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MariaDB Comparison Operator

MongoDB Comparison Operator is used to test for equality and inequality, as well as the more advanced operators.

Comparison operators are used in the WHERE clause to determine which records to select. Here is a list of the comparison operators that you can use in MariaDB:


Index Comparison Operator Description
1. = equal
2. <=> equal (safe to compare null values)
3. <> not equal
4. != not equal
5. > greater than
6. >= greater than or equal
7. < less than
8. <= less than or equal
9. in ( ) matches a value in a list
10. not negates a condition
11. between within a range (inclusive)
12. is null null value
13. is not null non-null value
14. like pattern matching with % and _
15. exists condition is met if subquery returns at least one row

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