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Maamanithan Review


The movie 'Maamanithan' is an Indian Tamil-language movie and its title means "great human" in English. It is a drama movie which is written and directed by Seenu Ramasamy and Yuvan Shankar Raja produced this film under the YSR productions banner. The stars of this film include names such as stars Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie, Guru Somasundaram, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, and so on. The film talks about the struggles of a middle-class man who wants a good future for his children.


Most of 'Maamanithan's' initial part feels like a compilation of heartwarming anecdotes from the life of an average man. The first character we encounter is Radhakrishnan, a respectable elderly auto driver who lives happily with his loving wife, Savithri, and the couple's children. In a flashback presented as a bedtime tale that he tells his little daughter, we see the other individuals who comprise his life, including his dear friend Ismail, how he grew up with this extended family, and the reason he is so determined to make an effort for a life more fulfilling than his current one. He deals with property entrepreneur Madhavan (Shaji) to help him sell his land so he can afford to send his

Maamanithan Review

kids to a private school. But Madhavan eventually tricks him, and as he recently runs away, he now has to face the wrath of his neighborhood and the actions taken by the police. Can Radhakrishnan maintain his family unit and ensure his kids go to school?

A more sophisticated version of the movie 'Mahanadhi's' storyline may be found in 'Maamanithan'. In that film, the main character was also a contented father of two kids. His only goal was to advance to the next phase of his life, but he was tricked. But consider the possibility that he managed to prevent being sent to jail and received support from other sources to ensure his family's safety. What if the individuals he met along the way towards redemption were honest and reasonable, just like him, rather than violent wardens? In essence, Seenu Ramasamy replaces the sadness of 'Mahanadhi' with the feel-good dream of 'Vetri Kodi Kattu', in which those who have dreams of a better future are tricked but manage to recover by sheer hope and a small amount of acceptable deception.

This movie's novelty comes from how the director handles the drama subtly. Even the most upsetting sequences are rendered accurately, which makes it easier for us to relate to the characters and understand the struggles they are going through. When a wife finds that her husband has left her to look after herself and her kids independently, there is no violent emotional outburst or wailing. Instead, we witness a lady trying to survive with the hand that existence has dealt her. They adopt the same strategy regardless of whether a character runs across the person who started his difficulties. Even the cops are portrayed as kind people concerned about the relatives of the person they are looking for. The director makes a mistake while following this tactic by giving his protagonist a too-practical way to atone. When he arrives in Kerala, Radhakrishnan gets a job, acquaintances, and even a family as a widow and her teenage daughter. And ultimately, the individual he follows ends up exactly where he does. The climax also has an awkward-toned, forceful musical performance.

The performances, thank goodness, keep us interested in the characters. Vijay Sethupathi might be the only famous person these days who is brave enough to endorse such movies, and he expertly convinces us to trust Radhakrishnan and his folly. A stubborn housewife is well portrayed by Gayathrie, and Guru Somasundaram gives a slightly underdeveloped role some muscle. Additionally, they have intense filmmaking to back them up. The first half of the picture, which features some of the best filmmaking in this director's body of work, is enhanced by M Sukumar's cinematography, which continually serves in favor of the plot and is discreet. Even though the music used in the movie could use some work, the artwork produced by the art department deserves high appreciation. The Kerala and Kasi segments' production design is outstanding, and the late director Balu Mahendra deserves much credit. Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja produce a lovely, enjoyable soundtrack that faithfully reproduces the ambiance of Pannaipuram in Theni. The Maestro was also born in Pannaipuram.


'Maamanithan', a character-based drama, seems to be one of the last of its kind in an era when fantasy and action thrillers dominate big-screen entertainment. When it finally finishes, it evolves into something more?a softly moving narrative. Overall, if one watches 'Maamanithan' again, there are a lot of memorable moments. The acting and technical effort make it an honest and sincere family drama. The movie, overall becomes worth the time and deserves appreciation for the commendable work behind it.

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