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Maharashtra Shahir Review


Maharashtra Shahir is an autobiography that portrays the life of Sable in a manner that is both realistic and non-overly glorifying, portraying the highs and lows of his path. The movie follows the development of "Kisna" into Shaheer Sable and his involvement in the Samyukta Maharashtra Campaign and folk art of Maharashtra.

Kedar Shinde's Marathi film "Maharashtra Shahir" honors Shahir Krushnarao Sable, a renowned folk artist and liberation fighter from Maharashtra. Santosh Juvekar, Prarthana Behere, Prasad Oak, & Ankush Choudhary make guest appearances in the movie.

Shahir, portrayed by Santosh Juvekar, is a courageous and fierce revolutionary who battled for the unification of Maharashtra in the movie, which is set in the days before independence. The movie follows Shahir and his allies battling the repressive British government.

Maharashtra Shahir Review

Plot Overview

While not entirely true, the movie's story successfully portrays the spirit of the independence struggle and honors the story of an unknown warrior who battled for Maharashtra's freedom. The movie also showcases the folklore and traditions of Maharashtra, emphasizing the state's rich cultural legacy.

The movie's patriotic theme and the strong lead performances have won accolades from critics. Some viewers, however, have been dissatisfied with the movie's tempo, criticizing it as slow & shallow. Others have noted that the movie needs to adequately examine Shahir's persona and contribution to the independence struggle.

For fans of historical plays and Marathi films, "Maharashtra Shahir" is worthwhile despite its flaws. The movie honors a great folk performer and honors the story of a daring and courageous liberation warrior. The film is a must-watch for everyone interested in the history of Maharashtra since it brilliantly conveys the essence of the state's rich cultural heritage & its freedom struggle.

Review Of The Movie

Everyone in the Marathi film industry was overjoyed two years ago when Kedar Shinde said a biopic would be made on the legendary character Shahir Sable. It was his hundredth birthday when it was released, and the frenzy hasn't subsided until now.

Maharashtra Shahir Review

To communicate his story, the author of "Jay Jay Maharashtra Mazha," the song that became Maharashtra's national anthem, unquestionably needed a film as stunning as his creation. This is what "Maharashtra Shahir" accomplishes. The movie is based on Shahir Sable's autobiography, "Majha Powada." In terms of design for production and camera work, it is technically sophisticated.

A documentary team and Sable are speaking at the start of the movie. Beginning with his birth, Sable recounts his life. Born to Ganpatrao Sable in the pre-independence Indian village of Pasarni. His song wooed everybody in the village, who affectionately referred to him as Kisna. However, his mother disapproved of his singing. She had him quit singing and concentrate solely on his schoolwork.

Due to his mother's stubbornness, he was banished to Amalner, Jalgaon. There, he had to deal with his Maternal Grandmother, who was even more repulsive. She once chained him to a pole when he attempted to escape covertly. Once he met Sane Guruji, all of this suffering was finally over. His education enabled him to comprehend Shahiri's potential contribution to India's freedom struggle. Shahir Sable's life is revealed one layer at a time in the movie. His social efforts and songs undoubtedly aided India's struggle for independence.

Maharashtra Shahir Review

Only the outstanding duo of Ajay-Atul could have done honor to a musician's wide body of work. The legends deliver yet another fascinating soundscape. They make everything they touch into gold. There is just one song masterpiece after another.

Regarding the shows, Ankush Chaudhary truly gets under Shahir Sable's skin and puts on a flawless show. Sana Shinde also does a good job portraying Shahir's wife, Bhanumati. The screenplay gives little to the other supporting characters. The conversations don't feel natural; they seem contrived. The movie could have reached an entirely new level with better language.

Kedar Shinde is infused with Shahir Sable's blood, clearly visible in this musical. The movie's first half gradually establishes Kisna's passion for singing and his ascent to popularity, while the second half becomes uneven when discussing his career's pinnacle. Here, Kedar Shinde's leadership is tested, and he shows some signs of weakness. The only issue with the movie is its inconsistent tempo. The camera's work is smooth and visually appealing. The execution of design and some of the sets occasionally have a false vibe.

Maharashtra Shahir is an all-around captivating musical homage to the great. The soundtrack and Sable's recollections hold together the film's weak narrative at its front.

Maharashtra Shahir Review

Cast And Crew

Shahir Krushnarao Sable, who contributed substantially to Maharashtra's cultural and social awakening under British control, is appropriately honored by the song "Maharashtra Shahir." The movie honors his commitment to the struggle for freedom and his legacy.

The principal performers in the movie gave outstanding performances, with Santosh Juvekar's compelling portrayal of Shahir standing out. He has skillfully shown the spirit of an activist for liberty who is prepared to give his life to free his country. Prarthana Behere, who portrays Shahir's love interest, also gave a superb performance, skillfully capturing women's challenges in that period.

Prasad Oak, a skilled actor, has performed admirably in his part as a prominent figure in the liberation movement. Ankush Choudhary, who performs a special appearance, provides a small but significant part that enhances the movie.

The film's music, composed by Abhishek-Dutta, is a highlight and has won praise from many people. The songs wonderfully capture the movie's spirit because they are soulful and melodic. The film's art direction and cinematography have also received recognition for their meticulous attention to detail in faithfully capturing the pre-independence period.

Maharashtra Shahir Review


Maharashtra Shahir (also spelled as Maharashtra Shaheer) is an Indian Marathi-language musical-biographical film based on the life of Padma Shri Shahir Sable, a Maharashtrian singer, playwright, performer and folk theatre producer and director.

Despite its shortcomings, "Maharashtra Shahir" is a movie worth watching for those interested in historical dramas and Marathi cinema. The film celebrates the life of a brave freedom fighter and pays tribute to a legendary folk artist.


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