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Maha Movie Review

A woman looks for explanations after losing her kid to the murdering rampage of a crazy murderer. In the movie 'Maha', the heroine complains to her lover Malik early on in the movie about several males pestering her. They move in front of him, and Malik fights with them as a result. The action then shifts to a man sitting in front of a girl who is unconscious in a bloody room. The corpse of an 8-year-old child was later discovered by police in front of a building. Her corpse was discovered after another girl was kidnapped and killed. Aayshu, the daughter of Maha, is sent to school by her mother who apparently becomes the next victim.

Given that the killer, ACP Vikram, removed all the semen from the girl's body after several rapes, a doctor speculates that Vikram could be a doctor. Constable Alex Pandian is aiding ACP Vikram in this matter. This narrative is what the whole movie is built upon.


The protagonist of most psycho-thrillers, who is often a police officer, searches for missing bodies and a murderer who is posing a threat to the city. 'Maha' uses a similar plot device, with the exception that in this instance, the victim's mother seeks out the murderer. The intention of first-time filmmaker UR Jameel is to depict the suffering of a woman who has lost her daughter with a sick heart, yet the scenes and character of hers cause us to empathize with her situation. There is nothing novel about the production, which appears to be false.

Maha Movie Review

Malik (Silambarasan) and Maha (Hansika), who are deeply in love with one another, are introduced in the very first scene. Simbu receives the standard, time-honored introductory sequence in which the villains taunt the heroine and the hero rescues the helpless victim. The tone of the movie abruptly shifts within minutes, and we see a murder. When an 8-year-old child inexplicably passes away. Police officer Vikram (Srikanth) begins to look into the matter. Another schoolgirl vanishes before he can find her. It is Aishwarya, the daughter of Maha, this time. The granddaughter of Alex (Thambi Ramaiah), one of the detectives engaged in the investigation, also goes missing as things start to become serious. The main focus of the movie is what is going on in Maha's life and who the true killer is. Although the murderer is identified in the first few minutes of the movie, the filmmaker attempts to provide a supposed twist in the interval segment, but it fails. The amorous scene between STR and Hansika is also portrayed non-linearly, which disrupts the movie's flow. Another dampener is the two tracks that make up the second half.

Although Hansika gives a strong performance in the emotional passages, it doesn't assist as the situations become more powerful. Thambi Ramaiah gave it his all, particularly in the sequences where he tells Srikanth about his test. Karunakaran has performed admirably while having limited room for improvement. Every scene in a psycho-thriller like this should increase the overall tone and keep the viewer interested. Maha's writing, however, is insufficient to keep the audience interested and none of the sequences are cohesive. Maha is a Tamil-language criminal thriller film from 2022 that Mathi Azhagan wrote, directed, and produced under the name Etcetera Entertainment. Notable performers Srikanth, Manasvi Kottachi, Sujith Shankar, Thambi Ramaiah, and Karunakaran appear alongside Hansika Motwani, who is appearing in her 50th film. Silambarasan also makes a protracted cameo. John Abraham JR edited this movie, while M. Ghibran wrote the soundtrack.

Despite a three-year delay and several postponements, the movie was finally released on July 22, 2022. On September 9, 2022, Maha made its debut on Aha's platform and entered their catalog of films.


This is Mohamad Ghibran's 25th film as a composer and Hansika Motwani's 50th feature overall. The movie picked Sanam Shetty, Srikanth, Karunakaran, and Thambi Ramaiah for significant roles. It was planned to start filming in late January 2020.


Ghibran was the music composer for the movie. On July 12, 2022, the whole soundtrack album was made available. Viveka, Soundara Rajan, and Madhan Karky wrote the songs' lyrics. Benny Dayal's "Kedutthutiye" is a positive addition to the film. Deepthi Suresh and Srish both sang the song "Hey Edhiriye" in a happy and sad version.


The movie, however, is unable to build the thrill it was supposed to, but it still works towards a great narrative and impeccably portrays the pain of a mother at losing her child and the sick society that never shies away from stooping lower and destroying humanity as well as all kind of ethics and morals. To the people who enjoy watching movies that serve a moral conclusion as well as provide the thrill of a mystery, this movie should make their watchlist.

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