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Maanaadu Movie Review

Maanaadu is a Tamil remake of the Hollywood films Groundhog Day (1993) and Vantage Point (2008). It is a science fiction and action movie directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by Suresh Kamatchi.


The film stars Silambarasan, S. J. Suryah, and Kalyani Priyadarshan alongside S. A. Chandrasekhar, Y. G. Mahendran, Karunakaran, Premgi Amaren, Aravind Akash and Anjena Kirti in supporting roles. The editing was done by Praveen K.L which was his 100th film. The movie goes around an NRI business person and a police officer who is trapped in a temporal loop.

Maanaadu Movie Review


The project was announced on July 2018 with Prabhu's first collaboration with Silambarasan. But later, there were some disputes between them which resulted in the kicking off of Silambarasan. This happened during the pre-production work because of the unprofessional behavior, but he later announced another project under the title Maghaa Maanaadu that month, which he had dropped. Despite facing the restriction of covid 19 pandemic both times, i.e., 1st and 2nd waves, Venkat Prabhu superbly Indianises the concept and gives a superb masala film. The cast of the film worked very hard, and the aftermath was completed in nearly 69 days, which is commendable. It reduces the production cost and saves time.

Comeback of Silambarasan

This film has a huge personal expectation of Silambarasan, who is making his comeback in Tamil cinema; every actor in the cinema industry always has one film in their career that is going to make a huge change in the life-like Srinidhi Shetty, and Yash has KGF in their life which gave them a lot of fame.

Beginning of the Movie

Silambarasan plays the role of Abdul Khaliq, who visited Ooty from Dubai for a marriage. Firstly it was supposed to be a trip full of fun as he had planned to kidnap the bride from the wedding hall with her permission as she wanted to marry his friend. Everything was going according to the plan, but suddenly an accident took place on his way to Ooty, and as a result, he was arrested. S.J Suryah, who plays Dhanushkodi, a top cop, who was working on a plan to kill the state's chief minister with the help of some of his close ones .meanwhile, Khaliq found himself to be included in the chief minister's murder conspiracy.

Abdul tries to save the chief minister by exposing Dhanushkodi, but it is not simple as he realizes he is trapped in a temporal loop. Both Dhanushkodi and Khaliq tried their level best to stop each other while trying to escape from the temporal loop. This temporal or time loop concept was not easy for the producer, Venkat Prabhu, and the public to understand. Still, Venkat Prabhu did a fantastic job so the audience could understand the time loop concept. He simplifies the meaning of the time loop so that the public finds themselves missing in the concept at any time during the movie. The best part of the movie happened in the coffee shop, where Khaliq was trying to explain to his friend how he was the in his life, repeating like a Spotify song loop. Venkat Prabhu does not stick to explaining to the audience about science. These things make Prabhu an exciting producer in the Tamil industry. Many factors made it enjoyable like the narrative of the same scenes was presented so that they were not irritating and were something new to see for the audience every time.

Another thing that made it enjoyable was that during the movie's first half, Khaliq narrated the time loop according to its point of view, but in the second half, it was narrated from the villain's point of view. SJ Suryah did the superbly well in all scenes of the movie. The scene where he was trying to make to convenience why he was trapped in that loop while trying to hide the reality left the spectators in a split. Sillambarasan, aka Abdul Khaliq, did the role beautifully and effortlessly, which will be in the news for some time in the Tamil industry. Kalyani Priyadarshan was in a small role and had less screen time but did it perfectly. The movie gets the audience's desired appreciation without a love angle. In the movie, Venkat manages all the sequence and mystery so that Khaliq solve them individually, and the audience's interest remains at the same level. The death of Khaliq left the audience in shock as it breaks the stereotype that the hero always survives, not the villain. Seeing the movie, we saw that Khaliq's heroism was the product of not giving up in any condition. Every time you never give up, your attitude pays off. The movie got an IMDB rating of 5.


The movie's impact was so much that Rajnikanth praised the movie and the director Venkat Prabhu for choosing a unique topic and making it easy to understand for the public. In appreciation of this film, Director S. Shankar holds the hands of Twitter for pouring love for the film and appreciation for the cast.

Role of the Actors

  • Silambarasan plays the role of Abdul Khaliq
  • S.J.Suryah plays the role of DCP Dhanushkodi
  • Kalyani Priyadarshan plays the role of Seetha Lakshmi
  • S.A.Chandrasekhar plays the role of CM Arivazhagan
  • Y.G. Mahendran plays the role of Paranthaman
  • Vagai Chandrasekhar plays the role of Tamizhvanan
  • Premgi Amaren plays the role of Eswaramoorthy
  • Karunakaran plays the role of Syed Basha
  • Subbu Panchu plays the role of Mugilan Arivazhagan
  • Anjena Kirti plays the role of Zarina Begum
  • Aravind Akash plays the role of a hitman
  • Stunt Silva plays the role of Masthan Bhai
  • Kiruba plays the role of Rafiq's mother
  • Arun Mohan plays the role of Irfan
  • Mahat Raghavendra plays the role of a Traffic cop (Cameo Appearance)

Soundtrack of the Movie

Maanaadu movie soundtrack is given by Yuvan Shankar Raja. He collaborated with Venkat Prabhu earlier in many of his films and gave many unique soundtracks. The soundtrack album has seven tracks in which, two of the songs are titled "Meherezylaa" and "Voice of Unity". Voice of Unity was later used as promotional music and was not included in the movie. On the occasion of World Music Day, the song Meherezylaa was released.

Rights of the Movie

In January 2022, Suresh Productions decided to buy the film remake rights in all Indian languages worth 12 crores.


Subbiah Shanmugham of SSI Production took Tamil Nadu theatrical rights. Countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Africa were acquired by Seyons International. BMN and DMY Production acquired the distributing rights in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. United India Exports purchased the rights in the Gulf regions and Singapore. In Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the rights were purchased by BMN.

The movie's rights to be displayed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region had been purchased by Allu Aravind's Geeta Arts. It was announced in mid-November that the rights to present the movie were taken by Great India Film in the USA. E4 Entertainment head Mr. Mukesh R. Mehta, took the movie rights in the Kerala region. AV Media Consultancy purchased the Karnataka region. In the North Indian region, the rights were acquired by UFO Movies.

Home Media

On the OTT platform, the movie was telecasted after four weeks after the theatre release of the movie. SONY LIV acquired the rights. The movie was released on OTT on 24 December 2021.


Protest from the Bharatiya Janata Party was held as they claimed the movie reflects the Muslim community as evil and appealed to the state Chief Minister to ban it. Later, after some meetings, the party's big leader declared the movie harmless.

Box Office

On the first day, the movie collected 14 cr, alone from Tamil Nadu and 77 lakhs from the show USA. On the second day, it collected 16 crores from Tamil Nadu and earned 17 and 18 crores from the shows' 3rd and 4th days, respectively.


Venkat Prabhu also decides to declare the movie's sequel in which the hero and villain will return from the time loop.


Nowadays when every director is making romantic and action movies, the director of Mannadu came with a unique concept where a Muslim person who was born in a temple of Hindu deity "Kaal Bhairay" and by their grace the protagonist was able to go back in the time and fix those problems which can be a threat for other people, the movie gave a message of communal and religious unity.

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