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Drop Database

DROP DATABASE command is used to drop the database you had created.



In the previous example we have created a database name "Product". Let's drop the database.


Mariadb Drop database 1

Database "Products" is now dropped. You can verify it by using SHOW command.


Mariadb Drop database 2

You can see that "Products" database is not available in database list.

DROP Database using Management Studio

You can drop database using management studio tool. Select the database you want to delete and right click on that. You will see a page like this:

Here we delete a database named "Javatpoint".

Mariadb Drop database 3

Click on "Drop". It will generate a pop-up box like this:

Mariadb Drop database 4

Click on ok.

Now the database "Javatpoint" is deleted. You can verify it by using SHOW statement.


Mariadb Drop database 5

You can see that "Javatpoint" is not available in the list. It is deleted permanently.

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