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MariaDB Conditions

Following is a list of conditions which are used in MariaDB with CRUD operation. Conditions are generally used with SELECT statement.

Index Conditions Explanation
1) AND Condition It is used when 2 or more conditions to be met.
2) OR Condition It is used when any one of the conditions are met.
3) AND & OR It is used when AND & OR both conditions are met.
4) LIKE Condition Use simple pattern matching (wildcards) in a where clause.
5) RLIKE Condition Use regular expression matching in a where clause
6) IN Condition It is used as an alternative to multiple OR conditions
7) NOT condition It is used to negate a condition
8) IS NULL condition It is used ti test for a null value.
9) IS NOT NULL Condition It is used to test for a not null value.
10) BETWEEN Condition It is used to retrieve within a range (inclusive).
11) EXISTS Condition It is used specify if condition is met then subquery returns at least one row.

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