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MariaDB Export

Export a MariaDB database using HeidiSQL

We have a database named "javatpoint", having some tables within it.

MariaDB Export 1

Right click on your database name "javatpoint" in the left column, and select "Export database as SQL":

MariaDB Export 2

When you clicked on the "Export database as SQL", it will create a screenlike this:

MariaDB Export 3

Select location where you want to export your database and also specify a name like above image. Now click on the export button.

It will create a screen like this:

MariaDB Export 4

Database is now exported. Now click on the close button to close the screen.

MariaDB Export 5


Check your specified location and you will find the exported database.

MariaDB Export 6

You can see that all the data is exported in the new database:

MariaDB Export 7
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