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Manifest Review


The web series 'Manifest' is classified as a thriller, science fiction, and supernatural genre. Flight-828 departs from Jamaica, but five years have elapsed by the time it lands, and it is assumed by everyone that the people on board have died. The planet has radically transformed both inside and out when they land. Yes, these passengers start to have strange voices and images, and they start to have intuitions that take them to situations where something would have gone wrong if the individuals receiving these "callings" hadn't arrived in time to save a particular person. In India, Amazon Prime is streaming the first three seasons.

Manifest Review

What precisely occurred to these passengers is a mystery. Did they go through time? Were attacked by aliens? Or was mass hypnosis used? We have not yet discovered this. The first season is particularly exciting since it establishes the overall scenario.

Manifest Season 1 Review

Cal is the son of Ben, who is a detective and a police officer and is Michaela's brother. Along with others, these 3 were aboard the flight. Since the plot is centered on these 3, they are the main subjects. When they land, strange pictures, noises, and sensations start to appear to them. "The callings" is how they refer to it. They first conceal, but as they pursue "the callings" they eventually come into contact with others, forcing them to acknowledge and disclose that they are receiving these callings. Although the callings direct them to places where people are in need of assistance or are stranded, they have not yet figured out how these callings operate. On the other hand, another situation faced by the trio is of the Major who is a shady character and is attempting to unravel the riddle of the flight's disappearance and reappearance. In the lab, she is using a few travelers as test subjects for her studies. On the other side, Dr. Saanvi Bahl is attempting to remove the peculiar mark that she discovered in the blood samples of every passenger.

In order to get to a weird location in the woods where he could find Zeke, Cal sneaks out of his house. He explains to everyone that he is here because he received a call concerning Zeke and that he has to be saved immediately.

Zeke has also journeyed across time. He became trapped in a cave, felt an earthquake, and when he came to his senses, it had been a year. Michaela's picture was also in a magazine he possessed that was a year old. They are dealing with all of this personally. The Major says at the end of the season-ending episode that she has not yet decided whether or not Cal is the Holy Grail. Zeke returning home with Michaela, a murdered person going missing, turning up 82 hours later, dying once again, and Cal phoning to say that each passenger has a death date are all examples of unexpected events.

The final scene shows Jared and Zeke arguing as Michaela enters the home, followed by the sound of a gunshot. These calls are being received by every passenger.

Manifest Season 2 Review

Clarification of who was hit by the gunshot during the struggle between Jared and Zeke in Season 2's opening moments. This season seems to be more on discovering ways to delay the death date and doing a study on them. In this season, further new characters are introduced, such as TJ. They continue to heed their callings, save the circumstances, and assist the passengers in forgiving themselves and accepting the second chance they were given to start over. Grace gets pregnant and begins to experience callings. In addition, they learn that as Zeke's death date draws nearer, his health deteriorates. Cal's life is also at risk.

Manifest Review

Zeke and Michaela are aware of their love for one another, and Zeke wants to marry Michaela before passing away. Michaela concurs. Jared still loves Michaela, which makes him appear shattered. When they were married, they discovered Cal was gone.

Zeke's death date is in the last episode, but because Zeke and Cal both have callings, they must save Cal. Zeke survives and is doing well, beating the death date. How? It's a mystery still. Season 2 went very quickly, with additional questions surrounding the missing being solved. They learn that Al-Zura, a sailor, too vanished for ten years before turning up again. The details of what transpired on Flight-828 and maybe the date of his passing may be found in his journal.

And the Major passes away. Only Robert Vance and Saanvi are aware of this. And it's true that the pilot of Flight-828 recreates the identical situation, brings along one more passenger, and vanishes just like 828 vanishes. Nobody is aware of what occurred, marking the end of season 2.


'Manifest' is a kind of television series that once you watch, makes you come back wanting more and more. The show basically is a never-ending chain of curious questions about what the mystery is, who would die next, or will the main characters make it.

To sum it up, if someone is a fan of shows that mess with their head and makes them question reality a little bit, this show be on their watch list.

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