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Maruti Suzuki Brezza 1.5 Automatic Long-Term Review

The Suzuki Brezza is a subcompact crossover SUV that is manufactured by Maruti Suzuki in India. The original generation model was known as the Vitara Brezza. The Brezza is the first vehicle with the Suzuki brand that was completely developed in India.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza 1.5 Automatic Long-Term Review

This model was created as a smaller version to sell the Vitara worldwide and targeted young consumers. Between 2020 and 2022, Toyota also offered the first-generation vehicle under the name Toyota Urban Cruiser.

In City Review

Positively, the cabin's excellent NVH insulation effectively blocks out the noise on the road. One can easily tell when the sunroof is not properly closed, which happens more frequently than not; given a slightly complicated mechanism to operate it, one can easily tell as it becomes extremely quiet inside the car.

Touch Talk

One of the selling points of the new Brezza is its extensively upgraded touchscreen navigation system. The display has excellent graphics that are simple to use and paths to commands. Android Auto feature can be used most of the time, which allows access to all of the phone's features while on the go. It functions but occasionally fails while using the maps in busy intersections in between the traffic. The calling feature also has some problems. One can accept calls, but they end after 10 to 15 seconds. It is not a network issue, as the call can still be going even though the calling function seems no longer working in the system. Perhaps there is a software problem here, which hopefully can be resolved at some point with either a SmartPlay Pro+ system upgrade or an Android Auto update.

Parking Issues are Solved

The Brezza is quite simple to slink around in all kinds of city situations because of its high platform and relatively easy visibility all around. Although not the most dynamic engine, the 1.5-liter unit with this six-speed gearbox performs well in all city situations. It will perform its duties silently in the background if you approach it with a calm mindset. The 360-degree camera has proved to be an absolute blessing for parking in small spots. It's also more of an advantage when one needs to park facing forward on a busy road. Without outside help, it might be challenging to determine how close your bumper is to the sidewalk line. This 360-camera system eliminates that difficulty. It helps in determining the sides of the car for parking.

Fuel Consumption

The mileage for the primarily urban journey can be around 11-12 km per liter, which is not ideal but considering how comfortable and simple it is to use the Brezza, it is okay to let it make a small dent in the pocket because it has made the round journey significantly easier.

On The Highway

The Brezza is quite responsive and will follow your instructions, but at a somewhat slower speed, as it's supposed to move on the highway. The Brezza's engine's naturally powered nature feels pure in this day of turbocharging and petrol direct injection, but it is slower than the competition in terms of speed. This is most noticeable in the way the engine accelerates, especially when connected to the six-speed torque converter automatic, which, as its name indicates, converts torque. With only 136Nm, the engine certainly can use a little more torque. It's simple to maintain that speed once the driver gets up to that speed, especially because the car is automatic, and the driver no longer has to worry about holding it up.

Speed Controlling

Speed control needs to work extra hard for some people to travel smoothly on two round trips in the Brezza on the heavily monitored highway in an effort to stick to the various speed limits across different areas of the roadway. Maintaining a constant speed is simple, and using apps like Waze and Radarbot makes it easy to monitor speed cameras along the way.

Although there isn't much force, the paddle shifters are surprisingly fast and provide instant engine braking. However, one would have to shift frequently to stay in the force range. The insulation is fairly decent on the highway, and it rides extremely well with a sort of reassuring ability to eat up enormous bumps and potholes. On some highways, the traffic jams have turned into something of a nightmare, especially in the ghat section. In these situations, the Brezza excels once more since it makes it simple to figure out the boundaries if one needs to get through the traffic jams.

Despite having the right equipment, the Brezza feels slow, and one frequently must boost up speed to pass heavy trucks. Considering what the Brezza has to offer, it has now stabilized at 12.6 kmpl, which is reasonable.

Clear Vision

The one thing that Maruti Suzuki did great, it would be their choice to equip their high-end vehicles with complete LED headlamps in the top-spec versions of each model. It has a certain amount of potential that halogen-based lights just cannot provide for lighting up the road. The trajectory of the throw is long, specific, and directed toward the road. It can be particularly useful in clearing a path through the fog that covers highways in winter.

Big Trunk

Road trips demand large luggage, and the Brezza excels at carrying it. Three hundred twenty-eight liters are available with the second row up, but there is a lot more usable cargo space available because of the seats' ability to fold down and the second-row seat base to tilt up for more room.

Overall Review

The light controls and economic engine are going to be helpful while driving in heavy traffic. Despite using the controls, frequently, it wouldn't be as stressful because the controls for the steering and clutch are light, and the gearshifts are effortless. It is hugely beneficial for the one who owns or wants this car and has to deal with the traffic on a daily basis.

The fuel efficiency feature is a shock. The problem is that it uses more fuel when overtaking due to the downshift and uses more power than usual.

The redesigned dashboard and controls present inside the car are pretty amazing. With a new, larger 9.0-inch display, the Brezza has a lovely appearance and is very useful. And happily, the business has gone against the trend and preserved the HVAC unit's physical controls. They are also rather nice, with big toggle switches that make temperature adjustment simple because one doesn't have to focus down for very long, like with touchscreen controls.

The new touchscreen also includes the 'Hi Suzuki' onboard voice assistant. It asks the driver if they need any help. It didn't occur frequently-maybe half a dozen times-but it is very unusual because it appears even when nothing barely "Suzuki"-sounding is mentioned. This issue can be fixed by a software update. The audio mic also needs to be fixed, which frequently turns on and off while utilizing the hands-free system.

Space is great in Brezza. Despite having 328 liters, less space than some of its competitors, the trunk is beautifully designed and tall, which allows it to hold a lampshade box straight while the parcel tray is in place. Additionally, there is sufficient passenger capacity and enough room in the back seats. The Brezza would be a fantastic long-distance vehicle for road trips. It rolls around fast because of its softly sprung suspension that nicely absorbs the bumps and potholes.

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