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Malik Movie Review


The movie takes a non-linear approach to explore how politicians manipulate the system and individuals to benefit themselves financially, often at the expense of local communities and the environment.

Malik Movie Review

Starring Vinay Forrt, Nimisha Sajayan, Joju George, Dileesh Pothan, and Fahadh Faasil, the film is directed by Mahesh Narayan and is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Good Things

The movie delves profoundly and fearlessly into the theme of communalism, with Fahadh Faasil leading the exploration. If you require further clarification on why this is a positive attribute, there are additional reasons to consider.

Bad Things

The style is restrained and not overly grand, but there are areas where overambition is apparent where it shouldn't be.


It's normal if you don't find the movie appealing since it lacks any captivating elements.

Do You Watch?

If you know this movie, my endorsement won't be necessary. For those who are not, try this slow-paced political drama and see how you handle it.

The story follows Ahammadali Sulaiman, also known as Ali Ikka, for 30 years. Sulaiman is portrayed as a modern-day Robinhood in Kerala but is misunderstood. As he travels to Haj under heavy protection, he is arrested at the airport. The flashback revolves around his estranged mother, Jameela (Jalaja), and shows Sulaiman's rise to prominence and mental state.

The story primarily focuses on how his personal life indirectly influences what he does for his community. Sulaiman unintentionally starts a community battle in his neighborhood and endures it, becoming a symbol of courage for the town's members.

Script Review

Malik Movie Review

Mahesh Narayanan, the film's director, editor, and writer, does a fantastic job of keeping the viewer engaged for 161 minutes. The movie is based on the real-life Beemapally police shooting incident of 2009, and Narayanan skillfully develops the main character against the backdrop of two transformed neighborhoods, Ramadapally and Edavathura.

Even though it is stated that this is a work of fiction and that the primary character's trip is imaginary, the environment is as real as it gets. Due to political pressure, you've pitted two communities against one another in a conflict that many people don't even want to take part in. What about fiction?

Sanu John Varughese's camerawork is incredibly thorough without being clumsy. The cinematography maintains everything gloomy and nasty, whether in the long, unbroken opening montage or the drone images of the Arabian Sea. Editing is the one area where Narayanan is forgiving. Although the movie is just 161 minutes long, a few sudden cuts necessary to complement the linear narration disrupt the sequence. There are no empty spaces between the stories since there is so much to be shared.

Star Performance Review

Malik Movie Review

The story primarily focuses on three stages in Sulaiman's life: an up-and-coming smuggler with a conscience, a "family man" caught between doing good and wrong, and the mighty man seeing his power taken away. Each one gets a soul injection from Fahadh. He performs three characters simultaneously, each striving to improve upon the previous. Regarding emoting, he's in a class by himself, and Malik is yet another superb entry in his illustrious filmography.

The issue arises from Roselyn, played by Nimisha Sajayan, trying hard to fit into Mahesh Narayanan's environment designed for men. You won't be able to feel this character's pain even if she faces the most challenging situation. Nimisha made apparent efforts to register her presence amidst the mayhem, but she needed a more satisfying character path.

The second-most significant figure after Sulaiman is David, rightfully Vinay Forrt possess. Vinay wonderfully captures David's struggle to decide between a buddy and his community?the performances by Joju George as I.A.S. Anwar Ali and Dileesh Pothan as Malik's friend-turned-politician were flawless.

Direction and Music Review

Mahesh Narayan combines real-life situations in an environment similar to Peaky Blinders and The Godfather. He doesn't divert attention from his "Malik" Fahadh Faasil and creates a complex character so that the audience may peel back his many layers. This is only sometimes a benefit for him as he over-adores Sulaiman on this trip and brushes some of his vices under the rug. He creates the circumstances that have shaped Sulaiman into who he is now and inserts circumstances that reduce his criminal tendencies.

Sushin Shyam's background music is opulent in a melancholy sense, and it just remains with you without interfering with anything. Songs refrain from intruding since they are integrated into the story properly.


  • The winner of the 2022 National Film Award for Best Audiography in the category of Re-recordist of the Final Mixed Track is Vishnu Govind.
  • Mahesh Narayanan has won the Best Director award at the 2022 South Indian International Movie Awards for the 10th edition.
  • Sanal Aman has won the Best Debut Actor award at the 2022 South Indian International Movie Awards for the 10th edition.
  • Anwar Ali was awarded Best Lyricist at the 2021 Kerala State Film Awards.
  • Santhosh Raman was awarded Best Art Director at the 2021 Kerala State Film Awards.
  • Dhanya Balakrishnan was awarded Best Costume Designer at the 2021 Kerala State Film Awards.
  • At the 67th Filmfare Awards in 2021, K. S. Chithra was honored with the South Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer in Malayalam.
  • K. S. Chithra won the Best Singer Female award at the 2021 Reporter TV Film Awards.


The rating for Malik Movie is 3.5 out of 5.


Malik is one of the most meticulous gangster dramas to emerge from the Indian cinema industry once everything is said and done. This film merits every minute of the 161 that it requests for its unfiltered examination of communalism and Fahadh Faasil's magnificent performance.

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