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Love Mocktail 2 Review

Cast and Crew

Director: Darling Krishna

Cast: Darling Krishna, Milana Nagaraj, Rachel David, Amrutha Iyengar

Love Mocktail 2 Review

About Darling Krishna

Darling Krishna (born Nagappa Sunil Kumar on June 12, 1985) is an Indian actor who predominantly works in Kannada cinema. Krishna made his feature film debut in Jackie (2010). He was nominated for a SIIMA Award for Best Male Debut - Kannada for his performance in the 2013 film Madarangi.

Love Mocktail 2 Review

Krishna went on to appear in the Kannada serial opera Krishna Rukmini after his debut. Krishna's directorial debut, Love Mocktail (2020), and its sequel, Love Mocktail 2 (2022), represented a watershed moment in his career. For the former, he received the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor - Kannada and the SIIMA Award for Best Film - Kannada. Krishna is married to fellow actress Milana Nagaraj.

About Milana Nagaraj

Love Mocktail 2 Review

Milana Nagaraj (born April 25, 1989) is an Indian actress best known for her performances in Kannada cinema. Nam Duniya Nam Style (2013) marked Milana's acting debut. The same year, she was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress - Kannada for her role in Brindavana.

Milana received appreciation for her portrayal of Nidhima in Love Mocktail (2020) and its sequel Love Mocktail 2 (2022) after a string of flops. She received the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress - Kannada and the SIIMA Award for Best Actress - Kannada for the former. Milana is married to Krishna, her co-star.

About Rachel David

Love Mocktail 2 Review

Rachel David is an Indian film actress who works primarily in Malayalam and Kannada. She is well-known for her performance in Love Mocktail 2. She made her Malayalam cinema debut in 2019 with Pranav Mohanlal in Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu.

About Amrutha Iyenagar

Love Mocktail 2 Review

Amrutha Iyengar is an Indian actress who primarily works in Kannada films. In 2020, she will be seen in the lead roles in Love Mocktail and Popcorn Monkey Tiger.


Love Mocktail 2 contains part of what Love Mocktail fans expect, but it also addresses some more serious emotional themes. Most of them hit the correct chords here, while others miss.


Aadi, two years after his wife Nidhi's death, decides he is ready to go on and marry anew. Vijay and Sushma, his best pals, decide to assist him. But does Aadi ever find peace and move on?


Love Mocktail was a public favourite, with its nostalgic, familiar, and happy content. The sequel to this film has a difficult concept to begin with, considering the first portion ended tragically. Darling Krishna has ensured that the film maintains the same casual, breezy tone while also having a hefty dose of emotional scenes. Overall, Krishna appears to have progressed as a storyteller, since the majority of the film is narrated with ease.

The sequel opens on a serious note, with Aadi seemingly going missing and his best friends, Vijay and Sushma, attempting to locate him. The story of Aadi's adventures in finding a partner as he decides to remarry unfolds during this procedure. Along the way, one meets several eccentric individuals, like a hip matchmaker named Jankana and Sihi, who has had a thing on Aadi since she was a teenager. Amid all of this, Aadi is attempting to figure out if he can let go of his late wife, Nidhi.

The first half is a smooth ride that will have you giggling the entire time. The second part contains more dramatic scenes. To enjoy the later half of this story, one must suspend some reasoning and logic. There are also great talks and chats, such as the one Sihi's grandfather had about homemakers and how their labour goes underpaid. Then there are certain moments that are a little underwhelming, particularly in the build-up to the conclusion, which keep the picture from being near perfect. Long after watching the film, one wonders if the latter half of the second half was a cop-out rather than a confrontation with reality.

What is commendable about Krishna is how he has given most characters their due, particularly Vijay and Sushma, who portray the narrators. The casting is excellent, and Rachel David, who plays Sihi, effortlessly charms everyone. Krishna, Abhilash, and Kushi Achar are charming and entertaining characters. Milana Nagaraj looks ethereal in the film and contributes significantly to the sequel's pleasure. The music and cinematography, as well as the beautiful surroundings, contribute to the enchantment.

Love Mocktail 2 contains part of what Love Mocktail fans expect, but it also addresses some more serious emotional themes. Most of them hit the correct chords here, while others miss.

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