant Massey feature in the ZEE5 movie "Love Hostel," which combines an Indian love story with potent social satire. 'Love Hostel' appears to be based on real-life incidents. It is a tepid tale of star-crossed lovers who become entangled in the web of honour killing.

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