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Main projects of Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud Connectors: It provides simple abstraction. It provides out-of-box support for discovering common services on Heroku and Cloud Foundry cloud platform. Heroku is a cloud platform as a service that provides hosting for web services. Spring supports Heroku through its Spring Cloud Connector library.

Sting Cloud Pipelines: The pipeline creates a common deployment pipeline. It also speeds up the time required to deploy a feature to production.

Spring Cloud Contract: It is a verifier tool for Consumer Driven Contract (CDC) development of JVM-based application. It deploys all microservices to end-to-end test. It creates mock microservices in the unit and integration testing.

Spring Cloud Function: It supports the implementation of business logic via functions. It can run standalone locally or in PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Spring Cloud OpenFeign: Spring Cloud OpenFeign is a Java to HTTP binder. It reduces the complexity of binding.

Spring Cloud AWS: It is a part of Spring Cloud Umbrella project. It provides easy integration with Amazon Web Services. The developer can build their project around the AWS without having to care about maintenance.

Spring Cloud Task: It allows us to develop short-lived microservices using Spring Cloud and run them locally in the cloud or even in Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Spring Cloud Stream: It is used for building a highly saleable event-driven microservices.

Spring Cloud Cluster: It provides tools for building a cluster feature in a distributed system. For example, global locks and leadership election.

Spring Cloud Data Flow: It provides tools to create complex topologies for streaming batch data and pipeline. It supports data processing use cases.

Spring Cloud Config: It provides client and server-side support for externalized configuration in a distributed environment. We get a central place to manage external properties for applications across the distributed environment.

Spring Cloud Netflix: It provides integration with various Netflix OSS components like Eureka, Zuul, Hystrix, etc.

Spring Cloud CloudFoundry: It integrates the application with pivotal cloud foundry. It also provides service discovery and easy implementation of SSO (Single-Sign-On) and OAuth2 (OAuth2 is the method of authenticating access to the API) protected resources. It allows authentication without the external application getting the user email-address or password.

Spring Cloud CLI: It provides a command-line feature for sparing cloud. We can launch services like Edureka, Zipkin, Config server conveniently from the CLI.

Spring Cloud Starter: Spring Cloud Starters eases the curated set of dependency management for the consumers of Spring Cloud.

Spring Cloud Bus: It is a lightweight message broker. It can be used to broadcast state changes or other management instructions.

Spring Cloud Sleuth: It implements a distributing tracing solution for spring cloud.

Spring Cloud Stream App Starters: It provides out-of-box Spring Cloud Stream utility applications that can work independently or with Spring Cloud Data Flow. It includes connectors for the various middleware technologies and adapters for various network protocols.

Spring Cloud Task App Starters: It can be used with Spring Cloud Data Flow to create, deploy, and orchestrate short-lived microservices. These are the standalone executable that can be used for on-demand use-cases. For example, machine learning, database migration, and scheduled operations.

Spring Cloud Zookeepers: It provides configuration management and service discovery with apache zookeeper.

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