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Maharani Web Series Review


'Maharani' starring Huma Qureshi is an Indian Hindi-language television series that was released in 2021. The series is created by Subhash Kapoor with each season having a different director. So far, two seasons have been released with Karan Sharma directing the first one and Ravindra Gautam handling the second. Along with Huma Qureshi, there are other big names attached to it including Sohum Shah, Kani Kusruti, Amit Sial, and Inaamulhaq.


To battle and restore his political status from his wife, Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi), who was picked to succeed him, Bheema Bharti (Sohum Shah) is released from prison. Will Rani prevail in this political/personal conflict, or will he reclaim his position?


The 'Maharani' television series, set in Bihar in the 1990s, centered on the politically immature Rani Bharti, who succeeded her partner Bheema Bharti as chief minister after Bheema had a stroke. Rani is prepared to lead this season and provide her state's citizens with an honest and open government. Despite all the odds, will one woman be able to bring any change in this predominantly male-dominated political environment, or will everyone ignore her?

The showrunners Subhash Kapoor and Nandan Singh are back, and they and Umashankar Singh co-wrote this political thriller. The intriguing premise and writing team are identical as in the previous chapter. Setting the tone for what is to come, the opening moments of the series?in which Rani is being questioned by the Suraksha Janch committee, which is directed by Martin Ekka (Dibyendu Bhattacharya), and makes some shocking revelations while retaining her composure?are critical.

Maharani Web Series Review

The play was previously focused on seed fraud, but currently, it is on the state's escalating crime and violence rates. Sadly, neither has garnered much attention; instead, they are viewed as dispersed and feeble supporting stories. This time, the characters have been well-developed, and it captures the shifting relationships in their professional and personal lives. For instance, Navin Kumar (Amit Sial), who has been vying for the position of chief minister for the past 17 years, has a more prominent and significant role this time. He receives assistance from Kalpana (Neha Chauhan), who helps him in planning winning strategies. Rani is experiencing mental difficulty due to her husband Bheema, who was once her strongest supporter but is currently seeking her out of the game and facing criticism for being an illiterate CM.

What results from this personal as well as political conflict is what makes this series interesting. Bheema, with his shrewd political maneuvers and quick thoughts, will triumph in the end, or Rani, who is innocent but courageous in assuming the high ground? Huma Qureshi is shown primarily determined by their conflict, perfect in her role.

In the 10-episode second season, directed by Ravindra Gautam, the intricacies of Bihar politics is fascinating for the audience, but the aesthetics are not. It is a slow-burning thriller, yet unhappily, as the series progresses at its own pace, things only get worse, trying one's patience. Despite all of that, the climax is unexpected and worth the wait, and it also previews the following season. This time, Huma instills more assurance in her character. Her facial expressions, mannerisms, and attitude are all consistent with the development of her character. Although she is the program star, Sohum Shah, who plays her husband, and Amit Sial, the head of the opposition, are now the center of attention. Both actors have a tremendous impact on the show.

Pramod Pathak depicts a cunning and dependable wingman as Mishra Ji. Both Anuja Sathe and Kani Kusruti play pivotal parts as Kirti Singh, Bheema's supporter, and Rani's secretary-cum-advisor, respectively. Dibyendu Bhattacharya and other political leaders are portrayed well by Vineet Kumar, Ashique Hussain, Danish Iqbal, and Sukumar Tudu in the supporting cast. The folk music and melodies by Rohit Sharma and the characters' Desi accents give the play a realistic feel. Most of the jokes work, like "Hero CM zero governance," however, it does not make sense why they are used so frequently in the show.


'Maharani 2' is unquestionably more impressive and powerful than the previous season, 'Maharani'. The cast's strong performances keep the audience interested in this sequel. It would have been more binge-worthy if the episodes were shorter, but if one has seen the last season, one would undoubtedly be fascinated by this hungry-for-power drama once more. Maharani is far from a flawless program. It has some problems, which are also apparent. Most Indian OTT shows today lack heart and a clear vision, but this one also has both. Maharani always pursues its core intent of presenting the biography of idealistic politician Rani Bharti. Yes, there are clichés, formulaic storylines, and occasionally even melodramas. Despite that, Maharani is among the better political shows available on Hindi OTT.

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