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Machine Learning Or Software Development: Which is Better?

Machine Learning Or Software Development: Which is Better?

Many of you frequently wonder if software development or machine learning is a better job for you. This tutorial will explain whether a job path?software development or machine learning?is preferable for you. To help you choose a better job, we will compare machine learning with software development in this tutorial. This tutorial will offer helpful insights into Software Development vs. Machine Learning as a career option.

Nearly 1.5 million people opt to work as software engineers in the United States alone. The need for these specialists is expanding quickly. Machine learning engineering has become a serious specialization as machine learning is integrated into many tools. Many try to determine which of these two jobs is ideal for them and which career to pursue. Let's examine what software developers and machine learning engineers have in common and why they favor one solution over another.

Salary Comparision: Software Development or Machine Learning

Money matters and many people get into coding for the money, so there's nothing wrong with that. So, let's look at the American market first. Let's now compare the pay of software developers and machine learning experts in the US and the UK.

  • Software developers typically make $93,000 a year. That can be compared to $ 115000 for machine learning specialists; once more, the situation appears to be very similar on average in the UK. This information came from The geographic division of each nation is not taken into account.
  • So, if you work as a software developer or machine learning specialist in Silicon Valley, you will undoubtedly make considerably more money than we indicated. This is merely an average, and the same holds for London in the UK.
  • The point is that, as you can see, software developers and machine learning experts in both nations make less money overall.

How popular are machine learning experts relative to software developers, though?

Let's look at the number of job opportunities as reported by to analyze that.

  • The website claims that between 2016 and 2019, there were 345% more job vacancies for machine learning specialists.
  • Additionally, throughout that time, the number of positions for software developers increased by 208%. In both sectors, there has been a phenomenal increase.
  • However, compared to software developers, the number of job postings for machine learning increased significantly.

Therefore, machine learning specialists will prevail from a financial perspective.

Software Development or Machine Learning: Predisposition

Now, this is the most crucial element in the entire decision-making process. And by that, we mean that software development and machine learning are separate disciplines. They require whole different sets of abilities. Additionally, tackling software development issues versus machine learning issues requires entirely distinct mindsets.

Let's compare and define machine learning, then. You might be more suited for software development or machine learning, depending on your inherent aptitudes.

  • In the case of Machine Learning: In any case, machine learning is simply statistics. Math is statistics. Machine learning is only for you if math is your strong suit. And we're not saying you can't learn it because if you put enough work into it, you probably can. Machine learning is only for you if math is your strong suit. And we're not saying you can't learn it because you probably can if you put enough work into it. We suggest that you will struggle greatly. What's the point, then? Therefore, machine learning is for those who enjoy solving intricate mathematical puzzles and have a theoretical, abstract mindset. What exactly is software development, then? Software development is a form of engineering which is the process of putting things together to function. It is a far more useful area.

Hippity practicality says that since arithmetic is typically not a factor in the process, you don't need to be proficient in it. So that's one difference between software development and machine learning. Another difference is that you receive immediate feedback from the system when developing software. As a result, when you do anything or call up a solution, it either works or doesn't.

For instance: When you receive this feedback, you can be confident that you accomplished something well. And that brings you joy. In contrast, several arbitrary events occur in machine learning. If you are receiving suspicious results, it's possible that your data wasn't properly cleaned. You can also do little to fix the data's inherent messiness. It could also be that you configured your hyperparameters incorrectly, that this algorithm is not the greatest fit for the data, or several other things it would be best if you had clarification on this.

Machine learning requires a relatively small number of technologies, which can be good or negative based on how you view it. Furthermore, you can never be certain which of these it is. Additionally, it only provides instantaneous feedback or a sense of accomplishment because you need to see if you're doing anything correctly or not. But really, Pythonesque is all you need to know.

  • In the case of Software Development: Software development has the drawback of requiring a wide knowledge of programming languages, particularly if you are a Software Engineer, which necessitates knowledge of both the backend and front end. All the math is more crucial since that is your job?to create algorithms. The goal is to enter it into a code after that. That can be accomplished with Python.

Additionally, if you work with Web technologies, you must be familiar with JavaScript and its frameworks. Therefore, you must also be familiar with an object-oriented language like C#, Python, or Java. As you may know, gaining new skills is a continuous process for software developers. It's only that the curve is quite long.

To sum up: Therefore, whether you're better suited to software development or machine learning depends on whether you enjoy creating and developing things. If you do, then software engineering is generally a draw for you. Machine learning is for you if you do a lot of complex arithmetic.

Software Development or Machine Learning: Barriers to Entry

Entry requirements are fairly strict. You'll frequently find that an online degree in math, statistics, computer science, or another quantitative field is necessary for job postings. They may even specifically want a Ph.D. in those fields on occasion. That is only sometimes the case, though.

It is frequently the case, nevertheless, that this level is at least beneficial. Software development can be compared to it. A degree is occasionally required for job vacancies, but seldom is it an advanced education like a master's or Ph.D. And even if you don't have a bachelor's degree, a portfolio of coding projects can frequently be enough proof. Software development beats machine learning in this category.

The Considerable Difficulties in Machine Learning

The center of attention for all software engineering teams' best practices is code. Like how programmers deal with big codebases, machine learning engineers also have to deal with models and data.

They must specifically consider the following:

  • Storing and tracking models - elements of machine learning engineering that you don't typically see in traditional software development include keeping track of how a model was trained, what outcomes it achieved, and being able to service it effectively.
  • Huge and rapidly changing datasets - while most software interfaces with data from databases and other sources, machine learning solutions usually require handling significantly more cleaning and preprocessing, frequently on "live" datasets that are updated frequently. Machine learning experts need a system that watches over and runs a sequence of interconnected processing stages, frequently as a directed acyclic graph (DAG), to manage these smaller jobs effectively.

Machine Learning Engineer Benefits

Machine Learning Or Software Development: Which is Better?

Many tools that people and businesses use today are successful because of machine learning. The potential for a machine learning job is very strong.

  • The talent of the future - shortly, ML is probably going to be a crucial component of every tool that people and businesses use for various purposes. By choosing ML, one can develop abilities that are in high demand and land a high-paying job.
  • Access to novel solutions - machine learning can assist in identifying fixes for several issues that challenge today's enterprises. A profession in machine learning allows one to work on issues that affect people's lives and provide answers. ML engineers can enjoy rapid career development as machine learning gains momentum. All levels of expertise are anticipated to continue to be in greater demand.
  • High starting pay - thanks to the industry's rapid advancement, a machine learning engineer can anticipate a high starting pay. Today, an ML engineer makes just over $150,000 per year on average.
  • Exploration - Since the ML sector is still relatively young, there is much-untapped potential. Being an ML engineer allows you to contribute significantly to the field.

Experts in machine learning have a rewarding profession with lots of room for advancement and new ideas. Machine learning engineers create applications and solutions, just like software developers. Their primary goal is to develop a program that can perform tasks previously performed by people.

Software Developer Benefits

Machine Learning Or Software Development: Which is Better?

The worldwide need for software developers is significant. A career in software development is a choice with significant growth potential because it is predicted to expand by 22% by 2029.

  • Strong demand - Finding a job is simple due to the exceptionally high demand for software developers. The demand will remain strong in the upcoming decade or beyond because the sector is expanding consistently.
  • Constant learning - Software developers can pick up new skills daily because the IT sector is always evolving. The work is engaging, diversified, and exciting because of such a learning atmosphere.
  • Remote employment ? During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong demand for software engineers who can work from home. Their flexibility in working from home makes juggling work and family obligations simple.
  • High pay: In the US, a software developer has an average salary of roughly $92,000.
  • Self-made career- becoming a software developer doesn't require a college degree. A college degree is optional if you have a strong portfolio. Many developers pursue independent learning.

A profession in software development is generally prestigious, adaptable, and well-paid. It might be a great option for a high school student and an adult seeking a career shift, say software development professionals from Entrance Consulting.

Software Development or Machine Learning: Which Suits You Best?

Software developers and machine learning engineers are both in high demand. ML engineers make roughly 40% more money than software developers when salaries are compared. Software developers, on the other hand, frequently find employment more easily.

The present ML sector requires top-tier professionals. There are few jobs available for typical ML engineers, though that may change in the future. Average software engineers can, nevertheless, readily locate an excellent job.

Software developers and ML engineers are well-paying professions with much room for growth. The decision is based on your interests, plans, and abilities.

What's Best for the Future?

Let's discuss the projections for the next ten years to see which field?software development or machine learning?will be more viable. Given the absurd amount of data we generate every day, it is surprising that machine learning is still growing. 4 Petabytes of data are generated on Facebook for every 500 million tweets sent. There are 294 billion emails sent every day. Every connected automobile generates 4 Terabytes of data. On WhatsApp, five billion searches and over one billion messages are delivered.

The field of software development will stay the same over the next ten years. As a result, we produce a lot of data, and someone will need to extract insights from the data for both enterprises and governments. And because data engineering skills will be so crucial, we also believe that many machine learning professionals, especially those at smaller organizations, will need to master them.

Software development will primarily focus on combining disparate elements and comprehending the ecosystem and how different apps interact. The tendency is toward less and less code, though. It is already taking place and will undoubtedly become more prevalent.


To choose the best carrier for you, given that there is a tie between the two, ask yourself the following questions. Do you enjoy solving mathematical puzzles or creating things? Do you possess a specific degree or the means to obtain one? Because many machine learning positions require a degree. Although it isn't required, it may be. You should be able to choose between the two career paths using the answers to these questions.

We hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial on how to pick a better job for yourself between software development and machine learning.

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