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Madhuram Movie Review


Madhuram, which is set at a hospital in Kochi, tells the tale of various people from various walks of life who come together and develop a link with one another as a result of their interactions on the hospital grounds. By displaying the interpersonal problems and exchanges of Sabu (Joju George), Ravi (Indrans), Kevin (Arjun Ashokan), Thaju (Fahim Safar), Chitra (Shruthi Ramachandran), and Cherry (Nikhila Vimal) in the hospital's observation room, the movie advances.

Madhuram Movie Review

A lot of the conversation in the movie Madhuram is dialogue-driven. In the past, films using a hospital as their primary setting have been made. Madhuram is a charming little movie thanks to the simple and endearing plot of Ahammed Khabeer and the astute scripting of Fahim Safar and Ashiq Aimar. There are humorous, innocent, sweet, dramatic, and emotional themes in the story. Slowly but surely, there is excellent character development. It is lovely to watch because each character has a clear and comprehensive arc. Madhuram's script is exquisite and lends the movie its spirit and life.

Technical Aspects of Movie

A stunning demonstration of technical skill is not something that Madhuram's film can legitimately brag of. Even the little that has been in the movie is amazing, though. Of all of them, the music and background soundtrack are the most noticeable and promising.

The film's music was directed by Hesham Abdul Wahab, who did an outstanding job. The energy and spirit that each song possessed made them incredibly pleasurable and calming. The original film's background score, which was written by Govind Vasantha, is also excellent. The film is delightful to see thanks to Jithin Stanislaus' excellent cinematography and expert editing.

Themes of Movie

Madhuram primarily addresses the subject of fundamental human connections. It aims to convince us that by treating everyone with kindness, humility, and simplicity, we can improve the world. Everyone has their own issues, which could be minor or significant enough. It is worthwhile if you approach the situation with the mindset that you would do whatever it takes to find a solution and solely seek happiness in your life. Madhuram attempts to convey the value of providing for a loved one through the interpersonal ties it depicts, whether that loved one is your wife, girlfriend, mother, father, or even an unidentified stranger. Madhuram's simplicity and sweetness will undoubtedly help its audience comprehend its message.

Cast and Crew:
Director Ahammed Khabeer
Production Company Appu Pathu Pappu Production
Screenplay Ahammed Khabeer
Genre Drama
Story Ahammed Khabeer
Starring Joju George, Nikhila Vimal
Music Hesham Abdul Wahab
Cinematographer Jithin Stanislaus
Editing Mahesh Bhuvanend

Madhuram Movie Cast

Joju George

Nikhila Vimal

Shruti Ramachandran

Arjun Ashokan


Jaffer Idukki

Fahim Safar


Story Outline

The content of Madhuram, a new movie by Ahammed Khabeer, isn't very novel. After watching the movie for a short while, one can tell the message of optimism it wishes to deliver to its audience as well as what the possible backstories of each character are. However, the movie eventually succeeds in making a strong emotional connection with you. Additionally, Ahammed Khabeer has a great cast that simply conveys the emotion on film well.

The life of Sabu is what the film focuses on most. Sabu is wed to Kochi-born Gujarati woman named Chitra. The story takes place in a Kochi government hospital, and Sabu is there to heal Chitra. Due to Chitra's disc problem, he visited the hospital frequently, therefore he made many of friends there. The structure of this is recognisable at first. Sabu is that incredibly upbeat, altruistic guy who is always willing to help. For everyone who is going through a trying time in their lives, he has a proposal or a remedy. Furthermore, one had the impression that Sabu was hiding something shocking that would eventually come to light. The content should move the spectator emotionally rather than shocking them, according to Ahammed Khabeer and his writers Fahim Safar and Ashiq Aimar. The dialogues are a little corny in terms of writing. But when accomplished performers like Indrans and Joju George deliver those words with the appropriate pause, it feels somewhat intimate, and you care about those characters.

This movie shares some of the same humour and gorgeous visuals as June, Khabeer's debut feature. He sort of likes to make things happy. Even the horrific scenes are not actually featured in the film. Madhuram, in my perspective, is entertaining and heavy as opposed to June, which was joyful and light. Madhuram is delightful since the movie made a seamless transition from the lighthearted side to the sad one and didn't go overboard with the melodrama. Only two hours lengthy, the movie takes that time to introduce each of its characters. For Madhuram, Jithin Stanislaus primarily uses brightly lit frames.

Joju George does a great job as Sabu. In Sabu's vulnerable scenes, Joju George can be seen giving a performance free of any melodramatic flourishes. My favourite scene in the movie was the one where Sabu and Raviyettan discuss their inner insecurities. In the scene, Joju George and Indrans both performed superbly. Joju George and Shruti Ramachandran, who plays Chitra, have a great rapport. The chemistry between the two leads contributes to the film's emotional high in those final scenes.

Arjun skillfully conveyed Kevin's range of emotions, which is indicative of the character's confusion. It was enjoyable to witness Jaffer Idukki. Although Nikhila Vimal's character in this scene isn't particularly complex, she was the ideal option for it. In terms of how it is told, Madhuram is hardly a ground-breaking movie.

Acting Performances in Madhuram Movie

The talented cast of Madhuram delivers some outstanding acting performances. Joju George is without a doubt the movie's star. We could all relate to and enjoy witnessing the intricacies he added to the character as it travelled through the movie. Joju's portrayal as Sabu is unquestionably another standout in his long list of impressive acting roles.

Madhuram Movie Review

As Ravi, Indrans does an excellent job. He infuses the character with his acting expertise to make him likeable and relatable on screen. The supporting cast members, including Arjun Ashokan, Shruthi Ramachandran, Nikhila Vimal, and everyone else, put on some incredible, enduring performances. It's fun to watch Lal, Jaffer Idukki, and Jagadish in their lengthy cameo roles as well.

Audience Rating : 4.8


Dramas that take place in hospitals frequently touch the heart and even raise the pulse. In these movies, overworked individuals?both the patients and the doctors?both patients and doctors can make you consider the importance of relationships as well.

Madhuram by Ahammed Kabeer is similarly set in a hospital and centres on a few people whose lives are in disarray but who strive to encourage one another to cling on to hope. In the bystander's room, Kevin (Arjun Ashokan), Thaju (Fahim Samar), Sabu (Joju George), and Ravi (Indrans) meet as they struggle with uncontrollable circumstances. Each of them carries enormous baggage with them, from troubled marriages to ailing better halves.

Even though not all of them are capable of handling them, they nonetheless pick up lessons from the various lives they encounter. Madhuram sets up a variety of tantalising sequences from the outset, whether they involve someone pairing a delicacy with love or expressing affection in a novel way. Both the friction in Kevin's relationships and the few flashback scenes depicting Sabu and Chitra's (Sruthi Ramachandran's) love story are endearing and relatable. Because of his excellent acting, Joju is, as usual, a commanding presence whose emotions become our own.

Shruti also does a good job acting the part and expresses a lot with her eyes. Arjun Ashokan and Nikhila Vimal also paint a picture for us of the 'planned marriage' setup and the difficulties that followed. Indrans effortlessly transforms into his character, Ravi, as always.

A few Hesham Abdul Wahab songs are featured in the film, adding some upbeat music to the proceedings. Jithin Stanislaus' photographs are also deserving of praise for their charming depiction of the connections made.

All things considered, the movie's characters and the setting occasionally seem too optimistic to be true. A variety of personalities and temperaments that one encounters in a setting like this appear to be purposefully avoided. The proceedings are occasionally boring because of the absence of the "human" aspect of things. If you're searching for a romantic feel-good film with some catchy tunes, this one could be worth checking out.

Should People watch Madhuram?

Madhuram is a movie that is as lovely and innocent overall as its name suggests. This film's wholesome plot, outstanding screenplay, top-notch acting work, and some amazing technical work?especially the soundtrack and background score?are what make it a masterfully produced, feel-good movie. The film is yet another standout from the Malayalam cinema industry because of its humour, goodness, innocence, and drama, all of which are very relevant.

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