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Features of MariaDB

MariaDB provides the same features of MySQL with some extensions. It is relatively new and advance.

Following is a list of features of MariaDB:

  • MariaDB is licenced under GPL, LGPL, or BSD.
  • MariaDB includes a wide selection of storage engines, including high-performance storage engines, for working with other RDBMS data sources.
  • MariaDB uses a standard and popular querying language.
  • MariaDB runs on a number of operating systems and supports a wide variety of programming languages.
  • MariaDB offers support for PHP, one of the most popular web development languages.
  • MariaDB offers Galera cluster technology.
  • MariaDB also offers many operations and commands unavailable in MySQL, and eliminates/replaces features impacting performance negatively.

MariaDB Versions

Version Original Release Date Latest Version Release Date Status
5.1 2009-10-29[12] 5.1.67 2013-01-30[13] Stable
5.2 2010-04-10[14] 5.2.14 2013-01-30[15] Stable
5.3 2011-07-26[16] 5.3.12 2013-01-30[17] Stable
5.5 2012-02-25[18] 5.5.56 2017-05-03[19] Stable
10.0 2012-11-12[20] 10.0.31 2017-05-23[21] Stable
10.1 2014-06-30[22] 10.1.24 2017-05-31[23] Stable
10.2 2016-04-18[24] 10.2.6 2017-05-23[25] Stable
10.3 2017-04-16[26] 10.3.0 2017-04-16[27] Alpha

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